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New Moon of the Fish


New Moon in Pisces: March 17, 2018 at 6:12am Pacific.
Mars into Capricorn at 9:40am

This New Moon is extremely healing to our personal, emotional and spiritual lives. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is conjunct the Sun and Moon in Pisces on Saturday. This brings extra depth to the healing vibe of this aspect. We have explored our deep sensitivities over the last month with the Sun and it’s entourage swimming through the sign of the fish. This New Moon is the final revelation for our growth over the past month, and it’s a good time to be in tune with our instincts and where the flow of our life is taking us.

Events in our lives are unfolding that spur deep healing on our past emotional wounds, so we can let our baggage go. With the Sun’s entrance into Aries on Tuesday, heralding the Spring Equinox, we begin a fresh new astrological year, so this weekend is the final purification.

If we reflect on the past month, we will see the enormous healing we have undertaken in our emotional lives and patterns.

Austin Coppock:
“Although the New Moon does not technically take place until around dawn on Saturday, this is more the night of the New Moon than tomorrow. As the Sun and Moon come together in Pisces, look back over the last month, and reflect on what understandings emerged. What pearls will you walk away from the Sun’s time in oceanic Pisces this year?”

“On March 17th, the sun, the new moon, and the planetoid Chiron will all be huddled together gracing the sky in the sensitive zodiac sign of Pisces. This may sound cosy and blissful, as Chiron is an immensely healing planet, Pisces is intuitive, soft, and sensual, and the sun is warm, energising, and illuminating. However, the moon will be at its darkest and in its shadow stage. This means that any painful lessons that we have tried to ignore and deny will be forcing their way to the surface, and they won’t disappear, so we’ll have no option but to confront and deal with them.
Emotional and sensitive Pisces will be doing its best to highlight our unhealed emotional wounds, fears, and insecurities. But thankfully, Chiron is right on hand to offer empathy, compassion, and gentle, soothing, loving care.
During this new moon we will likely notice we feel pulled toward others in the hope that they will do the work for us and validate our irrational thoughts and feelings, even though it would benefit us more if we worked on self-love and self-acceptance as a way of calming our ego.
When our ego is out of control our mind creates chaotic circumstances, and if we believe all the drama going on in our head, what starts off quietly in our internal world quickly manifests into the external world in a disorderly and dysfunctional way.

