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Week of June 8th

Sun at 18 Gemini
Mercury at 11 Cancer (weak)
Venus RETROGRADE at 11 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 17 Pisces (weak)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
North Node at 29 Gemini

Last Thursday’s Full Moon ECLIPSE in Sagittarius will continue unfolding this week, AND over the next six months. We are rebirthing ourselves, our lives, and hopefully our society, into a world that supports and values everyone. On a personal level, YOU are unique, and you have a precious, singular contribution to make to the world. Just be careful out there folks, we’re still in a pandemic.

The Sun square Mars from last Saturday is still effecting us for a couple of weeks. Don’t over-focus on what other people are doing, instead put energy into YOUR goals. Controlling other people, or criticizing their reactions to the state of the world, is a waste of time. Respect the paths of other people, even if they doesn’t make sense to you. The Sun (Soul and vision) squaring Mars (action and drive) can make us restless and cranky with perceived road blocks. There’s steps each of us need to take in order to move forward right now – usually involving Saturn (discipline and hard work).

Mars is activating and energizing the sign of Pisces right now – the sign of our collective unconscious. Venus is going through her retrograde cycle, which is commonly seen as her descent through the underworld. She will be reborn soon as the Morning Star. Issues, both personal and collective, that have been repressed and denied are coming up for air now and demanding to be acknowledged.

Speaking of squares, there’s another major one happening all year: Pluto at 24 Capricorn square ERIS at 24 Aries. This aspect is rare, chaotic, and will be with us for the whole year! These two planets are the furthest away from the Sun in our solar system, and represent regeneration. Pluto brings evolution through the healing of repressed, toxic energy, and Eris brings change through discord, for the forgotten and oppressed sides of our culture. I hope things will settle down in our country, but I doubt it with this aspect in play. The best way to utilize these energies, is to make sure your side of the street is clean, and your life is organized. Have you been projecting your problems onto others? Do you owe anyone an apology?

Monday, June 8th: Moon void-of-course all day, then into Aquarius at 5:54pm Pacific. Follow routines and planned activities. Moon will be contacting Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn (the Covid point), so stay out of social complications and arguments with other people.

Tuesday, June 9th: Moon in Aquarius. Let the genius in you come out and play! People will be friendly but unemotional, so work towards forward progress. Look for positive developments in society today, since Aquarius is the sign of humanity.

Wednesday, June 10th: Moon void-of-course in Aquarius ALL DAY. Day of continuity from yesterday’s developments. A void Moon always means to lay low and follow well-laid plans. Stay away from risks or negotiation, instead stabilize what’s in progress.

Thursday, June 11th: Moon in Pisces. Creative and peaceful day. Listen to music. Sun (Soul and vision) square Neptune (dreams) is exact in the early morning. There’s some action we need to take to see the path ahead. Neptune aspects often bring fogginess and a feeling of being lost. Don’t be discouraged by this, just be creative and focus on self care.

Friday, June 12th: Moon in Pisces. Keep listening to music and focusing on creativity.

Saturday, June 13th: Moon void, then into Aries at 2:03pm Pacific. We will be full of energy and ambition today, however, Mars conjunct Neptune is exact which can confuse our efforts. Get yourself grounded and centered before undertaking anything. Bring some compassion into your day.

Week of June 1st: Full Moon Eclipse

Sun at 11 Gemini
Mercury at 5 Cancer (weak)
Venus RETROGRADE at 14 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 13 Pisces (weak)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong) update your dream.
North Node at 29 Gemini

We are leading up to a Full Moon ECLIPSE in Sagittarius this week; occurring this Friday at 12:12pm Pacific. Last week, there was a sextile between the planet Mars (battles, anger, war) and Uranus (sudden events, disruption), which contributed to the upheaval we saw in America’s cities the past several days. The tragic events of last week, the murder of George Floyd, has sparked a huge catalyst for widespread, deep change in our culture. My fervent prayer is that we will see some REAL change from this event, that this will be a turning point in our society.

Pluto at 24 Capricorn squares ERIS at 24 Aries. This aspect is rare, chaotic, and will be with us for the whole year! These two planets are the furthest away from the Sun in our solar system, and represent regeneration. Pluto brings evolution through the healing of repressed, toxic energy, and Eris brings change through discord, anarchy, and revolution for the forgotten and oppressed sides of our culture. It’s a wild aspect between these two cataclysmic powerhouses. I hope things will settle down in our country, but I doubt it with this aspect in play. The best way to utilize these energies, is to make sure your side of the street is clean, and your life is organized. Have you been projecting your problems onto others? Do you owe anyone an apology?

