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New Moon in Libra


New Moon in Libra: 12:12pm Pacific on Thursday, Oct. 19th, 2017.
Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is currently in the Libra constellation. This is very auspicious for relationships.

Libra = balancing, union of opposites, relationships, entertaining, harmony, negotiations, Art and manners.

However, Venus square to Pluto, and in opposition to Uranus, makes the Love Vibe more about evolution and sudden events.

Pluto can bring up buried emotions and old, toxic issues to be healed and released. Uranus can spark revelations and anger out of nowhere.

If you’re angry or irritated with your partner, try and cool off before discussing anything. Focus on creating win-win situations in your personal AND professional life. If an area of your life is out of balance, give it some acknowledgement and attention. Most folks over-give to their friends and family, depleting themselves in the process. Some TLC for yourself is always a good idea.

The influence of Pluto and Uranus exposes issues or attitudes that need to shift. In my experience, it’s a good idea to not act rashly, but give yourself some time to process before taking action. Easy does it.

And then on top of that, we have Mercury and Jupiter in a conjunction in Scorpio – which happens once in 12 years. This aspect carries a lovely element of rebirth in our ideas concerning faith and truth. In the sign of Scorpio we want to talk about deep subjects, heal our emotional lives and explore hidden wisdom. If you’re an initiate or walking a spiritual path, this could begin a period of deep exploration on yourself and your thought processes.

Keep your social life light over the weekend! ❤


Decluttering: Swedish death cleaning

Great article. It’s not about Death rock though 🙂

 “The ultimate purpose of death cleaning is to minimize the amount of stuff, especially meaningless clutter, that you leave behind for others to deal with.”

I never had kids, and I often wonder, what will happen to all my stuff? And to my Mom’s stuff?  When I started studying Feng Shui years ago, that was always the first assignment. Same with any occult practice: you can’t welcome peace, love and good fortune into a cluttered house! It just doesn’t work properly. Every object we own, big or small, has an agreement with us on an energy level, and ties up our energy with it. The strongest bonds are with unfinished projects, little scraps of notes, broken objects, old “to do” lists, unpaid bills, and clothes that don’t fit anymore. These things really drag our energy down or backwards.
I get such a freeing feeling when I deal with one of these thought relics – usually just one at a time. How fast you do it isn’t important, it’s just doing it. I try to deal with a piece of clutter everyday – just one – and I find I make good progress.

The time to declutter our stuff is now.

“Swedish death cleaning’ is the new decluttering trend

By Katherine Martinko (@feistyredhair), October 9, 2017

It’s not what it sounds like.

My mother used to be addicted to the thrift store. She went every week for no purpose other than to browse for deals. Of course she found deals, being the shrewd and careful shopper that she is — gold earrings, fine china sets, silverware, high-quality linens, kitchen appliances, to name a few. The problem was that these deals came home. They filled the house, packing shelves and occupying counter space, to the point of feeling cramped.

Several years ago, I said to my mother in frustration, “It would be a nightmare to have to deal with all this stuff if you died tomorrow.” She looked at me, stunned. Up until then, I suspect she’d assumed that everyone appreciated her junk-treasures as much as she did. What ensued, mercifully, was a house purge. Mom removed much of her stuff and ceased her weekly pilgrimages to the thrift store, avoiding temptation.

That conversation revealed to me the importance of discussing the long-term intentions for one’s belongings. If I hadn’t said anything, I suspect it would have been decades before my 50-something-year-old mother realized what a burden her stuff would be on the family someday — and just think of all the additional things she could’ve accumulated in that time. It makes me shiver.

Enter “Swedish Death Cleaning.” (I’m not joking. This is for real.)

The first time I heard the term, I thought it meant some kind of hardcore Scandinavian house-cleaning routine (they take a lot of things seriously there), where you scour your home from top to bottom to the point of physical collapse, as in “working yourself to the bone.” Well, I was wrong.

