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Full Moon in Virgo/ Saturn into Pisces

March 7, 2023: Full Moon at 16 Virgo. The sign of the Virgin, which represents “being whole”, pure, and uncorrupted. It unifies our health and our work, and inspires us to live in integrity. Beware of the obsession with perfection and overthinking.

If you feel overwhelmed by this full moon, go over to the Pisces Sun on the other side of the sky for guidance. Reconnect with your spirituality, faith, and the god of your heart. Reassure yourself that you are exactly where you need to be right now, and cleanse yourself and your home.

Also today, Saturn enters Pisces. This marks a huge change in the undercurrent of our lives and society. Saturn is authority, ambition and power, and represents the institutions in our world, as well as the structures of our lives. Pisces dissolves what it touches, and erodes the stability of Saturn, so Saturn isn’t too happy in Pisces.

The best way to handle this transit is to be aware of the qualities of “sacrifice” and “surrender”. Use them to navigate the realities in your life. Surrender to discipline, to your basic needs, to the reality of who you are and what you want to accomplish. This will be a great few years to focus on bettering yourself, and supporting the growth of people around you.

Venus, Jupiter, Chiron conjunct in Pisces

March 1st, 2023 Venus conjunct Jupiter at 17 Pisces (Tropically at 12 Aries)

Venus and Jupiter are two of the most positive planets in astrology, and they both shine brightest in the sign of Pisces! Their true natures are easily expressed here, so this conjunction is particularly significant. Pisces is the Great Mystery; the sign of hope, and connection with the divine.

Venus is the planet of attraction, love, art, romance, friendship and parties. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, so she is completely at home in the gentle sweetness of this sign. Jupiter rules Pisces, and the planet’s flowing abundance, riches and luck appear naturally here. Venus and Jupiter coming together is one of the most auspicious planetary aspects! It highlights how we have wisened up, realized new truths about ourselves, and opened to love. This is a time to trust your instincts, follow your wisdom, and stand in the truth. A miracle could happen.

As Venus and Jupiter meet, they will be two degrees away from the great healer, Chiron, which symbolizes deep healing and a new receptiveness to love, abundance, creativity and feelings. We might feel our wounds deeply and want to run away, but the key is to move towards them. Embrace your wounds, feel the pain, and say to yourself “I’m willing to heal this.” The conjunction with Venus will bring up our wounds around love, particularly our self worth. The conjunction with Jupiter could bring up wounds around wealth, abundance and self esteem.

I’m curious if the conjunction can be seen in the evening sky as one huge star on March 1st and 2nd. Go take a look outside and bask in the loving emanation. Breakthroughs and miracles can occur, so notice the Magick happening around you.

“Old wounds around love, and being worthy of it. Abundance, and deserving it. Creativity and having it, Autonomy and claiming it.”

Week of August 15th

Sun at 23 Leo
Mercury DIRECT at 14 Virgo (exalted)
Venus at 1 Leo
Mars at 25 Taurus
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 8 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Uranus at 18 Taurus
Neptune RETROGRADE 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Taurus

This is the last days with the Sun in its natural home of Leo. The Sun moves through the last degrees of Leo, and into Virgo next Monday, August 22nd. The Full Moon last Thursday will continue to unfold this week. A portal has opened, giving you the possibility of a new life. The portal opened in your mind, your relationships, your work, and in everything you do. Last Thursday’s Full Moon at 17 Aquarius was incredibly powerful. If you have ANY planets near 17 Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus – you FELT it, and the changes will be stronger.

Wednesday, August 17th: Moon in Taurus. Don’t try and negotiate with authority figures today, let them win the argument. Also, things slow waaaay down with the Moon in Taurus, and we indulge in sensual delights. Get yourself an excellent dinner because Taurus loves food. Mercury is SO HAPPY in Virgo right now, so today is fabulous for Air Magick of any kind. Set necessary limits and get to work.

Thursday, August 18th: Moon in Taurus: enjoy nature, and avoid reasoning with stubborn people. Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries at 1:03 am which boosts the power of women. This aspect brings childlike play, creativity and self expression. We lead from the heart and forge a path ahead! Merge with the sensual side of Taurus, and indulge yourself in romance, food, or nature.