Low self-esteem is one of the major issues that will be arising on this new moon, even for those who think they are self-confident and self-assured. Therefore, we will notice that the collective energy is one that is seeking out external support, encouragement, and guidance, rather than learning how to find and embrace these things within ourselves.
Validation can be a beautiful bonding tool for connection. However, we should never have to seek or demand it from anyone, although many of us regularly do. Validation is only meaningful when it is offered freely and sincerely, and not when we have had to force it out of someone through tantrums or manipulation. It doesn’t need words. We just need to know we are safe, held, and deeply accepted, and that is enough to calm our insecurities and fears, whether validation is self-given or comes from another person.
Chiron has been resting in the sign of Pisces since May 2010 and won’t be leaving until March 2019, and while it is fused there it will be doing a tremendous amount of work to help us become aware of our open, festering wounds that persistently taunt and trigger us. Whenever the sun and moon are in close transition to Chiron we receive the opportunity to notice what is causing us the most amount of emotional pain, and to see exactly where our pain is rooted.
The majority of the wounds that Chiron awakens us to are the ones that begun in our early childhood or adolescent years, so they are often firmly embedded in, causing us to feel like they are part of who we are. The moment we notice exactly what is causing so much hurt and anguish within our psyche, we create a tremendous shift that propels us on a healing journey so we can rationally process what we went through, why we are still holding on to underlying emotions and beliefs, and, most importantly, how we can transcend through it to reach a place of inner peace and bliss.
Although it may seem easier to distract ourselves and not pay attention to what goes on below the surface, when we ignore our core wounds, all that happens is they will cry out for attention in a variety of harmful ways, and this results in trauma and destruction in many of our personal relationships. We will subconsciously keep replaying the same stories over and again in the hope that whatever is upset, rejected, suppressed, or angry on the inside will eventually get the chance to be heard, healed, and freed.
Chiron is the exact energy needed to dig in deep and softly touch the areas that are raw and tender, as parts of us have felt lost and abandoned while we distracted ourselves within the busyness of life. We may have tried to mask or numb these aching aspects of our internal selves by turning to toxic relationships, alcohol, drugs, or addictions of various kinds that may seem harmless at first glance, but on a soul level are serving to sustain the damage we have held for years.
This bruising, that almost all of us hold within our emotional bodies, may regularly be touched and triggered. When that happens eruptions occur and our emotions will flare up, seemingly out of nowhere. New and full moons are intense energetic periods, and are known for highlighting and magnifying our unhealed and repressed emotional wounds. This is why during these amplified lunar phases we often feel tightly coiled and as though the slightest irritation could send us off balance and reeling toward a mini meltdown.
Chiron is here to support our personal growth so that we shift from wounded, pain-filled beings into free-spirited, light-hearted, carefree souls, purely through the realisation and fearless self-acceptance that our shadowy dark side—that we keep hidden—is nothing to feel scared of or ashamed about. We can reach in and hold out a hand to our inner child that has sat in the darkness tortured by abandonment and rejection. Slowly we can gain the trust of the parts of ourselves that we have pushed away and dismissed, and we can offer an unconditionally loving embrace to show that we accept each part of ourselves; the dark, the light, and every shade in between.
New moons are a time of new beginnings and they open the doorway to our subconscious mind; therefore, this lunation deliver the ideal space to softly and slowly travel inward so that we can delicately communicate with all that we’ve pushed aside. When we do this we will notice magnificent transformation not just in the way we feel about ourselves, but also how we connect and communicate with the people around us, particularly within our most intimate relationships.
When we are entering a healing phase, it is vital that we nurture and nourish ourselves, and as water is a powerful healing element we can enhance our healing by indulging ourselves with by soaking in an Epsom Salt bath and adding a soothing essential oil, or if possible going somewhere where it is possible to bathe outdoors under the starlit sky.
If we are staying indoors during the new moon we can put on music that speaks to our soul and relax fully knowing that we are safe, supported, and held in the lunar energy that is emanating from above. Once we feel settled and peaceful we can then ask the questions we have been longing to find answers to, so we connect to our innermost desires. When we locate what our heart longs for, we will also then discover what painful emotions are creating resistance, and from there we will find a way to heal the wounds that have caused us to be weighed down and to remain stuck, repeating similar scenarios for so long.
All that is needed is silence, faith, and the fearlessness to travel inward knowing that whatever is unveiled during this healing process is perfectly acceptable, as we are all divine beings and we are all already perfect and precious—regardless of the stories our critical mind might tell.
This Pisces new moon, with Chiron’s healing influence, is the greatest opportunity for wound-healing we will receive throughout this entire year. It is a temporary portal that allows us access to the darkest parts of our soul, but to enter, we have to take a deep breath, be willing to be vulnerable, and bravely dive in to the core of our being. Responsibilities may be pressing you to come up with a solution but it’s questionable whether the choices you’re making are leading you down the right path or whether you’re going down a rabbit hole on some wild, mushroom-gathering mission.
What if I told you that whatever you’re doing lately (or not doing at all) is actively contributing to the dissolution of what’s not working for you? What if deep down, your intuition was guiding you to focus on those things that are somehow contributing to your discomfort, disillusionment, disorder and despair – even disease?

It’s possible that what you’re doing, however creative, is purposely serving to break down any ego-attachments.
Look at any suffering as a voluntary choice to go against your own spiritual evolution. How much do you want it if it only brings your mind/body down? How much do you need it? Either way – dissolution, destruction, extinction, transcendence… to Spirit, it’s the same thing.
#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ Ch ♓ – ♀/♂
PISCES NEW MOON (26°♓53′ ) is on Saturday, March 17 01:12 UTC. Get set to make an intention on how to let go.