If you want a personal reading on how the Full Moon effects you this week, you can book a reading with me here.

Monday, June 1st: Moon in Libra. Focus on bringing our lives back into balance. If there’s a corner of your life you’ve been neglecting, today is the day to give it attention. Negotiation and communication are easy today. Walk the middle road.

Tuesday, June 2nd: Moon in Scorpio. Mars square Venus. Romantic day, but men might be distracted or withdrawn. Give men space if they need it, but women will need time to air out feelings. Exercise and creativity get a boost.

Wednesday, June 3rd: Moon in Scorpio. Day of healing and rebirth. We go deep, connect with our passions and use them to heal our relationships. Avoid confrontation and social complication. Not a good day to protest… just fyi. Stay home.

Thursday, June 4th: Moon in Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini. Beautiful, harmonious aspect today. Excellent for creating art, beauty and romance. Life vision is easy to access today. Enjoy the vibes and embrace peace.

Friday, June 5th: Full Moon Eclipse at 15 Sagittarius at 12:12pm Pacific. What’s your truth? Clear the air, but avoid taking risks. Adventure and outdoor activities are enhanced, so go for a hike. Setting goals is highly recommended.
Mercury sextile Uranus on Friday at 4am Pacific: desire for freedom and independence. This aspect brings a flood of ideas and inspiration. Write it all down!

Saturday, June 6th: Moon in Capricorn. Our attention returns to our responsibilities. Tackle business today as best you can, and focus on family.
Mars conjunct Neptune begins, and continues for a couple of weeks. Mars wants to charge forward like a soldier, but Pisces and Neptune bring a foggy path. It’s easy to put our energy in the wrong direction and end up confused and lost. Covid19 cases will likely rise in June as well. Still a good idea to stay indoors when possible.

Week of May 24th

“The Call” by Orphne Acheron

Sun at 4 Gemini
Mercury at 23 Gemini (rulership! Do Mercurial Magick now)
Venus RETROGRADE at 18 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 7 Pisces (not great)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong) update your dream.
North Node at 29 Gemini

The Sun is now in Gemini (The Twins), along with most of the inner planets AND the North Node (destiny). Gemini = ADAPTABILITY. How are you adapting to our new paradigm? Try a different point of view. We are focused like a laser on this area of our charts. If you want a personal reading on how this effects you over the next month, you can book a reading with me here.

The last month has been INTENSE with the Taurus/Scorpio axis in play. Lots of folks being stubborn and territorial. The mood will be lighter through June, however Gemini brings a strong desire to socialize, and you can see it with the country opening back up. Unfortunately, the background of the skies (and our society) is still ruled by Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, which spawned the pandemic. This year is a time of major transformation and rebirth in our lives and culture. Continue to practice mindfulness, and remember, behind every polarity (Gemini) there is unity and the One. We are all ONE (Neptune).

Monday, May 25th: Moon in Cancer. It’s good to be a homebody today, although you might be tired of it 🙂 Do things to nurture yourself so you have a strong foundation for the week ahead.

Tuesday, May 26th: Moon in Cancer. People can be sensitive during this time, so try and be gentle with others. We get a glimpse of the future as Mercury passes over the North Node in Gemini.

Wednesday, May 27th: Moon in Leo. Roar like a lion. Today everyone wants a attention, so give some to yourself. Excellent creative day for music or art. Seek concessions from authority.

Thursday, May 28th: Moon void of course in Leo, and Mercury into Cancer. Our focus on sociability will shift back to the security of home. No big decisions today. Just follow your heart and continue your creative projects. Do not enter into negotiations and try not to sign anything.

Friday, May 29th: Moon in Virgo. Work on the house and organize your life. I often find myself doing that when the Moon is in Virgo without knowing it! Deep cleaning.

Saturday, May 30th: Moon in Virgo. Organize more and get the chores done. Make a healthy meal. Anything requiring attention to detail is highlighted.