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Week of July 18th


Sun at 26 Cancer
Mercury DIRECT at 26 Cancer
Venus at 0 Cancer
Mars at 9 Taurus
Jupiter at 9 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 23 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Taurus

The Sun moves through the last degrees of Cancer this week, and we wrap up our deep emotional reflections from the past month. It’s the 4th quarter of the Moon, the “darkest” time of the lunar month. We rest and wrap things up in preparation for the rebirth of the New Moon in Leo next Thursday, July 28th. If you go out at sunset this week, you will see the moon’s light diminish until she completely disappears into the fires of the Sun. Don’t over schedule yourself or work too hard. Take some afternoon naps like Leo the Lion. Focus on finishing things – next week is the time to start new projects or habits.

This Friday, the Sun moves into its natural home of LEO! For the next month the focus turns to creative play. Leo is a time to celebrate what it means to be alive. It represents self expression, hosting parties, and making your art. Leo wants to shine its light outwardly and share it.

Venus has entered sensitive Cancer today (Sunday), bringing a need for emotional connection and sensitivity in relationships and art. Mercury is zooming through the last degrees of Cancer, and enters Leo early Tuesday morning. This will be a great change for all of us. Our minds have been water logged with Cancerian feelings, sensitivities and insecurities. In Leo, Mercury is birthed from the Cancerian womb, becomes the Child, clears his head and fully expresses himself!

Wednesday, July 20th: Moon in Aries enters her 4th quarter today, then moves into Taurus at 11:23am Pacific. We are in the dark of the Moon and it’s officially time to rest and look within. A Taurus Moon is exalted, and great strides can be made with expressing emotions. No other aspects today, although the Sun opposing Pluto is still in effect.

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Week of May 23rd

The Lovers card of the tarot is the card of Gemini. Artist unknown.

Sun at 4 Gemini
Mercury RETROGRADE at 29 Taurus
Venus at 23 Aries
Mars at 0 Aries
Jupiter at 2 Aries
Saturn at 25 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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We have a New Moon at 9 Gemini coming next Monday, May 30th, so THIS week is about finishing things. We are in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle, so rest this week, wrap stuff up, pay off debts, and clear your life of stagnant energy. The Sun has left the earthy pastures of Taurus, and is now traveling through the early degrees of Gemini, the social butterfly.

Meanwhile, Saturn has ground to a halt, preparing to turn retrograde on June 4th. Mercury retrograde has just fallen backwards into Taurus, so we are going over old ground until June 3rd when Mercury goes Direct. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, the volatility of the stock market will continue. It’s a good time to review values and investments.

This is Gemini season, so take some time to reflect on how you’d like the upcoming Moon cycle to go. If you need a personal reading on how this Gemini cycle will affect you, book a short reading with me here for $45.

Monday, May 23rd: Moon in Pisces blends with the lovely Moon energy of Monday… do Magick involving emotions, art, music, and women’s issues. Have some solitude today and reflect on things. Daydreams, music and movies are always highlighted with a Pisces Moon. Eat something sweet and let yourself be creative. Sun sextiles Jupiter which lifts our mood, and Mercury retrograde sextiles Mars which activates our minds.

Tuesday, May 24th: Moon in Pisces moves into Aries at 2:39pm Pacific. Then, MARS enters his homeland of Aries at 4:17pm Pacific, which supercharges our libidos, egos and ambitions. Mars has been languishing in Pisces since mid April, so moving into Aries is a huge, positive fresh start – particularly for men. It’s further inflated by the approaching conjunction between Mars and Jupiter on Sunday. Unfortunately the conflicts in the world could also get more heated and angry. Pursue actions that require courage. Venus sextile Saturn today brings good interactions with authority figures.

Wednesday, May 25th: Moon in Aries with Saturn standing still overhead brings egos and ambitions to the forefront. Be mentally alert and avoid temperamental people. Mercury retrograde in Taurus trines Pluto too, so communicating can clear the air. There are no trivial, light conversations with this aspect. Avoid headstrong, “fuck it” kinds of attitudes. There could be control issues or power struggles with others, especially online.

