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New Moon in Cancer


Modern statue of Manannán mac Lir, Irish sea god, on Binevenagh Mountain, Co Derry. Sculpted by John Sutton (Game of Thrones) the statue was stolen by Christian fundamentalists and later discovered damaged beyond repair. A replacement was later erected.

New Moon in Cancer: 7:48pm Pacific.  ECLIPSE

A New Moon signifies a new beginning, wherever the Moon appears in your chart. This new beginning will develop and come to fruition six months later. Today’s event however, is an eclipse. This is a new beginning on steroids.

If you’d like to know where 20 degrees Cancer falls in your chart, schedule me for a quick astrology reading today!

Planetary rewind


Unknown artist

Mars Retrograde: Jun 26-Aug 27.
Mercury Retrograde: July 26-Aug 18.
Let’s start with Mars.

How have things been in your life the past week? Mars (drive, courage, conflict) is retracing his steps through Aquarius – effecting our ambitions. A Mars retrograde isn’t common, and when it happens each of us needs to refocus our energies inward and solidify the foundations of our plans.  Nourish your body, get some rest, research your path and work behind the scenes.

Men in particular can be very effected by a Mars retrograde. The men in our lives might need more space and quiet time to reflect on their identities and path forward. It’s a time for all of us to be patient with one another, and to seek peace and comfort.

There are seven celestial bodies currently retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Pluto, the North Node and Neptune. Mercury will join them July 26th. This means from June 26 through September 6, we’ll have the majority of planets retrograde at once!
The last time our country experienced this many retrogrades was late 1943 and early 1944. These retrogrades (plus upcoming eclipses!) signal a turning point in our lives, our country and the world. In 1943, our planet faced another turning point — the horrors of World War II and the Allied victory.

We stand at a crossroads but we will find direction by focusing on our internal growth. With Mars Retrograde you need to watch your step. Be cautious, and don’t start fights or legal action. It is a solid time to release friendships that you’ve outgrown, or end participation in activities or groups that don’t nourish us.

Prune away those things and people that are hold you down, wish you ill, or have little to offer beyond negativity. Sometimes one must accept when old friendships are truly over and can’t be repaired or “waited out.”

Mars shows up in our physical relationships. It protects and acts in accordance with the Will of our Higher Self. It is the energy and force that demands we fulfill our spiritual path in this life.

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Excellent video explaining the tenets of Zoroastrianism. I really like the ideas of this ancient religion.

“Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion — older than Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism — that still exists today. Its followers believe we are connected to the environment and that good and evil exist in all of us.”


Neptune stations


This week begins with Neptune stationing (standing still) above our heads at 16 degrees Pisces, and slowly going retrograde (reversing) over the next week.

Neptune breaks up, diffuses and dissipates the place where it lands in your chart. It could also aspect one of your natal planets, dissolving the boundaries of that planet and house. If you are a Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, you could be very effected by Neptune’s influence in the next few months.

With Neptune, you always have a choice. You can escape your fears by drinking or using drugs, OR you can ask for spiritual strength. I whole-heartedly encourage you to ask for the spiritual strength 🙂 The next few months offer a special time to do deep healing on yourself and your life.