Week of May 17th

Grand Schema Monks, Russian Orthodox Church, Balaam Monastery, Russisan Karelia 1888

Sun at 27 Taurus
Mercury at 11 Gemini (rulership! Do Mercurial Magick now)
Venus RETROGRADE at 21 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 3 Pisces (not great)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
North Node at 29 Gemini

The Sun moves into Gemini (The Twins) this Wednesday in the early morning! Expect many more Zoom calls and online classes from people, since Gemini is the sign of communication and socializing. Mercury is fast in the skies right now, leading the Sun through it’s natural home of Gemini. We’re entering a phase of focusing the Mind and understanding what our thinking brings to our lives. Become present and mindful of your thoughts, because that is how you are creating your life experience. It’s hard to remain positive these days in the midst of so much challenge, but practicing mindfulness and being present can really help. Are you getting eight solid hours of sleep every night? Eating well and exercising? Reaching out to friends?

Many powerful planets are stationing (standing still), and moving into backwards motion (retrograde) right now. Two of them, Pluto and Saturn, spawned the pandemic, with their rare conjunction at 24 Capricorn in January. With these retrogrades, we will spend the summer going over ground we’ve already covered. On a personal level, this means going inwards to rediscover your true nature and purpose. Unfortunately, the economy might still be sluggish, so prepare for that possibility. For the next few months it’s about each of us reimagining and restructuring our lives. It’s good to focus on researching new possibilities for yourself right now.

Monday, May 18th: Moon in Aries. Starting the week off with lots of force and energy. Look out for head strong behavior. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

Tuesday, May 19th: Moon in Aries slowing down and entering Taurus at 7:10pm Pacific.

Wednesday, May 20th: Moon in Taurus. Sun enters Gemini in the early morning! We might all feel lighter now. It’s easy to get into the minutiae of things today, so aim for simplicity in your dealings with others. Negotiations, writing, mathematics, computer work are all highlighted today and this week! We learn from others. Share with your social circle and engage in fun activities. Great for online games too.

Thursday, May 21st: Moon in Taurus. Walk in nature, work in the garden and cook something scrumptious. Beware of overspending with online shopping.

Friday, May 22nd: New Moon in Gemini at 10:38am Pacific. This New Moon is exactly trine with Saturn in Aquarius, which accentuates the airiness of socializing and communication. However with Saturn things could have a serious note.

Saturday, May 23rd: Moon in Gemini. New Moon energy still prevalent. Socialize as best you can and let your ideas and creativity flow! Mercury conjuncts Venus which is a lovely aspect for meaningful conversations.

Week of May 11th

Sun in Gemini From Kitab al-Mawalid

Sun at 20 Taurus
Mercury at 0 Gemini (rulership! Do Mercurial Magick now)
Venus at 21 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 28 Aquarius (neutral)
Jupiter at 27 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
North Node at 29 Gemini

This week sees the change from the earthy sign of Taurus, to the airy sign of Gemini. Our focus changes from the Spring flowers, green hillsides and self sufficiency of Taurus, to the chattiness of the Gemini mind. Mercury is fast in the skies right now, and entering it’s natural home of Gemini (rulership) today!

Also, two of the key planets involved at the “Covid point” of 24 Capricorn are going retrograde or backwards this week. This is the corner of the sky where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened on January 12th that spawned the huge transformations taking place on the planet right now. We will spend the next several months going over ground we’ve already covered, so be prepared for that spiritual processing. I think we could have a resurgence of virus cases over the summer, so take care of yourself!

Monday, May 11th: Moon in Capricorn connecting with Pluto and Jupiter at 24 Capricorn (the Covid 19 point). When the Moon arrives there each month, our emotions can come up strongly in the form of great fear and sadness. We open up and process how these changes are effecting our lives. Nurture yourself today and ride the waves of feelings. Positive change can be yours if you put in the hard work. Mercury into Gemini.

Tuesday, May 12: Moon in Aquarius. Mercury trines Moon AND Saturn today = serious and productive conversations. Also, Venus retrograde in Gemini near midnight. Venus will be twirling around in Gemini – backwards and then forwards – until August 7th. Look back to 2012 to see how this could effect you, your relationships and your money. Gemini is cerebral, so it will be a chatty summer, especially over the internet. Issues around partnerships of all kinds could arise, both positive and negative.

Wednesday, May 13th: Moon in Aquarius. Mars entered Pisces in the middle of the night, which adds to the confusion. We need to connect with our spiritual side and be a channel for Divine Will. What do you need to surrender to? What will you sacrifice to reach your highest goals?

