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I minored in World Religions in college, and learned so much from it. One of my favorite parts of the class was studying Taoism. I saw this segment from Morgan Freeman’s show “God” on Feng Shui and Taoism, and I have to share it! This is spectacular, and explains a lot of my deepest spiritual experiences, plus the energy of my business.

Check it out:

Week of December 3rd


New Moon in Sagittarius Thursday night
Mercury Direct in Scorpio on Thursday, Dec. 6th
Venus now Direct in Scorpio
Mars not-so-happy in Pisces
Neptune now Direct in Pisces

We’re in the dark of the Moon, and still under the influence of Venus’s exact opposition to Uranus last Friday. This aspect shakes up relationships, and brings them into a state of balance or implosion. At the same time we are moving forward from a place of greater honesty thanks to Venus’s direct motion in Scorpio. Let go of the past and create a new life for yourself.

Tuesday, December 4 – Moon in Scorpio, close to Venus. We are going DEEP. Avoid social complications and focus on the transformation you’re going through. Excellent time for divination. Mars Magick is not recommended right now since Mars is slogging through Pisces. We are driven towards our inner worlds. Creativity is good.

Wednesday, December 5 – Sun in Sag is squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces in the early afternoon. It could be challenging to find clear direction today. Intuition is heightened so try to listen to your instincts instead. It’s OK to sit with the unknown today and take it easy. Good evening for a movie. Watch out for indulging to excess with anything.

Thursday, December 6 – Mercury goes stationary direct at 1:22pm Pacific! Things will start moving forward again. It’s a great time to be creative. Writing, communication and exploration of the psychic world is highlighted. New Moon after 11:00pm at 16 Sagittarius begins a new lunar month and refreshed energy. Sagittarians in particular will feel an energetic boost.

Friday, December 7 – Mars conjunct Neptune at 12 Pisces.
From Ronnie Pontiac: “On the negative side this aspect is notorious for floods and other water related disasters. This may be a time of furiously flying rumors and propaganda. A militaristic ideology may rear its ugly head. A flu type contagion or e coli food recall type event could occur. Or another wide spread identity theft. On the individual level this aspect can lead to exhaustion, and exhaustion can lead under its influence to illness. Get extra rest. The urge to over do intoxicants may be very strong. Do not allow anger to run down the rabbit hole of vain imagination. On the positive side this can be a time of effective action that can really help people who need help. Is there somewhere you can help? Creative people, use all this inspiration, don’t worry about perfection, just explore how far your imagination and inspiration can take you.”

The embracing of personal truth is further enhanced by three powerful planets in their rulerships, or home signs. The energies of these planets are fully expressed in these constellations, and effects each of us in a personal and collective way:

Saturn in Capricorn. We are inspired to take solid steps towards achievement. Focus on creating a stable foundation for your ambitions to fully blossom. If you’re 29 or 30, you are going through your Saturn Return. It’s a deep examination of your life; sparking decisions that will steer your path for the next decade. Be practical, reliable and disciplined. Saturn wants you to do the hard work.

Jupiter in Sagittarius. We search for our personal truth and meaning. Adventures and travel abound. We meet lots of new people in lots of new places. We turn towards spiritual and academic pursuits that shift our life perspectives. Our worlds expand, and we become more positive and optimistic. Wherever this falls in your chart will experience a huge boost.  Jupiter makes a particular corner of your life much bigger.

Neptune in Pisces. Another spiritual transit. We are blessed to experience Neptune in Pisces because it is extremely rare, and most of the people on this planet don’t live during it’s time. Spiritual strength, healing and intuition are strong now. People can also gravitate towards escapism though, with drugs, alcohol, movies and spending. Be aware of your dependencies. Personal healing through meditation, yoga and body work are great! Try floating.

The North Node of the Moon has been traveling through Cancer for a month and will stay there until early 2020. There is an emphasis on our homes and security. We will explore the nurturing sides of our personalities in the next couple of years, and build deeper emotional connections with the people in our social circle.