Thursday, May 26th: Moon in Aries goes void at 8:20pm Pacific, so make it an early night. The Moon and Venus both square Pluto today, which means we (particularly women) have emotional work to do. Power plays and control issues abound. Focus on healing and reformation.

Friday, May 27th: Moon in Taurus, on a Friday (day of Venus) makes for a perfect date night. Venus is about to enter her home kingdom of Taurus tomorrow, so there could be sparks flying today. Her square with Pluto yesterday is still in effect too, so prepare for healing, reconciliation with the past and soul retrieval.

Saturday, May 28th: Venus returns home to the sign of Taurus in the early morning. The Goddess of Love is confident and sure-footed in the sign of the Bull, and the next few weeks are great for building up your resources, tending animals, creating art, walking in nature, and hopefully stabilizing the world’s financial markets. Mars and Venus are now both in their rulerships and able to express themselves fully. Real joy and progress can be found in relationships over the next few weeks. Get outside and enjoy nature. Also, make a conscious effort to remember your dreams tonight, there will be messages.

Sunday, May 29th: Mars conjunct Jupiter at 3:31am Pacific, and Moon enters Gemini at 10:23am. Whatever you dreamed about last night has importance so write it down. This aspect brings out the hero in each of us since we are driven towards personal truth. Break through procrastination and follow your passions. We are in the realm of the New Moon in Gemini tomorrow, and our minds are gearing up for a rebirth.

Week of May 2nd: Beltane

Sun at 10 Taurus
Mercury 1 Gemini (rulership)
Venus at 0 Aries
Mars at 12 Pisces
Jupiter at 28 Pisces (rulership)
Saturn at 24 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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We are experiencing a wonderful astrological portrait right now. The planet Venus (Love) is exalted and moving Direct in her happiest place – Pisces. On top of that it’s Beltane, the high point of Spring! We are still in the orb of the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus yesterday (the sign of Love, commitment and Spring), and there were several lovely conjunctions between the most romantic benefics in the sky – Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. It’s a great week to make progress in Art, Love, design, pleasure, and appreciation of beauty.

Venus enters Aries tomorrow, which signals her fresh new cycle around the Sun. There’s a feeling of rebirth in the air. Then the Sun meets up with Uranus at 14 Taurus on Thursday. This is the last week before Mercury turns retrograde on May 10th, so if you have any important actions to take – now is the time. The Moon is waxing, and for these two weeks we are between two eclipses. It’s a powerful time for change and new beginnings.

The Sun in Taurus brings our attention to our resources – on EARNED prosperity. It’s the sign of sensuality, luxury, indulgence, and places where you feel at home. Mars currently in Pisces directs us towards our intuition, and Pluto, stationary retrograde, asks us to review and release anything that stands in the way of our personal evolution.

Monday, May 2nd: Moon in Gemini, and Venus enters Aries in the morning. Women will feel assertive, focused and empowered for the next couple of months. Lots of discussion today about whatever happened over the weekend. Declare your commitment to what you want to manifest.

Tuesday, May 3rd: Moon in Gemini. If you have any unresolved discussions, today is the day to clear things up. Jupiter sextiles Pluto in the afternoon, expanding the trials we are currently facing. Don’t despair – the answers appear when you look at the big picture.

Wednesday, May 4th:  Moon in Gemini goes void at 1:37pm, then enters Cancer at 4:05pm Pacific. When the Moon is void-of-course, avoid risks and focus on what’s in front of you. The Moon conjuncts Lilith at 0 Cancer, which brings even more confidence to women. Mars sextiles Uranus too, which can clear the air in relationships, but also cause energy fluctuations. Listen to your inner voice.

Thursday, May 5th: Moon in Cancer. Take time out to nurture yourself! With the sensitive Cancer Moon, choose your words wisely and respect peoples’ boundaries. Sun conjunct Uranus today at 14 Taurus. This aspect inspires us express our genius and change paths if needed. Liberate yourself, break free and release outworn patterns. Expect disruptions and revelations.

