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Full Moon in Leo

Sunday, February 5, 2023: FULL MOON at 17 LEO Magical Day. A Full Moon (potential) in Leo (ruled by the SUN) on a Sunday is fabulous for Sun Magick! It’s a rare event, allowing magicians to fully access the enormous power of the Sun. Just Do It! Magick to increase the Will, creativity, greatness, leadership, romance, and all things artistic. Tarot card of the day is Strength – tame your inner lion with compassion and patience.

Explore your creativity this weekend and let yourself stand out. Today is the day of the heart. Have fun and play with some unstructured time. This enhances your imagination which is oh so important.

Go for a walk in the SUN

Full Moon in Leo

Seyyid Loqmqn Ashuri

Sun at 6 Aquarius
Mercury at 23 Aquarius
Venus at 20 Capricorn
Mars at 9 Taurus
Jupiter at 8 Aquarius
Saturn at 4 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Gemini

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This week is the culmination of the energy that’s been building in January. The undercurrent of the month is our individual identities, and how we fit into the new paradigm of our transformed society. We consider our options. If you are a Capricorn or Cancerian, the changes over the last year have been massive. With this Thursday’s Full Moon in Leo, we open up and unveil our new selves to the world.

We have six major planets scattered over Capricorn and Aquarius right now. Both of these signs are traditionally ruled by Saturn, which brings a reality check to all of our plans. If you are implementing a new idea or strategy, and the foundation is unstable, the cracks should appear in the next few weeks. That gives you some time to dial things in. With the serious vibe from Saturn, we need to recheck our plans and bolt things down, in order to establish absolute certainty in ourselves and our actions. This is why Saturn energy is SO fantastic, and necessary!

Conversely, the Full Moon in Leo on Thursday is a celebration of our journey on this planet. We lead with our heart, and pursue relationships and activities that make us feel alive. This Full Moon will deliver action.

Monday, January 25th: Moon in Cancer. This week starts off with a serious tone from the Sun-Saturn conjunction last Saturday. This aspect encouraged us to make some hard decisions, and to discipline ourselves in critical ways. The Moon in Cancer wants us to be introverted, so relax and connect with what you’re feeling today. Let your emotions guide you. If you need some solitude, let yourself have some peace.

Tuesday, January 26th: Moon in Cancer and Sun squares Uranus. Cancer is the sign of the home, so it’s good day to relax, declutter, and cook a special meal. People will be sensitive, so no big conversations until Thursday if possible. Sun squaring Uranus means a sudden, positive, change or revelation appears and send us down a different path – one much more liberating.

Wednesday, January 27th: Moon void-of-course in Cancer all day until 6:54pm Pacific. Be gentle… Easy Does It. Creativity, nostalgia, food, and emotional release are good uses of this energy. Moon in Leo comes in the evening and we are in the orb of the Full Moon. Conditions are great to negotiate with others. Also performances, music, art are boosted for the next three days. You can finally get the perfect selfie.

Thursday, January 28th: Full Moon at 9 Leo at 11:16am Pacific. The mood changes and we become fiesty, upbeat, and attention-seeking. Great evening to see first rate performances of all kinds. With the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter opposite the Moon, the pandemic is still in full force, so celebrate from home. Also today, Venus conjuncts Pluto which can lead to powerplays or showdowns in relationships. Relationships can go through a rebirth or an ending, it depends on what is needed for your soul’s evolution.

Friday, January 29th: Moon in Leo. You’ll wake up in a great mood from the Sun conjuncting Jupiter last night. Be your authentic self today! Also, Mercury slows down to a complete stop in the skies above the East Coast. Wrap up any important conversations because Mercury retrograde starts tomorrow.

Saturday, January 30th: Moon in Virgo and Mercury retrograde begins, lasting until Feb 21st. Avoid major purchases or starting new projects during this time. Instead, finish things you’ve started and allow quiet time for contemplation. Some confusion could arise in the areas of government and technology.

Sunday, January 31st: Moon in Virgo. Now we clean up after the Full Moon in Leo party and get organized. We turned a spiritual corner last week, now we want to put things in motion, in alignment with our integrity.

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