Thursday, May 14th: Moon void-of-course all day, then entering Pisces conjuncting Mars in Pisces. Take a deep dive into your Soul. What do you need to do differently in order to connect with your true purpose? What is your evolutionary intention? Also Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn today.

Friday, May 15th: Moon in Pisces. Today is a respite from all of the crazy changes! Take time to enjoy life and focus on your blessings.

Saturday, May 16th – Moon in Aries. Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron in Aries, and squaring the “Covid point”. We want our power back from this loss of control we’re all feeling. The only way to really do this, is to withdraw and get quiet – meditate and contemplate your Soul’s desire for this lifetime.

Sunday, May 17th – Moon in Aries squaring 24 Pluto (Covid point). Pluto presides over this year, bringing endings, death, deep transformation and catharsis. With Aries (the Self) involved, we ask ourselves “who am I now? Who am I without the job? The money I’m used to? My relationship? Without the future I had planned??” The answers will come, and will lead each of us to a more deeply satisfying life. I really mean that! The first step is practicing mindfulness, and learning how to listen to your inner voice.

Week of May 3rd: Full Moon in Scorpio

Sun at 14 Taurus
Mercury at 11 Taurus
Venus at 20 Gemini
Mars at 24 Aquarius
Jupiter at 27 Capricorn
Saturn at 1 Aquarius
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces

Monday, May 4th – Moon in Libra. Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus, and Venus square to Neptune most of the week. Solid, earthy energy today. I know a lot of folks out there are worried about money, and/or looking for work. There could be some good progress this week with the Sun (vision), Mercury (communication) and Uranus (sudden change) in Taurus (Earth sign of resources).

Tuesday, May 5th – Moon in Libra. Day to get yourself into balance; whatever that looks like for you. Venus in Gemini in a Grand Trine with Mars in Aquarius and Moon in Libra. We experience the lightness of Air. Excellent communication today – both within ourselves and with our social circle. Lots of new, ingenious ideas available to us that we can apply to our lives.

Wednesday, May 6th – Moon in Scorpio. We’re under the influence of the Full Moon, which is exact tomorrow. Avoid social complications. If you HAVE to air your feelings, be gentle and take the other person’s feeling into account. Scorpio needs to express the truth, and can be too accurate and brutal about it, so be mindful in conversations.

Thursday, May 7th – Full Moon in Scorpio. Watch out for power plays at work or amongst your friends. The best use of Scorpio energy is to heal and rebirth yourself in some way, so transitions could be prominent this week. Focus more on where you’d like to go than on where you’ve been.

Friday, May 8th – Moon in Sagittarius. The mood lightens and we end this week on a positive note. Hopefully, the Full Moon brought some deep purging and new clarity about who you are and your direction. Sagittarius brings the Truth to us, along with new, exciting experiences.

Saturday, May 9th – Moon in Sagittarius. Excellent day for an outdoor adventure.

Week of April 26th

Sun at 7 Taurus
Mercury at 25 Aries
Venus at 16 Gemini
Mars at 18 Aquarius
Jupiter at 26 Capricorn
Saturn at 1 Aquarius
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction has spawned a deep shift in our culture – the birth of a new paradigm. The spread of Covid 19 has created hardship for a lot of people, but it’s also brought some positive changes. We are spending more time with loved ones, working from home, cooking hearty meals, buying less, focusing on health, and healing the Earth. Interesting these things fall squarely under the sign of Cancer, where the North Node (the future) sits directly opposite the conjunction. What do your want your life to be like in the new world?

The North Node is at 0 degrees Cancer until May 5th! This is the point of the Summer Solstice and highest light of the year. The door is open for us to express our vulnerability, and to nurture ourselves and others.

The effects of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction on January 12th force us to face reality, but also reveal what is ultimately important. It will dominate this entire year. The virus is not going away, and it WILL come back strongly in the Fall, so be vigilant.

Pluto (catharsis, regeneration) went retrograde on Saturday, April 25, and now Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will be going retrograde in the next couple of weeks. This summer is about retreading ground we’ve already covered. It’s time to go within and retool our lives in order to fit ourselves into this new world. Pluto brings a deep purging and releasing of things that no longer suit us. It can mean taking online classes and creating a new career. You can do it. What have you always wanted to do? Now’s the time.

