One sided relationships

I’ve had a few one-sided relationships in my life, and of course it all started with my relationship with my alcoholic father. When I saw this picture from the “Rising Woman” website, it really reminded me of growing up with a distant father. Seems like many kids who grew up in the 70’s experienced the same thing.

My dad had very low self esteem, and no tools to manage his emotions. The only thing he knew to do was drink and create emotional and physical distance from people. When my Mom left him in 1969, he punished her by emotionally abandoning me. The result was I had difficulty trusting men, and would usually choose someone who was a workaholic, heavy drinker, physically compromised or burdened with responsibilities.

Thanks to my work in programs like Alanon, I’ve been able to work through a lot of these issues. Alanon is free and available to anyone dealing with an alcoholic or addict. I highly recommend it! Here’s more information from Rising Woman about one sided relationships with romantic partners:

“Ever find yourself clinging to a one-sided relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner?

A good question to ask when we notice this is:

“What part of me is it that wants this so badly?”

Sometimes it’s our most wounded self… or our “child-self” that takes over and gets caught in the pain and fear of not being chosen.

… The fear of being abandoned.

Our emotions are powerful. And to become more Conscious and self-loving… It’s our job to learn how to listen to our emotions and act from a place of self-worth.

(Rather than react out of discomfort.)

We often simply mask our discomfort to avoid feeling abandoned, unloved, or unworthy, without really going to the root cause.

We’re temporarily soothing ourselves with a chase… or giving ourselves away in dead-end relationships.

… But we’re not actually getting what we want or what we deserve from a relationship.

If they say they can’t commit – Believe them.

If they tell you they aren’t ready – Believe them.

If they say “I like you, but I’m selfish” – Believe them.

People don’t necessarily want to hurt us, but the reality is, unless they’ve done their inner-work and are aware enough to act Consciously, their actions may be entirely self-serving; which leaves you feeling unsupported.

It’s up to you to be your own wise, nurturing and loving inner-parent.

Remind yourself that it’s safe to be loved…

That healthy love doesn’t have to be boring…

Learn to see the signs of when you might be confusing chaos with chemistry.

You are here to be loved and cherished.

You have the capacity to step into your worth. And stretch yourself to show up powerfully in all of your relationships.

It’s time.

PS. If you’d like to learn more…

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Week of March 1st

The mandarin fish, one of the most beautiful fish of the reef.

Sun at 10 Pisces
Mercury at 13 Aquarius
Venus at 3 Pisces (exalted!)
Mars at 28 Taurus
Jupiter at 16 Aquarius
Saturn at 8 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 15 Gemini

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We had a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo over the weekend, but it is now behind us. We are currently harvesting what we began last September when the Sun was in Virgo. The week ahead is quiet, but we will continue to see the unfolding of the full moon’s energies. This Full Moon concerns analysis, patterns, transmutation and assimilation. It’s an alchemical moon, helping us to let go of things, so we can become one with the universal divine chaos (Pisces). This week we sacrifice our old selves on the alchemical altar and become a new being.

Most of the planets are moving towards Pisces now, and each of them is fully Direct until the end of April! Everything in the sky is moving forward (Direct) right now! This happens once a year or so, and it’s a great time to gather forward momentum on anything that’s important to you! You can set the energy of the year ahead. With the Sun, Venus – and soon Mercury and Jupiter – in Pisces, we are feeling some wonderful, healing vibrations. The next few weeks are just great, all around. Pisces brings peace, healing, and solitude to the trauma we’ve been through in the last year.

Neptune is Pisces’ ruler, and just moved to 20 degrees of Pisces, or the third decan. This is the last degrees of Pisces, which means we will be integrating the growth we’ve achieved in the last 8 years. Let go of what was, and send out love and positive force to others – especially to people with whom you have a resentment or issue. The collective mind is alive right now. How we respond to things is exactly what we will receive back. Loving yourself is important, because if you can do that, you will attract people that will love you in return.

Remember, in 2021 we lay the foundation for a new way forward, and the key is deciding on personal direction. This week the Sun and Neptune in Pisces are squaring the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, asking us to access intuition for finding this new path. You can’t think your way into it, you have to use your gut instincts.