From Empowering Astrology:
We’re getting a tug between the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Both are Jupiter ruled signs, which means that they help us cultivate a sense of the world. If Sagittarius is the things we know objectively through education and books and teachings, then Pisces is subjective truth. It’s the truth we cultivate within. It’s mysticism and that liminal space between this world and the next.
All of this is to say that there’s a story happening right now between the truth we’re taught versus the truth we feel. With such a strong current of Neptune in the collective — Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces all this week, plus Neptune just stationed direct — you may feel like subjective truth is winning out. Or at least you’re feeling a strong urge to rest, reflect, and search for answers within.
Sagittarius and Pisces are just two sides of the same coin. One pushes us out into the world. The other pulls us inward.

Week of November 19th


–  “Dance in the country” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Nov. 15th: Mars in Pisces.
Nov. 16th: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, and Venus Direct in Libra.

Monday, Nov. 19th: Moon in Aries, Sun in Scorpio. There’s potential for headstrong behavior today. If it’s hard to gain traction on a project, focus instead on clarifying your vision. Moon/Sun are in Mars-ruled signs, but Mars itself is in Pisces. Mars doesn’t like slogging around in Pisces. Avoid being passive-aggressive when you don’t get your way. Notice if you’re lost in fantasies, guilt trips, gossiping or grudges, and try to be present with unconscious motivations. The desire to escape your life through drinking, drugs, sugar or shopping is a common theme this week.

Tuesday, Nov. 20th: Moon into Taurus at 3:43pm Pacific, Sun in Scorpio. Moon in Taurus (exalted) helps everybody calm down. Enjoy nature and sensual delights today, but avoid intensity in relationships.

Wednesday, Nov. 21st: Moon in Taurus, Sun in Scorpio. Another nature/food day! Excellent date night, or to do anything creative and artistic. Mars and Jupiter will both be amplifying the Full Moon in Gemini tomorrow, but you can feel it now.

Thursday, Nov. 22nd: Moon void all day in Taurus (8:10pm into Gemini).
FULL MOON at 9:39pm. Sun into Sagittarius. THANKSGIVING.
With the Full Moon today and Neptune stationing Direct Saturday, try not to drink too much. Watch a movie or play board games to cool down family tensions. Also, follow traditions today – don’t do anything risky or spontaneous.

Friday, Nov. 23rd: Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius. Should be a chatty and sociable day.

Saturday, Nov. 24th: Moon in Gemini; Neptune Direct in Pisces 5:08pm. When Neptune is stationing Direct, things are not what they appear to be. Try to keep your feet on the ground today. Huge spiritual breakthroughs and revelations are possible.

The thing to remember with Mercury Retrograde is to slow down a little bit. It’s never a good idea to lie or be covert in your actions, but it’s really something to avoid right now.  Don’t conceal anything.

Early/middle November is a powerful time. When the Sun is in Scorpio we are in the Underworld, the spirit world is close and the invisibles are active. The Scorpio Sun is sacred to the dark goddess Hecate, who stands at the crossroads with her torches, scissors and three black hounds; she helps you release your old life. She is the Goddess of Witchcraft, Night, Magick, Dogs and herbalism. She protects people on the fringes – those who rebel against societies norms and follow their own drum beat. She will help you see the truth, which can be jarring but liberating. She is known as Phosphorus, the Torch Bearer and Venus as the Morning Star. Inner seeing is key. Your inner navigation system is more accurate than what’s on the screen.

Week of November 5th


Monday, Nov. 5th: Moon in Libra, Sun in Scorpio. We are in the dark of the Moon, preparing for the New Moon in Scorpio this Wednesday. Avoid confrontations, keep your focus on your work and personal life. With Venus retrograding near the Moon, it’s not a good day air grievances. Practice self care.

Tuesday, Nov. 6th:
Moon into Scorpio at 5:02am Pacific
Uranus into Aries at 11am
North Node into Cancer
Avoid social complications, drive slowly and keep a cool head. We are in the orb of the New Moon in Scorpio, and it’s a good time to set some intentions on the part of your life that needs deep healing or rebirth. What is your passion? Also, the North/South nodes (Head and Tail of the Dragon) shift into Cancer and Capricorn for the next two years.

