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Neptune stations


This week begins with Neptune stationing (standing still) above our heads at 16 degrees Pisces, and slowly going retrograde (reversing) over the next week.

Neptune breaks up, diffuses and dissipates the place where it lands in your chart. It could also aspect one of your natal planets, dissolving the boundaries of that planet and house. If you are a Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, you could be very effected by Neptune’s influence in the next few months.

With Neptune, you always have a choice. You can escape your fears by drinking or using drugs, OR you can ask for spiritual strength. I whole-heartedly encourage you to ask for the spiritual strength 🙂 The next few months offer a special time to do deep healing on yourself and your life.

Here’s a great article

from Ronnie Pontiac:  “This can indicate a spaced out but potentially dreamy quality for this week into next. Take care when you commute. For some this may be a time of exhaustion and confusion, if so stop, meditate, get some rest. Dreams may provide useful insights. Inspiration and imagination can be strong so if you’re a creative person make time to receive these gifts of perspective.
Tuesday Mercury trine Jupiter is exact however with Mercury opposition Saturn fading but still an influence this may not be as fun a time as Mercury trine Jupiter can indicate. At worst avoid over optimism, arrogance, over doing, over spending and especially overindulgence. With Neptune stationary the urge to intoxicate and other forms of escapism can be very strong. Use common sense. A good time for meditation with Neptune and Saturn so strong.
Wednesday Mercury trine Neptune one minute before 1 PM is another aspect of inspiration and imagination. Again, dreams can be insightful. Jupiter trine Neptune is still strong and with Neptune stationary the beginning of this week could be a time for profound spiritual insights. Study a spiritual path. Open yourself to mystical exploration. Enjoy some relaxing time by water.
Early Thursday morning just after 3 AM the Summer Solstice arrives as the sun enters Cancer. Can you believe it? 2018 is half over. Look back on the year so far. Are you accomplishing your goals? What would you like to accomplish over the next six months?
Also Thursday just before 10 AM Venus opposition Mars is exact. With Mars going stationary retrograde five days later the Mars side of this opposition will be emphasized. On the negative side it can indicate conflict between the genders and a generalized state of irritation. But on the positive side the tension can be romantic and sexual, and creative. A good time to complete, or turn the corner toward completion, for artistic projects. To get best results find balance between the pleasure seeking appreciation for harmony and beauty that is Venus and the forceful willpower and aggression of Mars.
Friday just before 11 PM sun sextile Uranus is exact indicated possible opportunities for greater freedom. The unexpected may give you a sense of liberation. Look to new tech, new perspectives and new communities for inspiration but be careful as Mercury opposes Pluto just a few hours later.
Very early Saturday morning Mercury opposition Pluto is exact. Expect more ugly secrets and more political power plays. Be careful of saying bitter or hateful things under the pressure of the moment. At worst this can be a time of suspicion, paranoia, and obsession. A time of irritation and arguments that can turn violent. Avoid power struggles and wasting energy on fruitless conflict. At best this can be a time to learn about healing, to communicate catharsis, to repair and reform and to discard where necessary. Pluto favors meditation.

Saturn square Neptune

Villa Vizcaya, Miami

Villa Vizcaya, Miami



















We’ve just had an astrological foreshadowing of 2016. The first square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces occurred on Thursday, underlined by Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn.

What does this mean? Our dreams receive a giant-reality-check-makeover.

All of this was further highlighted by Wednesday’s full Moon in Gemini.

Geminis, Virgos and Sagittarians REALLY felt the pressure to find clarity and the path forward. This is just the beginning! If we’re able to integrate this aspect we can find huge rewards down the road.

Saturn is the reality check. It is structure, discipline, maturity, time and timing. We reap what we have sown. Neptune is the planet of Magick and Belief. It’s the most spiritual and visionary of planets. It can awaken our consciousness or plunge us into escapist fantasies. The choice is ours.

When Saturn travels through Sagittarius, it brings a serious tone to our faith and inner truth. We need to follow a structure in order to experience freedom, walk our talk and apply ourselves with disciplined practice. Sagittarians around the world are becoming responsible in a new way.

Neptune is the visionary, and it’s natural home is Pisces. This dissolves our boundaries bringing vision, creativity, spirituality and music. There is no more separateness… we are all ONE. To quote Empowering Astrology: “Neptune does not entirely belong to our solar system. The view of life it teaches us originally belongs to other parts of the Milky Way.”

Neptune also brings the desire to escape reality.. leading us to drugs and distraction to escape the brutal realities of the world.

What happens when these two planets meet in a square? It’s an opportunity to structure our dreams – to make them real! This often happens through hard work which can be difficult for mystical types. As I said above the rewards are huge.

The other side is that illusions are shredded. People fall off their pedestals because their flaws become obvious. Are you playing out old, outworn patterns? Still going after the same people or situations that end up disappointing you? Time to snap out of it! If you’re lost in a fantasy or lying to yourself, the bubble will be burst in the upcoming months..

We’re in an interesting week astrologically. We’ll have a Gemini Full Moon tomorrow at 3 degrees and this one will oppose Saturn and square Neptune. We have some major things to figure out and commit to — things that must be in alignment with our hearts, our souls, and our higher good.

From Mystic Medusa: “This has been building all year, since last Xmas Eve actually, when Saturn first got into Sagittarius. A dream that you thought was sustainable and that was happening turns out to be based on quicksand.

A person you thought was your companion or staunch ally on the journey takes a side path away from you and you find out something dirty about them whilst you’re trudging onward. But there is no point berating them or even whining. They can’t hear you – your paths diverged a while back but you’re only now seeing it with Saturn Neptune.”

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