Monday, March 1st: Moon in Libra brings emotiional sensitivity to our relationships. We are tuned in to what feels right, and what doesn’t feel right, with the people around us. Libra is the scales, so we are weighing how we feel in each situation. The Moon makes some lovely sextiles and trines today, so the undercurrent is positive.

Tuesday, March 2nd: Moon VOC in Libra, then into Scorpio at 12:38pm Pacific. Practice being neutral and sending out love and well wishes. However if a boundary needs to be set, today is the day. Scorpio moon is where we start drawing boudaries to emotionally protect ourselves. Moon in Scorpio squares the outer planets in Aquarius AND opposes Uranus today.

Wednesday, March 3rd: Moon in Scorpio continues; AND Scorpio’s ruler, Mars, moves into Gemini at 7:30pm Pacific! Watch for issues with irritating people or personalities. Staying neutral is the way to detach from emotionally explosive situations. Don’t let anyone steal your peace. Mars likes the earthiness of Taurus, but he’s leaving the garden to soar the heights like the Scorpio eagle! Mars in Gemini is excellent for public speakers, writers, scientists and mathematicians, but can also increase online spats. Think things through before speaking, and be gentle in your communications. Careful what you say or text, because our minds are also changeable.

Thursday, March 4th: Moon VOC in Scorpio, entering Sagittarius at 2:43pm Pacific. Revisit your goals and update your plan to achieve them. The mood is light and communications are enhanced – especially with Mercury catching up and conjuncting Jupiter at 16 Aquarius. This aspect further enhances the bounciness of Mars in the first degree of Gemini. Talk, write and socialize.

Friday, March 5th: Moon in Sagittarius and we enter the 4th quarter Moon. We are taking what we’ve learned this week, and finding a new understanding of where we belong (or don’t belong). Our paths get updated with this new clarity. Flashes of the future could appear with the Sun squaring the Moon’s Nodes, so watch for markers and insights.

Saturday, March 6th: Moon VOC in Sagittarius all day, entering Capricorn at 6:20pm Pacific. It’s a heavy weekend, full of responsibility. No major aspects. With the Moon void all day follow the established path.

Sunday, March 7th: Moon in Capricorn. No big aspects today – try not to sink into pessimism with the Moon in this hard place. Use the energy to get out into the garden and do some hard work. Climb a mountain or a small hill if you can get out to nature.

Full Moon in Virgo

Poster for Louis Feuillade’s 1915 film ‘Les Vampires’ a movie which the artist Pablo Picasso was rather obsessed with at one point as he went to see the movie a few times…..

Sun at 3 Pisces
Mercury at 12 Aquarius
Venus at 25 Aquarius
Mars at 23 Taurus
Jupiter at 14 Aquarius
Saturn at 7 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 16 Gemini

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A Full Moon in Virgo is symbolized by a virgin. Virgo is the High Priestess with a sword. She’s a woman that stands alone because she can take care of herself. She has the wisdom to use her sword (her mind) in an accurate and efficient way that creates a practical, forward path. It’s full moon week, and we will experience the culmination of what’s been building up in February. We are also on the Sun in Pisces/Full Moon in Virgo axis, which means we are healing. Virgo heals the body and Pisces heals the soul.

However, we STILL have five planets in Aquarius! Saturn and Jupiter will be there for awhile, but Mercury and Venus are moving fast and Venus will be in Pisces this week. Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus all year long. This square represents a subtle, deep tension between your old patterns, and who you are becoming. The first exact one happened last week. Interesting that Aquarius rules electricity, Taurus is land and resources, and we had a huge power outage in Texas last week with people freezing in their homes. I was so sad to see this happen.

Saturn is the planet of karma, and this is a time of sowing and reaping. You might be aware that you have a fresh, new version of yourself waiting in the wings. It’s waiting to manifest, you just need to embrace it and own it, when you’re ready. Your new self will appear in the houses of your chart that are ruled by Aquarius or Taurus, and will be unfolding this year. I can feel it happening in my own life.

Monday, February 22nd: The Moon in Cancer starts the week off in a sensitive, sweet and emotional place. This moon wants to be introverted and secure, so honor whatever feelings are coming up today. Let your emotions guide you. Neptune will also move to 20 Pisces which adds to the watery, intuitive vibe. Try not to future-trip.