Friday, May 6th: Indulgent Moon in Cancer. Home projects continue. Moon trine Neptune in the evening brings a desire to escape into movies or video games, but books are better for your brain.

Saturday, May 7th: Moon in Leo trines Venus newly in Aries. Women in particular can bring the information and healing you need to move past inner obstacles. The Moon and Venus are meeting at 1 degree Leo/Aries, which means anything in your chart around 1 degree is getting activated this weekend.

Sunday, May 8th: Moon in Leo makes us expressive, playful and creative! Have fun today!

Week of April 25th: New Moon in Taurus

Sun at 5 Taurus
Mercury 24 Taurus
Venus at 21 Pisces (exalted)
Mars at 8 Pisces
Jupiter at 26 Pisces (rulership)
Saturn at 24 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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It’s officially eclipse season! Prepare for shifts and revelations. We have a New Moon Eclipse at 10 Taurus this Saturday. Also, Pluto is stationing (standing still) and going retrograde on Friday until October, and this creates more intensity. Right now we are in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle. Try and let yourself rest this week, wrap stuff up, pay off debts, and clear your life of stagnant energy. The Sun has left the fires of Aries, and is now traveling through the early degrees of Taurus, the Spring Bull!

Saturday night we have a rare conjunction between Venus and Jupiter, with Neptune nearby. This aspect is one of the best for romance and love. There is a strong, Venus undercurrent to the week with this conjunction, including the Eclipse in Taurus – also ruled by Venus. You could make real breakthroughs in the areas of creativity and romance, plus an eclipse helps you find the truth in any situation.

Monday, April 25th: Moon in Pisces blends with the lovely Moon energy of Monday… good day for Magick involving emotions, art, music, and women’s issues. Have some solitude today and reflect on things. Daydreams, music and movies are always highlighted with a Pisces Moon. Eat something sweet and let yourself be creative. Moon runs into Mars today, so emotions and conversations could be volatile.

Tuesday, April 26th: Moon in Pisces encounters Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in turn today, giving this day a healing, loving, expansive vibe. Make good use of this energy! Connect with people that are important in your life, and focus on things you have control over. The Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune together like this, in the loving, healing sign of Pisces, is a rare event.

Wednesday, April 27th: Moon in Aries with Pluto standing still overhead really shifts the energy from yesterday. Be mentally alert and avoid temperamental people for the rest of the week if you can. Mercury in Taurus is close to a trine with Pluto, so communicating can clear the air. Still there are no trivial, light conversations with this aspect. With Pluto standing still, and the Moon in Aries, avoid headstrong, “fuck it” kinds of attitudes. There could be control issues or power struggles with others, especially online.

Thursday, April 28th: Moon in Aries all day, this time squaring Pluto in Capricorn. More developments could appear from yesterday’s tensions and upheavals. We are in the realm of the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus, and people are cautious and stubborn right now.

Friday, April 29th: Moon in Aries goes void-of-course at 2:38pm, moving into Taurus at 5:15pm Pacific. A Taurus Moon, on a Friday (day of Venus) makes for a perfect date night, but remember this is an eclipse so anything can happen. Venus is in a fabulous position right now, being exalted in Pisces, so there could be some sparks flying today. But then of course, we have Pluto finally going retrograde at 11:38am, which can bring up hidden, toxic energies from the depths of the soul. AND, Mercury moves into Gemini! This is a wild day with many changes, so go easy on yourself.

Saturday, April 30th: New Moon solar eclipse at 10 Taurus occurs today at 1:28pm Pacific. Get outside and enjoy nature. During an eclipse, we can see issues or perspectives that are normally hidden, so take a good look around and listen for messages. Tonight there is the annual Venus conjunct Jupiter aspect, which is one of the most happy, loving and romantic aspects of all! Enjoy yourself.

Sunday, May 1st: BELTANE. Moon in Taurus continues developments from yesterday’s eclipse. Also, the Moon conjuncts Uranus which can spark sudden, unexpected tensions and events. With Uranus in Taurus being activated, try new approaches to earthly matters.