Be aware that this much pure vibe in Pisces can trigger a Love Zombie relapse.
Police your own mind like you are the riot squad and avoid falling into a ‘stalking your ex/crush/whoever’ pothole.
And INSTEAD, use this vibe to get stunning insights re anything thing, person or substance that you would place even vaguely on the addiction or co-dependency spectrum.


Stephen Hawking on Prediction and Astrology

Excellent read

Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

“Watch out for wormholes: you never know what may come out of them.” 
— Stephen Hawking

 One of the first things people want to know about Tarot is how it works. Most seasoned practitioners will admit they haven’t a clue but have considered a few possibilities including:

  • Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity (not really a theory but rather a belief in meaningful coincidence) 
  • Quantum physics (theory of entanglement, etc.)
  • Psychological projection (as a kind of Rorschach test)
  • Contact with a Spiritual Being, Higher Self, Universal Consciousness or paranormal force
  • Magic(k) (an as-yet-unknown scientific principle)
  • One’s subconscious directing the placement of the cards
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies
  • A mentalist’s set of cold-reading tricks conjoined with the Barnum Effect

I was fascinated to see that the physicist, Stephen Hawking, in The Universe in a Nutshell (albeit a rehash of his earlier work) addresses this very concern. In a chapter called “Predicting the Future,” he compares astrology…

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Full Moon in Virgo


Full Moon in Virgo: 4:51pm Pacific.
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

That’s a lot of water (emotions, love, intuitiveness) in the skies right now. When the Sun goes into Pisces every February, I see it as a time of great healing, creativity and romance. Today’s Full Moon in Virgo adds to the healing vibe. Whatever’s been going on in your life the last two weeks will culminate in the next few days.

Virgo is the maiden in the field – connected to the Earth and beginning a harvest of the seeds she has planted. With her connection to the Earth, she is a great healer, and because she stands alone she heals herself. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the mind). She clears her fogginess (Pisces) so she can sharpen her focus on things she wants to manifest. She is the agent of organization and getting your s*** together. Does this image relate to your current life experiences in any way?

Virgo is about attaining your goals with a practical approach. What are your goals? And do you have a solid plan to achieve them? How do you use your time each day; do you have a schedule? What’s your health and fitness like these days; have you been partying a lot with alcohol, sugary treats, marijuana, television or shopping? Virgo is also the sign of purity — the purity needed to live our lives happily and healthfully. Are you lost in your fantasies (Pisces) about how you want your life to be? The Full Moon today encourages you to take a reality check on your life, set some goals, create a plan and get to work.

There’s a lot of emotion in this full moon, so things may be stirring within you as a result. With Jupiter in Scorpio, it may be something quite deep, repressed, or even previously hidden.

* * * * * * * * *
I do private, one-on-one consultations via Skype, FaceTime, and phone, which allow us to delve into your chart and reveal where this full moon will manifest. Go to my appointments page to book a session!

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo


Full Moon in Leo: Wed. January 31st at 5:27am Pacific.

Since this is also an eclipse, and eclipse’s give us a glimpse of the future, watch for sign posts the next few days that show you where you are headed.

Something will “ripen” or come to fruition that started in August last year. A seed was planted in a corner of your life, and has been growing in silence the last several months. It is about to come to full bloom, and will usher in a new direction for each of us.

Leo has to do with being visible, leadership, shining your gifts and talents, setting an example for others, inspiring people, standing out from the crowd, specialization, childlike wonder, healing and opportunities. It’s the only zodiac sign actually ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is the largest light in our solar system. It’s the star that we revolve around, and without it there is no life.

So what are your gifts? What were you put here to do and where are you in the process of expressing it fully? Are you shining your light and being visible? Expressing yourself in the service of others is the lesson of Leo and Aquarius. If you’re struggling or experiencing emotional pain, the best thing to do is help someone else out. You will feel better, I promise!

Here’s how this eclipse will effect each of us. Go here to figure out your rising sign, or contact me for a reading!


Aries Rising: The Full Moon lights up your House of Creativity and Children. What do you want to leave behind someday? What’s your contribution to the world? If you’re an artist, or creative person, expect a breakthrough this week in how you express yourself – that can also mean children.

