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New Moon in Virgo



Dolce & Gabbana. Beautiful image of a Caduceus, the ancient duality symbol of Mercury.

Sun at 5 Virgo. New moon in Virgo on Friday at 3:37am Pacific
Mercury enters Virgo (it’s ideal position; exaltation) on Thursday 8/29
Mars at 6 Virgo and Venus at 8 Virgo.
Jupiter at 14 Sagittarius
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto retrograding.

We are in the dark of the moon, preparing for the rebirth of a New Moon this Friday. Clean your house and get yourself organized; if you do you’ll be ahead of the curve. Virgo is the sign of organization, service, practicality, detail,  purity and the focused mind. It’s the only Earth sign ruled by Mercury. This allows Virgo to take practical steps towards achieving ideals and dreams. Virgo makes goals into a reality. Because of this unique quality, I believe Virgo is closely related to the occult and Magick.

Because Virgo is ruled by the airy planet Mercury, it brings us messages through our mind’s eye and inner voice. Mercury speaks to us through signs and omens, and from this process we are guided to the right path. You can make use of this energy right now, whether you’re a Virgo or not.

Here’s the upcoming astrological events:

Thursday 8/29: Moon void-of-course in Leo all day; into Virgo at 4:57pm Pacific. Mercury moves into Virgo which places Mercury in it’s exalted position. Wednesdays are perfect for Mercury Magick for the next several weeks.

Friday 8/30: New Moon in Virgo at 3:37am Pacific. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are traveling tightly together and trining Uranus in Taurus, which brings some unexpected circumstances to this New Moon. There’s also a need for liberation, and the desire to express one’s genius – all of this happening in our jobs, homes or health (Earth issues). Just go with the flow and honor your deep feelings.

Saturday 8/31: Moon into Libra at 4:08pm. New Moon still in effect today. Avoid being overly analytical about all the great movement happening now. Exercise your mind and avoid crankiness, since Mars is still in play in the morning. Thoughts get loftier in the evening.

Sunday, 9/01: Moon in Libra. How do we move forward in a balanced way? How do we include friends and family, work and play, into our dreams and visions for ourselves? All of us need other people for sharing, encouragement and companionship. The Sun and Mars form a conjunction in Virgo today, which happens only once every two years. We want to put action into our souls’ desires.

Week of August 13th


Mount Hood, April 2019 by Autumn Schrock

Sun at 19 Leo
Mercury at 1 Leo
Mars at 26 Leo/ Venus at 19 Leo.
Jupiter at 14 Sagittarius Direct
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto retrograding.

Really powerful, forward-moving energy this week! On Sunday, the huge, happy planet Jupiter moved Direct (forward), giving all of us new inspiration and energy. This is especially true for Sagittarians and Pisceans, as well as these areas of your chart. Mercury has also entered Leo, which is a MUCH happier and outgoing placement.

Also on Sunday, Uranus changed direction and went retrograde at 6 Taurus. Everyone, but especially Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, are feeling an urge to break free, to be liberated, to take an entirely new path, or to start a project over again.

Monday, yesterday, was a hard day with the Moon occulting (hiding) Pluto in Capricorn all day. Lots of heavy emotions leading to deep change, but we are through it now. Here’s the rest of the week:

Tuesday 8/13: Moon in Aquarius. Sun conjunct Venus occurs near 11pm Pacific, which resets the cycle of Venus. It’s a beautiful placement; a time of compromise, reaching agreements, creativity, love and friendship.

Wednesday 8/14: Full Moon in Aquarius. The brightest and most electric full moon of the year. The world is hushed as we consider the approach of Fall, and how we want to finish out the rest of this year. How do we balance our individual lives (Leo), with the needs of our friends and community (Aquarius)?

Thursday 8/15: Full Moon in Aquarius exact at 5:30am Pacific. Aquarius asks us to observe ourselves, take stock of where we are headed, and consider the future. Break out of the box and imagine a brand new life. Try something different, but most of all make time for friends. Detach and observe.

Friday 8/15: Moon in Pisces. Near 10am Pacific Mercury (in Leo) squares Uranus in Taurus) bringing unexpected twists and turns to our paths. Stop yourself from being impulsive this morning. The moon in Pisces wants you to use your intuition, and the square wants you to try new modes of action.

Saturday 8/16: Moon in Pisces, and  Mars into Virgo at 10:20pm Pacific. Great for detailed work, but watch for over analyzing things too much. The need for perfection can cause us to procrastinate, so try to plan for this so you can get SOMETHING accomplished over the next month. This energy is good for clearing clutter.