Week of April 11th: Full Moon in Libra

Alchemy, Le livre de la sainte trinité, ca. 1400

Sun at 21 Aries
Mercury 1 Taurus
Venus at 4 Pisces
Mars at 27 Aquarius
Jupiter at 23 Pisces
Saturn at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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Full Moon at 28 Libra this Saturday at 11:55am Pacific! This Moon brings issues around balance and relationships. Libra is the Scales and represents how we relate to other people, especially in our romantic relationships. This is a beautiful Full Moon, because Libra’s ruler, Venus, is currently in her best sign – Pisces. We are surrounded by love, art, beauty, friendship, negotiation, and win-win situations.

The big news this week is the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces. This happens once every 12 years, but RARELY in the sign of Pisces. It will have a huge positive impact on all of us since Jupiter and Neptune are the rulers of Pisces and fully express their energies here. This conjunction is going on all week, and will enhance intuition, prosperity, creativity, inspiration, music, and good luck! Jupiter is faith, expansion, and opportunity, and combined with the unlimited potential of Neptune, can uplift us and give us an escape from the terrible realities happening in the news.

Most of the major planets are in the last degrees of their signs, which signifies culmination. We are experiencing the release, the death, the endings and closures of what we have always known and relied on; the people, the jobs, the governments, the societal structure that we’ve always depended on are being swept away. And at the same time, the North Node (direction) in Taurus is calling each of us to be self sufficient. This year we are flexing our muscles and learning to do things on our own without support, and that can be really tough. You have to be strong.

As a reminder, ALL the planets are Direct now! You can make real progress with this forward motion. The Moon, however, is opposing almost every planet this week, so emotionally we are running a gauntlet of different relationships and situations.

Monday, April 11th: Moon in Leo all day, and no exact aspects. Great day to explore imagination, creativity, or to spend time with animals. Leo is great for leadership, joy, performance, self-expression and FUN. Saturn squares the Moon’s nodes today, which can bring up karmic stuff, along with old emotional ties. We might feel a pull between who we were and who we are becoming. Try and remember your dreams tonight.

Tuesday, April 12th: Moon in Virgo. The Moon opposes Venus = relationship show downs release blocks. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is EXACT today! What are you dreaming about? Take some steps toward achieving the grand vision you have for yourself. Also today, Sun is sextile Saturn which is another positive link between our souls and purpose. All of these aspects favor getting organized and finishing overdue work to achieve creative vision. Saturn and Virgo lend themselves to study and practice, and help ground the high spiritual energies of Neptune and Jupiter.

Wednesday, April 13th: Moon in Virgo all day. The Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces which continues the energies from yesterday. Remember, all the planets in Pisces are asking – what is your dream? What is your current vision for yourself and what would you like to see happen? Sun conjunct Eris could bring more terrible discoveries in Ukraine, so manage your news consumption.

Thursday, April 14th: Moon in Virgo enters Libra at 1:46pm. We are in the orb of the Full Moon, so watch for messages and direction. Mars into Pisces in the evening is not so great for forward progress with things we desire, it waters down our egos and libidos. Men could be more distant over the next few weeks so be patient with them.

Friday, April 15th: Moon in Libra all day. It’s an incredibly romantic day, so take your sweetie out tonight. Great for connecting with people, making new friends and generally being sociable. This is a culmination of things we started last October, and an opportunity for forward motion. Since tomorrow’s Full Moon is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, we know what we want in relation to the big changes in the world.

Saturday, April 16th: Full Moon in Libra at noon Pacific, then into Scorpio at 5:23pm. This is a very romantic weekend, perfect for connecting with lovers or creating deeper connections in any relationship. With the Libra/Scorpio energy, we can also make progress with agreements or business matters. Spend time with people that inspire you! Sun square Pluto

Sunday, April 17th: Moon in Scorpio makes this a day of regeneration and Magick. We still have a Libra influence from the Full Moon yesterday, so this also a day of rebalancing. Today, we finally tend to things we haven’t been able to get to this week. Do what you need to do to care of yourself and others.