Wednesday, Nov. 7th: New Moon in Scorpio at 8:02am Pacific. REBIRTH. The phoenix rises from the ashes. The corner of your chart where Scorpio resides is experiencing a regeneration today that will culminate in April 2019. Watch for signs.

Thursday, Nov. 8th:
Jupiter into Sagittarius at 4:38am
Moon into Sagittarius at 11:59am
The mood will lighten quite a bit today towards expansiveness and adventure. Excellent day to seek justice and fairness.

Friday, Nov. 9th: Moon in Sagittarius. A light and jovial end to an intense week. Good evening to go out, have fun and try something new.

Saturday, Nov. 10th: Moon in Sagittarius. The mood turns towards responsibilities today as the Moon heads towards Capricorn.

Happy Halloween


The veil is thin and the spirit world is close. This happens every Autumn, and culminates on true Halloween – around November 8th. The Sun is always in Scorpio from October 21st to November 21st – when we celebrate the harvest, the increase of darkness and the Mighty Dead. Scorpio is synonymous with mystery, the occult, and the ability to resurrect oneself. Halloween is the festival of Scorpio.

From Ang Stoic:

“Venus: In her INFERIOR CONJUNCTION, the retrograde VENUS appears to pass between us (earth) and the SUN
This happens once every 584 days (Venus’ synodic cycle), marking the end of Venus’s apparition in the evening sky and her transition towards becoming a ‘morning star’ (VENUS LUCIFER)
The love goddess will soon appear to rise before the Sun, a phenomenon which will last until August 15 next year – itself an immensely supernatural event in our astrological calendar since Venus’s Superior conjunction will then form a ‘yod’ with Neptune and Pluto/Moon/and SouthNode.
Much magic will transpire in our relationships between now and then – our feelings now becoming ever more raw; prone to lead over our thoughts and actions with a fervent immediacy. Like wearing our heart on our sleeve, we commit to matters we would otherwise treat more tentatively or cautiously.
So, yes – a transition towards ‘leading with our goddess’, a time when love can flourish and prosper, because its expression seems more free and spontaneous; not killed off by the thought of duty and responsibility.
Venus in Scorpio is still a ‘Dark Venus’ consumed by her deepest passions and prone devour in order to satiate. Whilst she will soon dip back into Libra (Oct31-Dec02), the next 9 weeks will be intense in our intimate affairs, where passions override logic and lovecraft and heartfuckery ensue. So let love lead and, for a time, cease to say that it is your ‘duty to love’ someone, for feeling obliged to love is the surest way to kill it.”

Full Moon in Taurus


Glastonbury Tor, England Sept. 27, 2015

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  – Sun enters Scorpio at 4:22am Pacific.
Wednesday, Oct. 24 – Moon enters Taurus at 7:33am, Full Moon at 9:45am.

This could be a tense day, so keep a low profile. Taurus is a fruitful, productive, loving sign, but can be cautious and stubborn. And now, Taurus’s ruler Venus, is currently walking backwards (retrograding) through Scorpio. Venus is VERY uncomfortable in this sign because people stop playing nice and start getting “real”. Scorpio values authenticity, not manners or etiquette, and this throws Venus out of her element. Also, Venus in Scorpio causes the ghosts of past lovers to rise up in our lives, which can be stressful and confusing.

There are many influences on this Full Moon. We have the Moon passing over Uranus in Taurus, and landing nearby. This brings a big shake up to the tense undercurrent. Uranus clears away agreements that have become stagnant, and creates huge opportunities for the start of a new phase.

Scorpio is regeneration – the snake shedding it’s skin.
Taurus is devotion
Uranus is change

On the other side of the sky, the Sun and Venus are sitting together in Scorpio; connecting our passion with our vision. The Sun, our soul, is confronting an issue in our lives that has held us back. It could be a limiting idea within us, a feeling of burn out with our work, or a friendship we’ve outgrown.

We are being asked to be brave, show courage, and accept that we have evolved to a new point in our lives. We cannot go backwards anymore, we must step into a new, unknown world and trust a universal plan. Scorpio asks that our “outsides” match our “insides”, and we live our lives in a new authenticity that reflects our inner resolve and maturity.