In Swedish, the word is “dostadning” and it refers to the act of slowly and steadily decluttering as the years go by, ideally beginning in your fifties (or at any point in life) and going until the day you kick the bucket. The ultimate purpose of death cleaning is to minimize the amount of stuff, especially meaningless clutter, that you leave behind for others to deal with.

A woman by the name of Margareta Magnusson, who says she’s between 80 and 100, has written a book titled “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to free yourself and your family from a lifetime of clutter.” She says she has moved house 17 times over the course of her lifetime, which is why “I should know what I am talking about when it comes to deciding what to keep and what to throw away”. Reviewer Hannah-Rose Yee, who practiced some Swedish death cleaning herself, describes it as being “like Marie Kondo, but with an added sense of the transience and futility of this mortal existence.”

Jupiter into Scorpio

Mopsa the fairy

Mopsa the fairy by Jean Ingelow, 1927


Kinda interesting that as soon as Jupiter moves into Scorpio there’s a giant reveal of Weinstein’s secret sex abuse of starlets erupting from the depths of Hollywood.
Watch for many more secrets to be revealed in the next year – in many different arenas.

As for your personal life, Jupiter was last in Scorpio in 2005. What were you going through then? This should give you a preview of what’s to come in the next year 🙂


Check out Empowering Astrology

And this excellent post from Chani Nicholas:

“On October 10th, 2017, Jupiter enters Scorpio. Every 12-13 months, Jupiter enters a new sign, teaching us how to expand through that specific sign’s style. This gives Jupiter, the planet that governs growth, abundance, good fortune and overindulgence, a 12 (or so) year orbit. This orbit is a growth cycle that we can track through our lives. Each cycle teaching us another layer of its wisdom. Each cycle teaching us a little bit more about our growth edges. Each cycle teaching us a little bit more about our potential to outgrow what has kept us small.

In astrology, the signs are the style in which a planet expresses itself. Each planet has a couple of signs that they do well in, a couple that they have a hard time in, and many that they are neutral in.

Scorpio is a neutral place for Jupiter. It’s neither good nor bad. Neither powerful nor harmful.

However, Scorpio has an extreme kind of style. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is a sign that cuts through the husk to get to the heart of an issue. Scorpio will always search for ulterior motives. It is a sign that is both intrigued and intriguing. Mysterious. Powerful. Magnetic. Hypnotic. Powerful. Regenerative. Unfuckwithable. Here Jupiter will explore secrets and lies. One of our greatest flaws is thinking that there is an answer to everything. Jupiter in Scorpio reveres the mystery in all things. Here Jupiter will teach us about the healing power of the dark. The soil of our souls. The mud of our psyche. Here Jupiter will expand our access to the hidden realms. To the spirit world. To our ancestors.

Oh what a Samhain this will be.

While in Scorpio, Jupiter has no difficult aspects to contend with. No major scuffles. No opponents too threatening.

Thank gods. Scorpio is enough to handle all on its own.

The last time that Jupiter was in Scorpio was October, 2005 – November, 2006. After reading your horoscope, think about the kind of growth that you went through in that area of your life, 12 years ago.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio from October 10th, 2017 – November 8th, 2018

Jupiter is the spiritual, philosophical, and religious teacher.

Whichever house your natal Jupiter lives in is a place where you are asked to experience the lessons of expansion, growth, faith and the consequences of excess.

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

  • January 15th, both at 19°
  • April 14th, both at 21°
  • September 12th, both at 18°

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

  • December 2nd, both at 11°
  • May 25th, both at 16°
  • August 19th, both at 15°

Jupiter retrograde

Every year Jupiter spends about 3 months of the time retrograde. Since Jupiter governs our cycles of growth and philosophies of living, its retrograde period is always a helpful one where we can check to see if the growth we are experiencing is lining up with our ultimate goals.

Jupiter will station retrograde at 23° of Scorpio on March 9th and station direct at 13° of Scorpio on July 10th.