Tuesday, February 23rd: Moon in Cancer continues. You can’t think your way through things right now, you have to FEEL your way to find the path. Cancer is the sign of the home, so it’s good day to relax, declutter, and cook a special meal. People will be sensitive, so no big conversations until tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24th: Moon in Leo. Stand out and be seen! Seek concessions from authority. We are in the orb of the Full Moon so things could start getting intense or extreme, especially with Mars trining Pluto today too. This aspect can fire up tempers so practice caution in unstable situations.

Thursday, February 25th: Moon in Leo and Venus enters Pisces! Venus is exalted in Pisces so it’s a great time for romance. Let your creative side out to play. Venus also rules friendships, money, women, art and relationships. All of these things get a nice boost over the next few weeks so make the most of it.

Friday, February 26th: Moon in Virgo all day, but doesn’t go full until the middle of the night. The full moon will oppose Venus newly in Pisces in the middle of the day. Things will sharpen up and become very clear, thanks to Virgo enhanced by Mercury Direct. Great evening for a walk under the Full Moon with someone you love… or someone you want to get to know.

Saturday, February 27th: Full Moon in Virgo happens in the middle of the night at 12:15am, but it’s in effect all weekend. Avoid pettiness, pickiness and over analysis. Meditation is a great way to focus the mind and manage any anxiety around this moon. Clean and reorganize your house!

Sunday, February 28th: Moon in Virgo, then into Libra at 11:17am. Friday’s date night continues… great day to have positive conversations and work out agreements with people. The focus is on playing fair and taking everyone’s feelings into account.

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Week of February 15th

Sun at 29 Aquarius (detriment – no Sun Magick now)
Mercury RETROGRADE at 12 Aquarius
Venus at 17 Aquarius (neutral)
Mars at 20 Taurus
Jupiter at 13 Aquarius
Saturn at 7 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 16 Gemini

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Welcome to the Year of the Ox! It’s a year of working hard and reestablishing ourselves. This week, the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) each day. We had a fresh start last Thursday with the New Moon in Aquarius, which represents independence, genius, science and intelligence. We still have a stellium of planets (five) in Aquarius until the Sun moves into Pisces this Thursday! We’ve spent the last month in Aquarius, and we’re hopefully committed to a new view of the world.

The main aspects of 2021 come into focus this week. The first square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is exact this Wednesday. Expect tension between the old guard and a new, progressive vision for the world. Surprises and shocking events can arise suddenly. Uranus in Taurus shakes up our values and resources, causing us to rethink how we make money or handle family issues.

If you have any planets near 7 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, they will be massively activated this week. I can look this up for you with an astrology reading, which you can book here.

Monday, February 15th: Moon in Aries, and Sun in the last degrees of Aquarius. Fresh energy and a feeling of rebirth. Moon in Aries means the people (including us) won’t be patient, or listen well. Drive cautiously. Hopefully we’ve found a clearer path forward over the last month with the Sun in Aquarius. We can now envision a new life plan.

Tuesday, February 16th: Moon in Aries, moving into Taurus at 7:12pm Pacific. MARDI GRAS. Energy slows down as we move through the day, and authority figures become more stern and stubborn. However, awakening the five senses is highlighted! Take a walk in nature or spend time with animals.

Wednesday, February 17th: Moon in Taurus. Saturn square Uranus is exact at 7 degrees. Try moderation in all activities, and avoid extreme thinking today. The need here is to choose the new way forward in life, and putting all your energy towards it. Anyone longing for how things used to be will remain stuck.

Thursday, February 18th: Moon in Taurus, and the Sun enters Pisces in the pre-dawn hours. We start a new zodiacal season, and the focus turns towards spirituality, music, the sea, intuition, and connection with the divine. With the Moon in Taurus, we are more likely to indulge in sensual delights. The Moon conjuncts Mars which can bring frustration or anger issues. Hold your boundaries.

Friday, February 19th: Moon in Gemini, Venus square Mars. Good day for romance, fun, and play for lovers. Mercury is stopped and ready to turn Direct tomorrow, so take all promises with a grain of salt. Remain in the present.

Saturday, February 20th: Moon in Gemini and Mercury DIRECT! The Moon makes three lovely trines today too, so it’s a feel-good day. Chatty and social, but hold off on important conversations for another week or so.

Sunday, February 21st: Moon VOC in Gemini, and into Cancer at 7:53pm Pacific. We might feel like staying in and working around the house today.