Sunday, 8/19: Moon in Aries. This is the last tropical day of Sun in Leo, so get your Sun Magick working today.


US Pluto Return


Everything has an astrology chart, even countries; and this is a transformative time for the US. Most of us can feel the intensity rising in our communities and in our country. The planet Pluto takes 248 years to make one orbit around the Sun, and we are just five years away from the planet returning to the same position it was in during the year 1776. The United States, as a country, will experience it’s first-ever “Pluto Return”, and it’s already begun.

During a Pluto Return, a country has to face it’s shadow. Pluto brings up toxic energy to be purged and healed, which hopefully leads to a rebirth. The issues of racism and white nationalism, guns, the divide between rich and poor, sexism and misogyny, power and control – have deep roots in our country and go all the way back to 1776 (and beyond). These issues have always been here, but it feels like they have risen to the top of the US consciousness in 2019. These dark, discordant and disruptive themes are all part of America’s shadow.

Posted on February 26, 2017 by PlanetaryDynamics

“Natal Pluto, 27 Capricorn 34:
CAPRICORN 28 A large aviary.  The keyword is COMMUNITY. When positive, the degree is exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare, and when negative, loss of all character in sheer officiousness.

Pluto plays a significant role in the monumental changes anticipated for the citizens of the United States. Commencing on April 21, 2017, Pluto is on its way in a seven year pilgrimage toward its 248 year cycle Return, culminating with a Station Direct on October 11, 2023. Its profound effects already felt, correspond with the country’s preoccupation of the investigation into the possible collusion of Trump campaign officials with Russian operatives and interference on their part in the 2016 US elections. The overall intensity of these issues establishes it as the most important circumstance related to the profound transit return. There will be periods of Stationary and Retrograde motion opposite both the natal Sun and Mercury to add great emphasis to an already penetrating reevaluation of the country’s founding principles. Pluto will be exact in its Return at 27 Capricorn 34, three times in 2022 and once in 2023. Pluto’s keywords are OBSESSION in natal interpretation, TRANSCENDENCE when in High Focus, and PROBITY with Mundane techniques. This political crisis demands that Pluto’s meaning and expression of Probity will facilitate a higher and more fitting manifestation of what the Founding Fathers envisioned 241 years ago. An historic battle of parties is enacted, with the hope of a transformation of sorts that will bring the United States back into the world’s favor with a doubling down of commitment to its original ideals.”

Check out this article: USA Natal Chart, its Retrograde Planets and Pluto Return


August horoscopes

New Moon at 8 Leo tonight at 8:18pm PDT.
Mercury stationing (standing still) at 24 Cancer and now Direct.
Mars at 18 Leo/ Venus at 3 Leo.
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto retrograding.

New Moon in Leo, with Mercury going Direct around the same time. Things are moving forward again! We are all inspired by the Sun’s transit of Leo. Let the spark of your soul expand and express itself.

The horoscopes below are written from the perspective of rising signs, but there are threads of meaning if you read for your Sun sign too. If you don’t know your rising sign, or ascendant, you can plug in your birth information here to find it.

Aries rising – Your ruler, Mars, is traveling through Leo right now, which enhances your leadership ambitions.  Your creativity and romantic life are getting a huge boost this summer. With Mars in Leo, your heart is in charge, so follow a meaningful path. Expect a boost with Jupiter going Direct on August 11th, so get yourself organized in the next couple of weeks.

Taurus rising – Your ruling planet, Venus, has moved into Leo, which is squaring your sign. She’s calling on you to accept where you are, and make adjustments so you can move forward in your life. Squares usually require us to contribute something or do some work. There’s a Sun-Venus conjunction in two weeks, which will start a new 8-year creative cycle. What do you want to be making for the next eight years?

Gemini rising – Your ruler, Mercury, is moving into Direct motion tonight in Cancer. It’s excellent that he’s moving forward again, but Cancer severely dulls Mercury’s sharp edge, and makes you focus more on feelings. You’ll feel more up-to-speed in a couple of weeks, so spend this time communicating well with people your love 🙂

Cancer Rising – The Leo New Moon is keeping you focused on your spiritual connection – which has helped you walk through the upheaval of the last month. July has been rough, but things will be easier now. Focus on reorganizing your life. You are benefitted by the North Node (good luck and destiny) in Cancer for the next year or so. Fertility, creativity and vulnerability are all qualities that each sign can aspire to this year.