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Week of December 6th

a participant dressed as the Krampus creature during “Krampus night” in Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

Sun at 13 Sagittarius
Mercury at 16 Sagittarius (Detriment. NO Mercury Magick right now)
Venus at 23 Capricorn
Mars at 24 Scorpio (rulership, do Mars Magick!)
Jupiter at 26 Aquarius
Saturn at 9 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 1 Gemini

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December 6th was Krampusnacht! Yay! I hope to go to Austria someday and see it in person…

Last Friday night we started a brand new path in our lives. We had a New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius, bringing up issues of expansion, inner truth, wisdom, justice, adventure and luck. This eclipse will continue to unfold this week. It sets the tone for this whole month’s lunar cycle. Look to where you want to rebirth yourself, and put all of your focus there.

This week, Mercury is hiding behind the Sun, as they continue their travels through Sagittarius. This can bring extremes to our thinking – either we think too much and over analyze, or we don’t think at all. Try to find a happy medium. The big aspect this week is Venus conjuncting Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn. If you have any planets at 24 Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, they will be exponentionally activated this week. This conjunction inspires deep evolution in our relationships, romances, and artistic endeavors, AND it will be continuing until MARCH!! Could bring obsessiveness, catharsis, transformation and healing.

Monday, December 6th: Moon in Capricorn makes five aspects today including a trine with Uranus in Taurus, and conjunctions with Venus and Pluto. Watch for signs today about the major relationship shifts coming in the next few months. Authority figures are in charge today, and power plays or control issues could come up. Ground yourself through working hard, especially on things you’ve been avoiding. Could be an intense evening.

Tuesday, December 7th: Moon in Aquarius. Do things today that help you feel grounded. Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces in the early morning. This aspect makes our minds foggy, and makes the facts of any situation hard to grasp. Things will be clearer in the next couple of days, so postpone important decisions or conversations. Lots of electricity and ideas in the air.

Wednesday, December 8th: Moon in Aquarius. Mars squares Jupiter in the middle of the night, which means we need to find an agreement between our drives and our ideals. When we bring them into alignment, we turn a corner. This is a revolutionary day, and there could many changes and developments. Slow down and take everything one step at a time, and step carefully around people’s egos. Also, Aquarius means to let your creative genius out to play, and to connect with friends and groups of folks.

Thursday, December 9th: Moon in Pisces makes a lovely conjunction with Jupiter in the middle of the night. Pisces means “go with the flow”. Today is good for listening to lots of music, taking a boat ride, and using your senses. There’s also a Moon square Mars in the early morning which can bring underlying tensions to the surface. With the Mercury hidden in the fires of the Sun, it can be difficult to talk your way through issues. Use your intuition.

Friday, December 10th: Moon in Pisces enters her 2nd quarter. If an issue comes up, go with your gut instincts. Excellent day for psychic impressions, imagination, watery activities, or being wildly creative. Swim around with your intuitions and ideas. The watery, musical, loving vibe is enhanced by the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune in the early afternoon.

Saturday, December 11th: Moon goes void-of-course in Pisces at 11:20am, then into Aries at 1:46pm Pacific. Today is the BIG conjunction between Venus and Pluto at 24 Capricorn! With this aspect, and the Moon entering Aries, watch for tempers flaring. Avoid ego stand offs. We are being called to evolve and regenerate our relationships, so practice giving, receiving and sharing. Implement new ideas and approaches.

Sunday, December 12th: Moon in Aries gives us fresh energy and perspective. The Sun squares Neptune in the middle of the night which can bring confusion to our day. The best use of this energy is to focus on creativity and soul expression. Forget your worries and have some FUN!!