Mars will station retrograde at 9° of Aquarius on June 27th and station direct at 28° of Capricorn on August 26th. 

Jupiter in Scorpio, Sign by Sign:

Aries and Aries Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences through intense emotional themes. This is a great time to discover yourself through therapy and other psychologically driven modalities. You’re opening up through intimacy and trust. You may be naturally expanding your finances and wealth. You have benefits and money at your disposal.

Taurus and Taurus Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences through relationship and partnership. This is a great time to discover yourself through other people. You’re opening up through social experiences. You’re naturally expanding through connection and you may be inspired to leave or seek freedom from an existing relationship.

Gemini and Gemini Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences through health, wellness, and taking care of your body. This is a great time to start a new fitness regimen or a project to organize your life. You are opening up through service to others. You’re naturally expanding your daily life through through personal ritual and an attention to details.

Cancer and Cancer Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences by being you. This is a great time to express your talents, creativity, and personality. You’re opening up through fun and play. You’re naturally expanding by sharing yourself and your vulnerability. Children may be a source of joy as well.

Leo and Leo Rising — You’re finding new opportunity and new experiences in the home. This is a great time to move or make a change in your living situation. You’re opening up by feeding and nurturing what really matters to you. You’re naturally expanding through intimate emotional connection, especially via family and your inner circle.

Virgo and Virgo Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences locally and in your neighborhood. This is a great time to travel, go on trips, and take a class. You’re opening up through communicating what you think and believe. You’re naturally expanding through writing, speaking, and listening.

Libra and Libra Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences to make more money and find stability. This is a great time to focus on finances and accumulate new assets. You’re opening up by discovering your own worth. You’re naturally expanding your material world by buying new things or generously being given what you need.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences by taking the lead. This is a great time to push out into the world and be the teacher or the guru. You’re opening up by being generous to others and a magnanimous force in people’s lives. You’re naturally expanding your presence, which can include weight gain.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences through going within and discovering your mystical side. This is a great time to go on retreats, rest, reflect, and keep a dream journal. You’re opening up by letting go and shedding old layers. You’re naturally expanding your connection to the divine, unseen realms, and subtle energies.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences through friends and community. This is a great time to expand your social connections. You’re opening up by finding likeminded people who understand you. You’re naturally expanding your place in the world and your vision for yourself in the future.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences in career. This is a great time to get a head professionally, start a new job, or take on new responsibilities. You’re opening up by sharing or teaching your philosophy to the world. You’re naturally expanding your worldly power.

Pisces and Pisces Rising — You’re finding opportunity and new experiences through education and new ways of seeing the world. This is a great time to travel to other countries, go back to school, or seek wisdom in teachings. You’re opening up by thinking big and developing your philosophy on life. You’re naturally expanding through a desire to know more and to share what you know with others.”

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo: 10:30pm. Mercury, Mars, and now Venus in Virgo.

Today’s New Moon signals the end of the Sun’s yearly transit through Virgo. The Fall Equinox is ushered in this Friday with the Sun’s entrance into Libra.

New Moons always signal a new beginning, but in this case we undertake a new start from the wisdom we’ve gained over the past month. Hopefully we’ve all become more efficient, streamlined and healthy with Virgo’s influence.

Are you familiar with astrology and the meanings of the houses? You can read about them here. The corner of your chart where you have Virgo is the area of your life where your skills of observation and discernment are keenly precise. You are sharply perceptive and hit the bull’s eye every time.

On the other side, it’s where you can be a perfectionist and hyper critical of yourself and others. It’s good to remember you’re human 🙂 The thing I love about Virgo is the practicality. This sign excels at creating a plan to achieve one’s goals. I’ve often read that Virgo is powerful, because it can realistically look at dreams and neutrally decide if they are realistic, and what the steps are to achieve them.

Just let go of making everything so neat and tidy – writing all your lists on post it notes. The steps you take TODAY are the ones that will lead you to achieving your dreams.