Week of February 8th: New Moon in Aquarius

‘Tea Party’ by Yoshioka (Haco)

Sun at 20 Aquarius (detriment – no Sun Magick now)
Mercury RETROGRADE at 19 Aquarius
Venus at 7 Aquarius (neutral)
Mars at 16 Taurus
Jupiter at 11 Aquarius
Saturn at 6 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 16 Gemini

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Electric New Moon in Aquarius this week! Allow yourself to have a personal revolution; a complete shift in how you want to operate in the world. Has there been something important to you that’s been on the back burner for a long time? Maybe it’s time to make it a priority. Approach your life in a radical new way! This is the path to adventure and achievement, or understanding what the next phase of your life will be. Aquarius is the sign of vision, and the future, so it’s easier to find the path forward right now.

There are six (!!!) planets in Aquarius this week! That’s A LOT. PLUS a New Moon in Aquarius this Thursday. Whichever house in your chart contains the sign of Aquarius, it’s getting a huge wake up call right now!! You just can’t ignore this corner of your life this month. All of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the intensity of this shift the entire year.

Monday, February 8th: Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury retrograde crosses backwards over the Sun in the pre dawn hours. This gives a heavy vibe to the beginning of our week. Discipline and hard work are the only ways to get through today.

Tuesday, February 9th: Moon void-of-course in Capricorn all day until 5:20pm Pacific. A void Moon is the time to put energy into things already started, and do what you need to do to get grounded. There could be sudden surprises today, so be open to quick changes – especially around work, health and home. Capricorn brings a serious, focused and ambitious mood. What’s your goal?

Wednesday, February 10th: Moon in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn, Venus and Jupiter in turn throughout the day. This brings emotional integration to any big changes we’re going through right now. Today feels great, with most of us experiencing a lot of energy and excitement. We are in the realm of the New Moon, so pay attention to any revelations you receive from the Universe. Retrograde Mercury squares Mars which can bring tension to communications.

Thursday, February 11th: New Moon in Aquarius in the morning, then goes void-of-course starting at 11:06am Pacific. People will be friendly but slightly detached, so it’s a good day for communications of all kinds. Our minds are expanded with new ideas, and all things are possible today, so don’t hesitate to take action on anything. Clearing the air and speaking your truth should go very well.

Friday, February 12th: Moon in Pisces, and the Year of the Metal Ox begins! No major aspects today, so feel free to be dreamy and floaty like the Piscean Fish. Solitude, music, art, movies and creativity are highlighted today. If you need to have meetings or work through agreements, do it in the morning. Defining things could be difficult with the influence of Neptune, but it’s a great date night since boundaries are open. Retrograde Mercury also conjuncts Venus in the middle of the night, so expect the truth to be spoken.

Saturday, February 13th: Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune, and Mars sextiles Neptune! Wonderful vibe. Boundaries are fuzzy and it’s easy to feel lost as our path disappears under our feet. Creative genius is easily accessible. Try not to overindulge in drugs or alcohol though – all this Neptune energy can lead to escapism. Move towards inspiration instead: music, solitude, and communing with the divine.

Sunday, February 14th: Moon in Aries. VALENTINE’S DAY! With the Moon in Aries practice self love – even if you’re in a relationship. Self Love is the best foundation for any and all pursuits in life. Also, Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Stay home, and swim around in your intuitions, ideas and creativity. If you are near a body of water, today is good for a visit.

Week of February 1st

Sun at 11 Aquarius (detriment – no Sun Magick now)
Mercury at RETROGRADE at 26 Aquarius
Venus at 0 Aquarius (neutral)
Mars at 12 Taurus
Jupiter at 10 Aquarius
Saturn at 5 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Gemini

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We are in the dark of the Moon starting Thursday, so just take it easy and rest. The Moon is waning until Thursday, February 11th, when we have a New Moon in Aquarius.

The week begins with the Sun entering the middle degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury standing still over our heads. Mercury stationed retrograde last Saturday, and won’t move forward until February 20th. During this time just do what you’ve always done, but avoid big purchases, signing major agreements or beginning new projects. It’s best to rework or reassess what has already begun. I like this time because it’s when the truth comes about things that have been hidden or confusing, so embrace it.