Leo Rising – New Moon in Leo tonight! Leo is the ONLY sign ruled by the Sun, making you guys stand out. The New Moon, Mars, and Venus in Leo, are all sending you some lovely, fresh energy to get your passions rolling out to the public. You are probably feeling some sparkly energy and excitement this month.

Virgo rising – Your ruler, Mercury is still slogging through Cancer, but at least is now Direct. Focus on your values and financial health this month. It’s a good time for visioning and organization. Once Mercury moves into Leo, and later Virgo, you will be in your element and ready to move forward in your life.

Libra rising – Your dreams are achieved through communication with your social circle, so get out and network in your community. There’s a Sun-Venus conjunction in two weeks, which will start a new 8-year creative cycle. What do you want to be making for the next eight years?

Scorpio rising – Your ruling planet, Mars, has moved into Leo, which is squaring your sign. Mars asks you to climb some steps and make adjustments so you can move forward in your life. Squares usually require us to contribute something or do some work in order to make progress in key areas.

Sagittarius rising – your ruler, Jupiter, is going backwards right now, and you’ve been reassessing things in your life. You are about to make some big changes, especially when Jupiter goes Direct on August 11th. It will feel great – like you can move forward again. Send the next two weeks getting organized and prepared for this positive shift.

Capricorn rising — You are currently expunging and purifying your past with Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node traveling together in Capricorn. At least Saturn (your ruler) is giving you tremendous stability and support! Saturn in Capricorn is in it’s rulership, and it’s energies of discipline, concentration, responsibility, ambition and focus are easily accessed. There might be some big challenges you’re facing; the only way forward is to evolve. The universe is asking you to release any unhealthy motivations around power and control, and to move towards vulnerability.

Aquarius rising – The New Moon in Leo is supercharging your partnership sector – which includes lovers AND biz associates. Wait until the weekend, or even next week, to have important conversations. Have fun this month and don’t take things so personally.

Pisces Rising – The New Moon in Leo brings wonderful, fresh energy to your Health and Habits sector. Aim high and take action on bringing your Pisces visions down to the earth plane. Your Summer is about getting organized and time management,

Week of July 21st


Sun into Leo Monday at 7:50pm Pacific
North Node at 17 Cancer
Mercury Retrograde at 28 Cancer
Mars at 12 Leo.
Venus at 22 Cancer.
Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius, retrograde.
Saturn at 16 Capricorn, retrograde.

Monday 7/22: Sun into Leo! Moon in Aries. Watch out for headstrong behavior. Be present with yourself, and channel strong emotions and impulses into your dreams.

Tuesday 7/23: Moon in Aries. Do things that take courage today, but keep it simple. Avoid huge, long conversations or negotiations. Actions that support your own desires or personal growth are highlighted.

Wednesday 7/24: Moon VOC in Aries until 2:42pm Pacific; then Moon in Taurus. So yeah, take it easy and deal with what’s in front of you. We also have Mercury conjunct Venus around 5:30pm Pacific, so work on your art. Be creative and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Thursday 7/25: Moon in Taurus, with the energizing Mars trine Jupiter. You can make real progress on things you’ve been procrastinating on. We are energized and focused. Today will feel great.

Friday 7/26: Moon in Taurus. Go for a walk and appreciate nature today. Excellent date night. We are now in the dark of the Moon, so turn your attention to releasing and wrapping up loose ends.

Saturday 7/27: Moon in Gemini plus Venus enters Leo at 6:54pm Pacific. Wonderful, chatty and romantic day. Sociable. Good day to see entertainment.

Sunday 7/28: Moon VOC in Gemini all day. Put your energy towards networking,, writing and creativity.

Week of July 9th

Africa coast

An Elephant Standing in The Ocean off The Coast of Africa. In Qabalah, elephants are a symbol of Yesod, or the Moon.

Sun at 16 Cancer
North Node at 17 Cancer
Mercury stationing at 4 Leo, now Retrograde for three weeks.
Mars at 4 Leo.
Venus at 5 Cancer.
Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius, retrograde.
Saturn at 16 Capricorn, retrograde.