Astro Report for mid October


The Full Moon in Aries last Thursday is now behind us, and it was one of the more challenging moons we’ve faced in a long time. Uranus (sudden changes) on the Full Moon, squaring Mars (aggression) and Venus (relationships) created a tense and chaotic atmosphere in many areas of our lives. I’m sure many of us are feeling exhausted and bewildered from the sudden events. Last week illuminated our compatibilities and differences, as well as the road  to creating an authentic harmony.

This week starts with more tension with Mercury and the Sun squaring Pluto. Avoid conflicts and social squabbles and instead focus on regeneration and what’s most important. These are the best ways to use Pluto’s cathartic energy! This planet brings up toxic thoughts from under the surface that need to be purged and healed. You can help the process by focusing on your goals. Remain peaceful and avoid angry situations or people.

Jupiter moves from Libra to Scorpio on Tuesday. This planet expands all it touches, and the energy shifts from relationships and art to sex, power struggles and the unearthing of secrets. Much more on this later! Let changes unfold instead of forcing solutions.

As always,try to keep the focus on improving your own life conditions rather than imposing your will on others. Practicing gratitude, getting a good night’s sleep, having some good food or a chat with a trusted friend are the best things for us in October.


Astro Weather

Happy Labor Day everyone! Good news, we are starting September off right with two planets resuming forward motion 🙂

Mars and Mercury are doing an odd dance right now. Mercury (in Retrograde) is barreling towards Mars (Direct) in the last degrees of Leo. Remember the eclipse a couple weeks ago?

The American eclipse on August 21st occurred at 28 degrees Leo. Mars will be ON that degree tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 2nd! This transit inspires us to put our eclipse insights into motion and TAKE ACTION! We also have a Mars/Uranus trine (positive aspect) tomorrow! Expect the unexpected… revelations abound and the desire to be free and independent will reach a fever pitch.

Next week, Mars and Mercury will “cross” each other in the night sky causing a moving conjunction AT 29 degrees Leo. If that wasn’t enough (and it really is), Mercury is going Direct on Tuesday (Sept. 5th) at… you guessed it… 28 degrees Leo!!

Mercury (mind and communication) will be united with Mars (action and vitality) and you can finally move mountains in the right direction. Creativity, assertiveness and expression will be easy to access. This is an amazing event, and really beautiful. Astrology never ceases to amaze me.

Saturn turned Direct at 21 Sagittarius on Friday, August 25th at five in the morning. It’s the planet of responsibility, discipline and reality and can feel HEAVY. When Saturn is retrograde, things appear less stable in our personal lives and society at large. Thankfully we are now moving Direct, and issues will begin to get back on course. If you haven’t made progress on a project or goal, there’s steady movement now. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to recommit to our Truth, Beliefs and Goals, and have discipline in our day to day activities.

The August 21st eclipse will be rolling out and affecting us for the next six months. Since it occurred in Leo, so we can look for a rebirth or change regarding our self expression, status, and identity. Art, clothes, music, leadership and public speaking are highlighted. Did you get any insights on your life?

Everyone will be impacted by August’s eclipse in different ways. If you’re interested in how it will affect you, set up a reading with me 🙂 I can give you a huge snapshot of your life story in a 15 minute phone reading.

Eclipse at 28 Leo



Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo: 11:25am Pacific, Monday morning, August 21st.

New Moon in Leo: 11:30am.

Moon’s eclipse of the Sun will also TRINE Uranus at 28 Aries! Watch for fireworks. This is a major turning point in our personal lives, AND society at large. Events could change suddenly. Unexpected, hidden insights could appear out of nowhere next week. Eclipse’s can take awhile to manifest too, so the next six months could reveal more sudden changes.