Taurus Rising: Eclipse in your psyche and home. The 4th House rules your living situation, your Mom, and your deepest psychological roots. Something in one of these areas has been “growing” in you since August 2017; expect illumination or breakthrough in this area that will point to your future.

Gemini Rising: Illumination in how you communicate and share the stuff you know. Do you mentor others? Validate your experience and knowledge and write something for the public that leads to greater understanding. Siblings could be a theme as well.

Cancer Rising: The Full Moon shines on your values and money! A breakthrough will occur with regards to what is most important to you. There’s a new clarity with security and resources. Something comes to fruition involving income, material stability and what you value.

Leo Rising: This eclipse shines directly on YOU and how you approach your world. It shows the way forward and illuminates the best ways to focus your energy – between now and August 2018. This Full Moon wants you to ask yourself – who are you right now? Take stock of your life and how you want to proceed.

Virgo Rising: Some new clarity is here that helps you connect with your personal psychology, how you self sabotage and your path to spirituality. It’s a breakthrough in self awareness. This week is a time of soul searching and communing with the god of your heart.

Libra Rising: It’s a wonderful week that gives progress in monetary gains, your social circle and where you belong. There will be breakthroughs with regards to groups and friends, plus you will see some results from where you’ve been focusing your energy the last few months.

Scorpio Rising: Breakthrough about your career, your place in the world, and the role you want to be known for. Responsibilities and commitments could be a theme as well. You’re at a crossroads.

Sagittarius Rising: Breakthrough about what you believe in, the philosophy or ethics that guide your life, and even your education. Publishing, legal matters, foreign travel, and long distance journeys could be a theme as well.

Capricorn Rising: A breakthrough regarding Other People’s Money and/or Sex. This can mean credit, real estate or investment. Do your taxes this week! Wealth, debt, benefits, and estate planning – all the stuff Capricorns love. Partnership or sex issues may also be highlighted.

Aquarius Rising: A breakthrough regarding a relationship, partnership, or connection. Similarly, a partner or mate may have a major event in his or her life. You’re at a crossroads.

Pisces Rising: There’s a breakthrough about your everyday life, your habits and how you make money day to day. from how you schedule your daily to the work you do and the projects you’re involved in. Health, wellness, duties, and even your colleagues could be themes as well.

Uranus is our capacity to experience “The Revolution,” freedom to do things our own way, exhibiting our individual expression or even “Going Rogue” as we blast towards a future collective vision. Uranus inspires individual inclination to “Let me be ME” and connect to an ocean of humanity doing the same.
MoonCat! © Mother Tongue Ink 2011
from We’Moon 2017: Stardust Appendix pgs
Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
In 2018 we need to garden our perception and intuition like they’re our last hope for food. The most prominent aspect the year ahead is a trine between expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune (exact 5/26, 8/19, felt through September). Neptune stimulates the realm where our imagination, delusion, our hopes and fears, insight and lies, spirituality and intuition magnify and mingle, but it does not help us differentiate between them. To safely develop our intuition, we need to learn the difference between our desires or anxieties, and our true perceptions. We’ll need all our senses to guide us this year so that we can vision a better future and make it so, instead of feeling swamped with Neptune’s shadow of lighting or the illusion of wishful thinking.
Listen to the deeper call underneath the proliferating illusions of hopes and fear, beneath a Neptunian longing to escape, to feel what is real, to feel our interconnection, and then act decisively and pragmatically to benefit all our relations. 
Water is life. Neptune refers pragmatically to water, and water rights will stay problematic, a symbol for that pool of intuition in which swim. Tend to the waters; water rights, water quality, and we symbolically tend to the health of both the earth, and of our spirit. 
We will need to fill the wells of our spirit this year, or we can crave escape from a grim ordinary reality as Saturn in Capricorn approaches Pluto (conjunct in 2019) and old patriarchal authority structures flex their muscles. Between now and 2024, Pluto traverses the path it took right before the American Revolution, . . . 
. . . Let’s use this Capricorn lineup to organize, strengthen, and structure our work. 
Uranus enters earthy Taurus on May 15, . . . Uranus will catalyze change to our approach to material resources over the next eight years, but may do so by creating a real challenge first. The trick will be not to waste energy in petty power dynamics with one another, but instead keep our eye on the prize and scale one mountain at a time .. . .