The Sun and Jupiter are still conjunct this week but separating. This is the annual connection between the two luckiest, happiest planetary bodies in our solar system. It’s a good week to attract luck and expand the activities you want to grow.

Mars and Black Moon Lilith are still hanging out together at 11 Taurus, which effectively helps us set boundaries where needed. These two are still in a tight square with Saturn in Aquarius, which gives us sovereignty and focus in our personal lives, and new directions to the collective. We saw this playing out last week with the traders from r/WallStreetBets toying with GameStop (and others) and then having a showdown with Wall Street. These squares between these two planets will also manifest as a push and pull between old world ideas, and the advancements of the technological age.

Remember, in 2021 we begin to lay the foundation for a new way forward, and the key is deciding on personal direction. Neptune in Pisces is also squaring the North Node of the Moon in Gemini all year, asking us to access intuition for finding this new path. You can’t think your way into it, you have to use your gut instincts.

Monday, February 1st: Moon in Libra, Venus into Aquarius and Mars squares the Sun. Venus in Aquarius brings liberation and independence to our relationships. Unorthodox agreements could be considered over the next few weeks. With Venus and Mercury retrograde here, our minds become electrified by possibilities, ideas and expanding consciousness. Avoid battles and anger with Mars being activated.

Tuesday, February 2nd: Moon in Libra brings a need for balance, fairness and justice. If an issue in your life feels out of control or unjust, gently take action today. Libra wants you to use tact, and maneuver towards win-win situations.

Wednesday, February 3rd: Moon in Scorpio squares the outer planets in Aquarius AND opposes Uranus. People could be challenged and moody, so take it easy on others. Watch for power plays… people will be stubborn.

Thursday, February 4th: Moon in Scorpio. If you feel like withdrawing and having some time to yourself that’s fine. Nurture yourself and keep the focus on your life. Moon enters the 4th quarter, and we are in a balsamic Moon until next Thursday. You have permission to rest and watch movies.

Friday, February 5th: Moon in Sagittarius. Some lovely aspects today with the Moon, so enjoy the creativity of the day. Put energy towards your goals, or set some goals if you don’t have any 🙂 Lots of shifts regarding Venus (love) this weekend, so be aware.

Saturday, February 6th: Moon in Sagittarius. Go on outside adventures if possible! Venus conjunct Saturn at 5 Aquarius brings a serious tone to romantic connections. Is this relationship practical? Does it have the solid foundation needed to continue long term? Venus squares Uranus later in the day, so there might be a pull towards independence or the unconventional.

Sunday, February 7th: Moon in Capricorn. No big aspects today – try not to sink into pessimism with the Moon in this hard place. Use the energy to get out into the garden and do some hard work.

Full Moon in Leo

Seyyid Loqmqn Ashuri

Sun at 6 Aquarius
Mercury at 23 Aquarius
Venus at 20 Capricorn
Mars at 9 Taurus
Jupiter at 8 Aquarius
Saturn at 4 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Gemini

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This week is the culmination of the energy that’s been building in January. The undercurrent of the month is our individual identities, and how we fit into the new paradigm of our transformed society. We consider our options. If you are a Capricorn or Cancerian, the changes over the last year have been massive. With this Thursday’s Full Moon in Leo, we open up and unveil our new selves to the world.

We have six major planets scattered over Capricorn and Aquarius right now. Both of these signs are traditionally ruled by Saturn, which brings a reality check to all of our plans. If you are implementing a new idea or strategy, and the foundation is unstable, the cracks should appear in the next few weeks. That gives you some time to dial things in. With the serious vibe from Saturn, we need to recheck our plans and bolt things down, in order to establish absolute certainty in ourselves and our actions. This is why Saturn energy is SO fantastic, and necessary!

Conversely, the Full Moon in Leo on Thursday is a celebration of our journey on this planet. We lead with our heart, and pursue relationships and activities that make us feel alive. This Full Moon will deliver action.

Monday, January 25th: Moon in Cancer. This week starts off with a serious tone from the Sun-Saturn conjunction last Saturday. This aspect encouraged us to make some hard decisions, and to discipline ourselves in critical ways. The Moon in Cancer wants us to be introverted, so relax and connect with what you’re feeling today. Let your emotions guide you. If you need some solitude, let yourself have some peace.