Monday 7/8: Moon in Libra. It’s a day of creating balance in our lives. Mercury standing still above us, turned retrograde last night. It’s not a big deal! I don’t sign any contracts or buy important tech items during this time, and just go on with my life 🙂

Tuesday 7/9: Moon VOC in Libra. Avoid big conversations or negotiations today. Also, the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. We get a reality check on our vision. We are asked to face our life with responsibility and maturity. Set boundaries on distractions or other people that are overly demanding of our time. This is the opposition occurring from the conjunction on Jan. 2nd this year, so we looking at where we are with resolutions. If you’ve lost ground on what you want to do, this is the day to recommit. Don’t be afraid to focus and work hard.

Wednesday 7/10: Moon in Scorpio. It’s a day of intensity. Keep your cool until you can approach a dispute in a calm and neutral way. You can also bond with someone in a deep and meaningful way today. Sun trine Neptune at 9:30pm Pacific gives heightened creativity, insight and vision. Avoid escapist behavior and go with the flow of your life.

Thursday 7/11: Moon in Scorpio. Mars square Uranus at 11am is a combustible aspect. It brings an overwhelming desire for liberation and freedom. Watch out for sudden outbursts of anger. Try new and innovative ways of taking action.

Friday 7/12: Moon in Sagittarius. Today is a respite from the intensity of this week! Moon trine Mercury gives us some clarity and progress on issues arising from Mercury Retro. Moon trine Mars in the evening lets us have fun tonight.

Saturday 7/13: Moon in Sagittarius. Aspects to Neptune makes this a dreamy, visionary and creative day. Go with the flow.

Sunday 7/14: Sun opposes Pluto in the early morning. This brings up the same issues from Tuesday, but with a more transformational vibe. Good spa day, or to spend in rebirthing activities.

Week of July 1st

moonNew Moon in Cancer on Tuesday.
Mercury at 2 Leo.
Mars into Leo Monday, 7/1.
Venus at 26 Gemini.
Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius, retrograde.
Saturn, Pluto at 20ish Capricorn, retrograde

Monday 7/1: Moon in Gemini, into Cancer early evening. Careful not to offend anyone today; avoid social complications. Mars into Leo at 1:20pm. We are in the orb of the New Moon, a solar eclipse in Cancer, and emotions are near the surface. People are hyper-sensitive and unwilling to face conflicts. Go with the current of your life, and put your energies towards things you have control over.

Tuesday 7/2: New Moon, Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer at 12:16pm Pacific. Avoid confronting anyone today – but allow yourself to be indulgent. Aries, Cancerians, Libras and Capricorns, be on your best behavior this week; keep yourselves well rested. Good day for creativity, love, tending plants and animals, opening up and clearing the house. We begin a new monthly cycle today.

Wednesday 7/3: Moon in Cancer all day. Simmering tensions can erupt, so keep your cool until you can approach a dispute in a calm and neutral way. Try not to take things personally.

Thursday 7/4: Moon in Leo. Today is a better day to seek acknowledgement and cooperation from those in leadership positions. It’s a good night to go out and socialize.

Friday 7/5: Moon in Leo. Definitely go and see a show.

Saturday 6/22: Moon into Virgo. Today we balance the books, do weekly shopping and get organized. Tackle anything requiring attention to detail.


The Sun is in Cancer until July 21st; cruising along with the North Node and opposing Saturn and Pluto at various points. This is a month of extremes, and balancing the need to nurture others with the more important task of taking care of ourselves. Learn to be your own Mother, and don’t depend on others to fill that role.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which rules the tides of our emotions, maternal instincts, fruitfulness, creativity, the womb, and other concepts around nurturing. It’s the most nostalgic of the signs, which means Cancerians are deeply connected to their families and ancestors. They are in spiritual communication with ancestral places and people. This quality also lends itself to psychic ability. They feel what’s going on with their surrounding people and environment.

Traditionally, the sign of Cancer is seen as the personality closely connected to the Home. Wherever Cancer falls in your chart, that is the place where you experience great sensitivity and fertility. Also, Cancer rules the 4th House, which symbolizes our Home and Family roots.  This makes Cancer uniquely gifted at communicating with house spirits and earth deities.

Because Cancerians “feel” things so tangibly, it’s difficult to have deep, real, constructive communication with them. They are like the crab on the seashore that moves side to side to avoid conflict – and often resort to passive-aggressive behavior. They hide in a thick, hard shell and are obsessed with security. They can be extremely moody as well. But on the whole, they are fantastic people to associate with, due to their vulnerability. They teach us all that emotions are real, important, and need to be valued and expressed to live a full life.