Sunday, April 26th – Moon in Gemini. Sun conjunct Uranus at 6 Taurus. Pay attention to signs and sudden revelations regarding your life path. Some good information from the universe is available today about who you are and the direction you need to be going.

Monday, April 27th – Moon in Cancer. Mercury into Taurus joining the Sun and Uranus. Use caution when communicating. Think things through before speaking. Expect revelations and truths revealed.

Tuesday, April 28th – Moon in Cancer. Mercury squares Saturn. Be aware of timing in your conversations, and owning your responsibility.

Wednesday, April 29th – Moon in Cancer. Good day to organize the house and be kind to yourself. Comfort food!

Thursday, April 30th – Moon in Leo. Excellent for public speaking, or watching entertainment. Launch a video or chat with friends. Connect with others.

Friday, May 1st – Moon void of course in Leo. BELTANE. Ancient festival of Spring. Celebrate the blooming of flowers and the green of the Earth. Be spontaneous and take a walk.

On a personal note – even in the midst of these turbulent times – I’m still here doing readings for you! I’m only booking phone readings at this time, but I have several different options and they are very easy to schedule here.
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I thank you for your trust and wish you good health!

Week of April 20th: New Moon in Taurus

New Moon at
3 degrees Taurus ❤
This Wednesday at
7:26pm Pacific

Sun at 0 Taurus
Mercury at 14 Aries
Venus at 13 Gemini
Mars at 14 Aquarius
Jupiter at 26 Capricorn
Saturn at 1 Aquarius
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 19 Pisces

The Sun moved into Taurus Sunday morning at 7:45am Pacific. This can bring a feeling of being more comfortable in our homes – especially during this Saturnian lockdown. Taurus connects us to nature; bringing grounding, family and stability. We work in our gardens, cook sumptuous meals, and find comfort in the pleasures of life. However, the Sun and Moon near Uranus (sudden change) on Wednesday will underline the massive changes currently happening on Earth.

This is a good week to slow WAY down and send some love to the planet. Uranus near the Sun turns our thoughts to the future and what we would like to create. It could also bring more news on unemployment, and crazy volatility to the stock market. Set some intentions for your house, health, family and finances.

We still have Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter traveling together through late Capricorn and early Aquarius. This will be happening all year, and it’s the astrological impetus for the pandemic. I believe the pandemic will continue throughout this year, and come back strongly in the Fall. Pluto and Saturn conjunct (Jan. 12th, 2020) is a rare event, and spawned the 1918 flu as well as the discovery of HIV. For us, this event has led to the spread of a dangerous virus, which has caused a global economic slowdown and staggering job losses (Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn – the sign of big business).

We’re about to enter a new phase of it however. There’s a heaviness to this week as Pluto grinds to a halt and stations retrograde on Saturday. Pluto rules toxic catharsis, repressed energy, evolution, purging, healing, creation, destruction, and deep truth. It moves us to regenerate into a new persona – the growth that our life path demands. When you see a change before you that can’t be denied, that you simply MUST take, that’s usually Pluto. It’s an ego death. When Pluto stations (stands still) in the skies, it’s energy is amplified – and that’s this weekend.

It’s best to take the bull by the horns and be proactive, rather than to be at the mercy of Pluto. Take a sober look at your life, where you feel powerless, and make changes as best you can with your reaction. It’s a really hard, grinding energy, but Pluto is just giving you some tough love; it wants you to be a more authentic version of yourself on a VERY deep level.

Monday, April 20th – Moon in Aries. You might want to leap forward and be spontaneous today, but it’s best to be cautious and give things some time. The Sun (Taurus) squares Saturn (in Aquarius) today causing chafing against boundaries. Incorporate responsibility, learning and patience before taking action. Do some boundaries need to be established?

Tuesday, April 21st – Moon in Aries. Sun square Saturn still in effect. We are in the deepest, darkest parts of the Moon cycle now, preparing for rebirth with the New Moon tomorrow. Try not to work too much today – instead be in solitude.

Wednesday, April 22nd – Moon in Taurus. New Moon in Taurus at 7:26pm Pacific. It’s also Earth Day! Kind of perfect. Take a walk in the park. A new 28 day cycle is beginning today so start things now. Moon square Saturn today asks us to emotionally process the boundaries we set on Monday.