Tuesday, January 26th: Moon in Cancer and Sun squares Uranus. Cancer is the sign of the home, so it’s good day to relax, declutter, and cook a special meal. People will be sensitive, so no big conversations until Thursday if possible. Sun squaring Uranus means a sudden, positive, change or revelation appears and send us down a different path – one much more liberating.

Wednesday, January 27th: Moon void-of-course in Cancer all day until 6:54pm Pacific. Be gentle… Easy Does It. Creativity, nostalgia, food, and emotional release are good uses of this energy. Moon in Leo comes in the evening and we are in the orb of the Full Moon. Conditions are great to negotiate with others. Also performances, music, art are boosted for the next three days. You can finally get the perfect selfie.

Thursday, January 28th: Full Moon at 9 Leo at 11:16am Pacific. The mood changes and we become fiesty, upbeat, and attention-seeking. Great evening to see first rate performances of all kinds. With the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter opposite the Moon, the pandemic is still in full force, so celebrate from home. Also today, Venus conjuncts Pluto which can lead to powerplays or showdowns in relationships. Relationships can go through a rebirth or an ending, it depends on what is needed for your soul’s evolution.

Friday, January 29th: Moon in Leo. You’ll wake up in a great mood from the Sun conjuncting Jupiter last night. Be your authentic self today! Also, Mercury slows down to a complete stop in the skies above the East Coast. Wrap up any important conversations because Mercury retrograde starts tomorrow.

Saturday, January 30th: Moon in Virgo and Mercury retrograde begins, lasting until Feb 21st. Avoid major purchases or starting new projects during this time. Instead, finish things you’ve started and allow quiet time for contemplation. Some confusion could arise in the areas of government and technology.

Sunday, January 31st: Moon in Virgo. Now we clean up after the Full Moon in Leo party and get organized. We turned a spiritual corner last week, now we want to put things in motion, in alignment with our integrity.

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A Scorpio Inauguration

Joe Biden is a Scorpio Water Horse, according to Western astrology and ancient Chinese tradition. Scorpio is the sign of death, sex and taxes, and although it wasn’t sexy, I couldn’t help but notice how he paid tribute to the dead for his inauguration. He took his oath before a field of the dead; invoking and honoring them at the same time. As an astrologer, I’m amazed by it. I think it was the first time ever, that the Capitol Mall was filled with flags honoring the dead, rather than people. Think about that!

I don’t believe Biden or his administration were doing this on purpose. I’m an intuitive, and it’s one of those things I just KNOW in my bones. He’s nothing of what the Qanon folks claim him to be – he’s just a good guy. I just think his inauguration manifested this way. In fact the WHOLE THING was VERY Scorpio. These are some Scorpio qualities that were present:

  • The Truth was spoken
  • There was a huge military presence
  • It was QUIET – dead quiet – compared to the bluster we’d experienced from the 45th president. The City was locked down and QUIET.
  • It was solemn and spiritual
  • It was a complete transformation from the riots before
  • The Dead were invoked and present
  • It was authentic
  • He spoke of Unity – which is a highly spiritual concept dating back to ancient times. It’s also what this country desperately needs.
  • …most of all, it was healing

I hope the GOP and those on the far right give Biden a chance. Please please please. If you don’t have the facts about something, be doubtful of it. Seriously examine your sources. We need to return to the truth.

from ABC News: “The Presidential Inaugural Committee has installed some 191,500 U.S. flags of varying sizes on a swath of the long, grassy park to represent the American people who cannot attend Biden’s inauguration. The public art display, which covers the National Mall from 3rd Street to 13th Street, is illuminated by 56 pillars of light and includes flags for every U.S. state and territory.”

Article in the NY Times: Opinion | Photos: Joe Biden’s Quiet Inauguration – The New York Times (

Week of January 18th

Ben Franklin, born Jan 17, 1706. Painting by David Martin (Edinburgh Scottish painter-1767)

Sun at 28 Capricorn
Mercury at 13 Aquarius
Venus at 9 Capricorn
Mars at 4 Taurus
Jupiter at 6 Aquarius
Saturn at 3 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 18 Gemini

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The Moon is waxing and growing bigger each day. We had a fresh start last Wednesday with the New Moon in Capricorn, which represents ambition, discipline and commitment. There’s a lot of intensity right now, since this New Moon saw the Sun (our Soul’s Light) and Moon (emotions) cross the dark lord Pluto (reformation) last week. This is the area of the sky that influenced the massive changes in 2020. When the Sun crosses this point, it puts our souls in alignment with the upheaval from last year, so we can find our forward path.