On top of this, most of the other planets are currently Retrograde, asking us to review and reorganize the growth we’ve experienced over the past few months:

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo until September 5th: Reflect. Bring something back that you’ve had on “hold”. Revise, reconfigure and try a different approach or path.
Sun, Moon, Mars and the North Node in Leo. That’s a LOT of action where Leo falls in your chart. You can find your chart here, or set up a reading with me here.
Saturn stationing Direct next Friday at 21 Sagittarius
This eclipse is on the North Node (destiny), leading us to our future. You can get a glimpse of your future if you pay attention on Monday.

When the World falls under the influence of an eclipse, things are out of the ordinary. It’s an uncommon time, and we have rare and insightful experiences. It’s like walking around a darkened room with a black light – things show up differently, and we see things in a way we don’t normally see them. An eclipse can illuminate your path of meaning and life purpose, and bring a new phase of growth and adventure. It’s a hushed, quiet time when you can hear your Higher Soul speaking to you.

We touch the foundations of why we are here on this planet. Each of us gains some new insight or information into the life we are currently leading. This information can come through anything – our family, friends, a situation at work, or a bolt of lightning straight from the heavens into our consciousness. When it’s an eclipse, I pay close attention to what I hear, see and think, because there’s something synchronistic about it. No sudden moves though; think things through and give any revolutionary inklings time to take shape.

Check out the horoscopes below to see how this eclipse will affect you. Read your Rising sign, NOT Sun sign. You can figure out your Rising sign (or Ascendant) here

Aries — Let your creativity shine and your romantic side fully express itself. If you’re an artist, writer or musician this will be a fortunate time for you. If you’re looking for love you are likely to meet someone in the next few months.

Taurus — Hanging out at home is where you want to be. This eclipse lands in you House AND the bedrock of your soul, illuminating your personal psychology. Your personal life is at a turning point, and the next six months could see a change for the better. Be brave and seek counseling if needed.

Gemini — The Sun, Moon and Mars are in your favorite place! The 3rd house of communication, socializing, teaching and learning. Self expression is enhanced so explore your creativity.

Cancer — The eclipse signals a transformation with your money and values. Cancerians need security to feel stable, and with Saturn stationing nearby in a loose trine you should feel on top of things. There could be a boost with values and self esteem in the next few months.

Leo — Mars in Leo gives you the confidence to assume leadership of your life. You’ve had your birthday and you are shining. The fortune you’ve experienced the past couple of years is revving up for a finale, so make the most of this time. Be Bold and embrace the positive changes that are coming. Where do you want to go?

Virgo — The eclipse in Leo is in your 12th House of spirituality and psychology. It’s a time for solitude and contemplation. This house is also known as your “blind spot”, so pay attention and see if you’re repeating old patterns.

Libra — Time to socialize and solidify hopes and wishes. Where do you want to be a year from now? Mars is giving you the drive to make it happen. Bring your wishes into reality.

Scorpio — Your 10th House of ambition, public image, career and direction is foremost in your mind. This eclipse could generate a huge shift in your status. Your ruler Mars is active here and is driving you to work harder. The next six months bring recognition – you are out in the world and highly visible.

Sagittarius — Mars in Leo sends sparks of energy, drive and action to your ideas! Entering a new course of study might be appealing to you. Expanding your life perspective through long distance travel is also possible. Your focus is the higher mind.

Capricorn — You’re looking at issues around debt, credit and real estate… and sex and death too. The eclipse is in your 8th House, and you need to upgrade your views on these issues. This is doubly highlighted by Saturn stationing in Sagittarius next Friday. There’s some deep diving into psychological issues which will yield positive results around your birthday.

Aquarius — The eclipse inspires you to reassess your relationships… ALL of them. You’re redoing your approach to love itself. Look at your values and write a list of the qualities you’re looking for in a partner. A soul mate has appeared – or will be before December.

Pisces — Work, health and habits. You’ve had a lot of business the past few months, and will continue to work hard for the next several weeks. Mars in Leo is physical, so it’s a great time to start eating better and working out. It’s always good for a Pisces-influenced person to get out of their imaginations and into their physicality.