Week of November 15th: Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus

“Baphomet” by Justin O’Neal

Sun at 22 Scorpio
Mercury DIRECT at 13 Scorpio
Venus at 8 Capricorn
Mars at 10 Scorpio (rulership, do Mars Magick!)
Jupiter at 23 Aquarius
Saturn at 7 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 20 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 1 Gemini

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The Sun moves through the last degrees of Scorpio this week, culminating with an ECLIPSE/Full Moon THIS Thursday night at 27 Taurus. That’s a LOT of force and power, but it’s also trine to Pluto over in Capricorn. This energy encourages transformation and spiritual evolution. You are evolving, especially in the material, earthy sides of your life. Pluto doesn’t leave us a choice either – it’s something you have to do. This lunar eclipse lets you access the deepest darkest parts of your subconscious – bringing them to the light – in order to eliminate fear and heal past trauma. This Moon brings peak experiences with beauty, health, relationships, money, home, job and survival. Taurus is a money sign, and indicates prosperity and love. Since this Full Moon takes place in the last degrees of Taurus, we are completing a personal cycle of growth, and something new is about to begin. The Sun enters Sagittarius next Sunday.

The last month has been a deep dive into exploring our ambitions, healing psychological wounds and uncovering hidden agendas. Sun in Scorpio represents personal power and the truth, and wherever it appears in your chart is where you fearlessly walk through the shadows to find the treasure within you.

There’s a bunch of big aspects this week leading up to the Eclipse, but the trickiest one is the tense and disruptive Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. It started yesterday with Mercury opposing Uranus; this brings a nervous edge to communications through Tuesday. With Mars opposing Uranus, instincts are heightened and there can be sudden breathroughs. We might have revelations or anxiety, or have a strong urge towards liberation.

Monday, November 15th: Moon in Aries makes us fiesty! Sun and Moon in Mars-ruled signs gives us a driven and ambitious start to the week. We each have a direct line to our Will and can make good progress. Avoid headstrong, risky behavior, or engaging in power plays with others. Watch out for taking on more than you can handle.

Sun in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Aquarius: Look out for over-confidence and arrogance. We each need to do some boundary-setting between our emotions and the needs of our friends. Grab opportunities today and try not to overindulge in anything (Jupiter).

Tuesday, November 16th: Moon in Aries is void-of-course at 7:51am, then void ALL DAY until 6:18pm Pacific when she enters Taurus. No negotiating or risk taking today! Instead, work on your personal goals and health. Tests might come up around your identity and who you are becoming. Best to go slow and stay present with yourself so you can respond properly in the moment. Each of us has a new way of being, and a new life manifesting.

Wednesday, November 17th: Moon in Taurus. Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, asking us to reconcile our passions with our resources – in a way that liberates us. Moon trines Venus, accentuating the earthy, sensual, Taurus vibe, and moves on to conjunct Uranus. We are in the orb of the Full Moon tomorrow night. Any activity that awakens the five senses is highlighted. It’s a sensual full moon. Very passionate night.

Thursday, November 18th: Full Moon and ECLIPSE at 11:00pm Pacific in Taurus makes a couple of tense aspects today with Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury in Scorpio also trines Neptune in Pisces in the morning, which brings our minds and instincts into a wonderful, watery harmony. Good aspect for creativity and deep connections with others. The Full Moon brings love, beauty, passion, commitment, nature, animals, and the Divine Feminine. Avoid power struggles, control issues and obsession. Pushiness and bullying will get you nowhere. Listen to others, respect their wishes and look to the common good. Taurus wants us all to be healthy and secure.

Friday, November 19th: Moon in Gemini. We are in still in the the orb of the Full Moon, but today we are socializing and talking endlessly about it. Mind the details of your life. Venus trines Uranus in the middle of the night, bringing sudden, (hopefully positive) developments to relationships. The Moon in Gemini will help us communicate openly about our feelings.

Saturday, November 20th: Moon in Gemini continues yesterday’s conversations. Today we have Mercury in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Aquarius, which brings a serious tone to the day. We set boundaries with friends or groups through our thinking and communications. We can find real meaning in our relationships, because Mercury in Scorpio favors deep understanding between people.

Sunday, November 21st: Moon void-of-course in Gemini all day, entering Cancer at 7:30pm Pacific. Sun into SAGITTARIUS at 6:30pm. We enter a new energy field in the fire sign of the Centaur. Take stock and think about setting some goals. Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, and he likes to aim at a target. Where will you focus your energies for the coming Winter?