Saturn in Capricorn

cap1New Moon in Capricorn: 6:17pm Pacific on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018.

This is one of the most productive weeks of the last few years. Anyone feeling super focused, efficient and less tolerant of immaturity since December? That’s when Saturn returned home to the craggy mountainsides of Capricorn. It hasn’t been home in 30 years. What was going on in your life 30 years ago?

The skies are heavily weighted towards Capricorn these days. There are FIVE planets picking their way through Capricorn right now – six if you count Lilith and I ALWAYS count Lilith <3.

But the main event happens this Tuesday with the New Moon in Capricorn. We will experience a rebirth in our determination, ambition and grit – so decide which direction you want to point yourself 🙂

You are likely to feel highly productive, serious and functional. At the same time feeling intolerant of things you used to put up with – like bad relationship dynamics and situations where your contribution and authority were dismissed. Your denial of facts and reality has been blown away and you take yourself more seriously nowadays… down to your bones. The structure of your life will go through a giant overhaul in the next couple of years, and it will be for the better.

Rare Aspects

The Path, by Reginald W. Machell

“The Path” by Reginald W. Machell


There’s a rare and powerful aspect happening tonight that will impact the week ahead. The Sun, Venus and Pluto arrive at the same degree of 19 Capricorn. This could be a cathartic event for each of us, depending on where the conjunction falls in your natal chart and the aspects it makes with other planets.

The Sun is your soul’s signature and vision in this lifetime, and brings huge focus and importance to where it falls in your chart AND to where it transits. It’s the giant star that our solar system depends on – the greatest light of all. In conjunction with Venus, it stirs the passions of love and art. Although Venus isn’t completely “happy” in the sign of the goat, the Sun’s presence brings warmth, healing and abundance to relationships or careers that have become stale or stuck. Venus is love and money, and the Sun is fire and healing. ❤

But across the solar system, far out in the hinterlands, sits Pluto. Despite being millions of light years away, it lines up perfectly with the Sun and Venus creating a huge conjunction across our personal star path. Pluto is a dark planet (yes it’s a planet dammit), and symbolizes deep transformation, catharsis, toxic emotions, unhealthy patterns and buried treasure. Pluto (with Venus) brings up our deepest, hidden blocks so we can sacrifice them in the fire of the Sun. We dig through the disappointments of last year and clear them, so we can unearth the real gold buried deep within. What a wonderful to start the year and set the energy of 2018.

From Austin Coppock:

“The other significant configuration which occurs during this span of days is the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. This is a fierce and triumphant conjunction, the proper mindset of conquerors and the seed of great victories. It brings optimism and relentlessness, and while it shines you will have the capacity to envision victories you are normally too modest to dream.

Take the regalia of the conqueror from Mars and Jupiter, and the clarified passion of the Venus-Sun conjunction, for they are exactly what you need to build the year before you. Do not rush to commit to half-ass, guilty resolutions. Clarify your passion and stoke your courage, for they are exactly what you will need to build the year you desire.
Give the skies time to offer you these boons. Spend the days of this decan receiving these empowerments and constructing your blueprint. Do not start building before the design is complete- give yourself at least until the New Moon later in the month to break ground. 2018 will not be kind to hastily laid plans. It will test even good ones, but has rewards of satisfaction and accomplishment waiting for those who can bring together passion, courage and patience.”

Happy New Year!


Full Moon in Cancer: 6:24pm Pacific.

Uranus Direct in Aries: 6:13pm, January 2nd.

Happy New Year! You can stay home, recuperate, and watch movies today, but Uranus is stationing above us about to turn forward (Direct) in Aries. Expect revelations, sudden changes, insight and awakening.

The influence of the Full Moon and Uranus creates a turning point for many of us at the beginning of 2018. We will have more support for sticking to our resolutions.