Thursday, April 23rd – Moon in Taurus. New Moon energy unfolds.

Friday, April 24th – Moon in Taurus. Day of love, connection and art. Be with the ones you love either virtually or in person. Do something creative.

Saturday, April 25th – Moon in Gemini. Mercury (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) at 9:36am. We HAVE to speak our truth today, but PLEASE be gentle about it. No anger or raised voices today, just truth and love. Pluto goes retrograde at 11:54am. There is a theme of death and rebirth this weekend. How would you like to make this pandemic a turning point in your life? How will you manifest a positive path for yourself that respects the most meaningful parts of you?

Sunday, April 26th – Sun conjunct Uranus is exact. Along with the Pluto station, this aspect brings an inescapable drive for freedom, independence and to do something different. This is a great thing, just be aware of other people’s feelings.

Week of April 13th

Sun at 25 Aries
Mercury DIRECT at 3 Aries
Venus at 9 Gemini and Mars at 11 Aquarius.
Jupiter at 26 Capricorn (in it’s fall, or weakened).
Saturn at 2 Aquarius (rulership), Pluto at 24 Capricorn.
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership)

Responsibility is the theme right now. Put all your energy into things you have control over, and ignore everything else. Control, responsibility, discipline and hard work are the qualities of Saturn, and we are heavily influenced by the planet this week. You can see it for yourself in the night sky starting Tuesday; watch for the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in a straight line through the sign of Capricorn. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction from January 12th, is a rare event that changes the world forever. We’ve seen it play out in the form of the Coronavirus. This point of the conjunction has been energized by Mars and expanded by Jupiter in the last few weeks, mirroring the escalation of cases and deaths.

With the Moon traversing the same area starting tomorrow, we could become more emotional over the shut down, financial collapse, sickness and death. Everyone has been touched by a loss on some level. We will be processing what’s happening to us, and the loss of the life we were living just three months ago. Focus on nurturing yourself and living in the present. Are your needs met? Are sleeping well? Do you have people to talk to?

This week is the dark of the Moon – it’s waning 4th quarter. Take some time for solitude and to tie up loose ends. Reflect and envision what you’d like to create in May, and begin it next Wednesday, April 23rd – the New Moon in Taurus.

Monday, April 13th – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury in Aries squares the Saturn-Pluto point. Day of hard work and applying yourself; get stuff done! Not a good day to get concessions from authority, so hold off until later this week to ask your boss for anything important.

Tuesday, April 14th – Moon in Capricorn. Sun square the Saturn-Pluto point… how do we make the personal vision for our lives fit in with this new world paradigm? You might feel the drive to charge forward, but you have to remain strategic in your actions. It’s the balance between dreams and reality.

Wednesday, April 15th – Moon in Aquarius. Focus on groups and teamwork. We are at the lowest energy of our 28-day-Moon cycle, the 4th quarter, so focus on completing projects and ending bad habits. There’s a lot of tension today, as the Sun squares the conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter and the Moon. The friction lies between our personal vision, and adapting to the new state of the World.

Thursday, April 16th – Moon in Aquarius. Think ahead to the future and your goals. Express your uniqueness and the genius within you.

Friday, April 17th – Moon in Pisces. Sweet, romantic and creative day. Nice break after all of the tension this week.

Saturday, April 18th – Moon in Pisces

Sunday, April 19th – Moon in Pisces, Sun into TAURUS at 7:45am Pacific. As the Sun enters the pleasurable, earthy sign of Taurus, it immediately makes a square to Saturn in Aquarius. This asks us to set practical goals and work hard to achieve them. Taurus enhances our need for stability, but we must continue to move forward with our plans at the same time.

what to do

In the Time of Pandemic

And people stayed at home
And read books
And listened
And they rested
And did exercises
And made art and played
And learned new ways of being
And stopped and listened
More deeply
Someone meditated, someone prayed
Someone met their shadow
And people began to think differently
And people healed.
And in the absence of people who
Lived in ignorant ways
Dangerous, meaningless and heartless,
The earth also began to heal
And when the danger ended and
People found themselves
They grieved for the dead
And made new choices
And dreamed of new visions
And created new ways of living
And completely healed the earth
Just as they were healed.

– Kitty O’Meara, 2020

Photo taken during Spanish flu, 1919