The Sun goes into Aquarius this Tuesday, and conjuncts Saturn right away. This brings a serious tone to the month ahead. This week we explore prioritizing ourselves before other people. Commit to what works best for you.

Uranus (new, different approaches) is still stationary Direct at 6 Taurus (resources, money), which means surprises and shocking events can arise suddenly. With Uranus we step outside of the normal, and outside of ourselves, to get a bigger view of the world. Uranus helps us individuate, and to express our genius. Uranus in Taurus shakes up our values, and helps us to release what doesn’t work for us anymore. It can also shake up our resources, causing us to rethink how we make money. Maybe a new career is in order.

Mars at 4 Taurus is creeping towards a conjunction with Uranus on Wednesday’s Inauguration Day. These two powerhouses, joined together, increases the potential for rebellion and violence. I’m glad measures have been taken to protect people. If you have any planets near 6 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, they will be massively activated this week. I can look this up for you with an astrology reading, which you can book here.

Jupiter at 6 Aquarius will be in a perfect square to Uranus at 6 Taurus for several weeks. We shake up our value system and elevate our social circle at the same time. We could all experience higher self esteem from this aspect, which opens us to self love. Taurus is the sign of Love. The last time this happened was June 2010, so you can get an idea of how this aspect will effect you if you look back to that time.

Monday, January 18th: Moon in Aries, and Sun in the last degrees of Capricorn. We are doing a deeper integration of the huge changes from last year. We have achieved a new grounding, and the path forward is (hopefully) clearer. We walk forward with a new structure and begin to envision a new life plan. Watch out for head strong behavior and forcing solutions. Courageous, empowered day.

Tuesday, January 19th: Moon in Aries and Sun enters Aquarius! Fresh energy today and a feeling of rebirth. Saturn near the Sun asks us to work hard and commit to our plans. Moon in Aries means the people around us won’t be patient, or listen well, so do you. Drive cautiously.

Wednesday, January 20th: Moon void-of-course in Aries, then into Taurus at 10:56am Pacific. Sun at 0 Aquarius. We start a new zodiacal season, and the focus turns towards the future and our social circles. Mars in exact conjunction with Uranus at 6 Taurus. Stay home if you can because this is a volatile day. This aspect often brings violence or sudden uprisings. The best use of this energy is setting boundaries where needed.

Thursday, January 21st: Moon in Taurus. Things slow waaaay down and we indulge in sensual delights. We become aware of our personal levels of self esteem and self love. Do you love yourself? Truly? Treating yourself like a precious jewel will make you strong. Moon conjuncts Mars and Uranus, connecting us emotionally to yesterday’s events.

Friday, January 22nd: Moon in Taurus, then void at 1:28pm Pacific. No big moves, purchases or agreements after 1:28pm. Be cautious and practice restraint. Otherwise a slow, quiet day. Any activity that awakens the five senses is highlighted. We look at where we need to be and what we need to do with our time. Where’s the best place for you right now, and who is the best company?

Saturday, January 23rd: Moon in Gemini all day. Chatty and social. Mars squares Jupiter asking us to turn a corner regarding our courage, identity, truth or boundaries. Moon trines Saturn, then Jupiter, bringing communication or insight to your future. Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius can bring responsibility and work to our evening.

Sunday, January 24th: Moon in Gemini. Sun conjunct Saturn is still in effect so there might be some heaviness. Try to stay chatty, with a day full of socializing and online games.

Character Matters

“Mules humbly pulled the funeral caisson of one of our country greatest citizens, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. “Judge a man by his character and not by the color of his skin!” Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. King also helped to organize the 1963 March on Washington, where he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. On October 14, 1964, King won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance.
King was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established as a holiday in numerous cities and states beginning in 1971; the holiday was enacted at the federal level by legislation signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Hundreds of streets in the U.S. have been renamed in his honor, and a county in Washington State was also rededicated for him. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., was dedicated in 2011. LET US SOLEMNLY REMEMBER HIS GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS ON THIS VERY SPECIAL DAY!