Here’s a great article

from Ronnie Pontiac:  “This can indicate a spaced out but potentially dreamy quality for this week into next. Take care when you commute. For some this may be a time of exhaustion and confusion, if so stop, meditate, get some rest. Dreams may provide useful insights. Inspiration and imagination can be strong so if you’re a creative person make time to receive these gifts of perspective.
Tuesday Mercury trine Jupiter is exact however with Mercury opposition Saturn fading but still an influence this may not be as fun a time as Mercury trine Jupiter can indicate. At worst avoid over optimism, arrogance, over doing, over spending and especially overindulgence. With Neptune stationary the urge to intoxicate and other forms of escapism can be very strong. Use common sense. A good time for meditation with Neptune and Saturn so strong.
Wednesday Mercury trine Neptune one minute before 1 PM is another aspect of inspiration and imagination. Again, dreams can be insightful. Jupiter trine Neptune is still strong and with Neptune stationary the beginning of this week could be a time for profound spiritual insights. Study a spiritual path. Open yourself to mystical exploration. Enjoy some relaxing time by water.
Early Thursday morning just after 3 AM the Summer Solstice arrives as the sun enters Cancer. Can you believe it? 2018 is half over. Look back on the year so far. Are you accomplishing your goals? What would you like to accomplish over the next six months?
Also Thursday just before 10 AM Venus opposition Mars is exact. With Mars going stationary retrograde five days later the Mars side of this opposition will be emphasized. On the negative side it can indicate conflict between the genders and a generalized state of irritation. But on the positive side the tension can be romantic and sexual, and creative. A good time to complete, or turn the corner toward completion, for artistic projects. To get best results find balance between the pleasure seeking appreciation for harmony and beauty that is Venus and the forceful willpower and aggression of Mars.
Friday just before 11 PM sun sextile Uranus is exact indicated possible opportunities for greater freedom. The unexpected may give you a sense of liberation. Look to new tech, new perspectives and new communities for inspiration but be careful as Mercury opposes Pluto just a few hours later.
Very early Saturday morning Mercury opposition Pluto is exact. Expect more ugly secrets and more political power plays. Be careful of saying bitter or hateful things under the pressure of the moment. At worst this can be a time of suspicion, paranoia, and obsession. A time of irritation and arguments that can turn violent. Avoid power struggles and wasting energy on fruitless conflict. At best this can be a time to learn about healing, to communicate catharsis, to repair and reform and to discard where necessary. Pluto favors meditation.

Where is home?


Depression Isn’t Sadness and Suicide Isn’t a Cry For Help… by Steve Safran.

“Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. Two gut-punching suicides that have people asking “Why them? They had it all!” Sure, Bourdain lived a hard life, but Kate Spade, the queen of whimsy? She was wealthy, adored and…
We need better words. One of the biggest disservices to the field of mental health is to call the diagnosis of “depression” by the name “depression.” Everyone “gets depressed.” It’s a commonplace word: “I’m so depressed the meeting I planned fell through.” “The ending of that show was too depressing.” “He’s too depressing to be around.”
None of these examples has anything to do with the psychological definition of Depression.
People who live with depression are wired differently. Our brains perceive life differently than those who do not have depression.”

via Depression Isn’t Sadness and Suicide Isn’t a Cry For Help… by Steve Safran

“My personal experience with this rotten condition has been horrid. I am certain I would have been more successful in my career without depression. For years, especially when I was younger, I wasn’t treated properly. As I got older, I was blamed for the illness that gripped me, as though it was a choice I made. I was called “lazy,” and put on meds that had me gain a ton of weight. People I loved mocked my illness, likely out of discomfort they may have it themselves. (They’re not much in the picture anymore.) In any case, there was not a lot of empathy.
… all of us can do this: we can stop telling people with depression to “cheer up.” We can be more sensitive to this very real, very misunderstood disease.
Those of us with depression do not want to be treated as a protected class. We don’t want special rights or to be treated gently. You can’t make me depressed any more than you can make me a lefty. Empathy and acceptance are an enormous gift to those struggling to ignore the mean messages from their own minds.
Think about Robin Williams. Think about Kate Spade. Think about Anthony Bourdain. Think about the joy they brought you in their unique ways. Think about what you would have said to them, knowing they were going to take their lives. “Don’t do that” would not have worked. Instead of shameful, head-shaking whispers, let’s acknowledge suicide as the growing epidemic it is, and insist health care do more to support mental health.
Depression is not about what we have; it’s about what has us.”

Sun in Gemini


Sun in Gemini.   ingress:  Sunday, May 20 at 7:15pm.

Full Moon in Sagittarius:  Tuesday, May 29th at 7:20am.
Mercury into Gemini:  May 29th at 4:49pm.

How amazing are these butterfly eggs?Seriously.   Butterflies and birds always symbolize the free spirit and airy nature of Gemini.

Everyone has Gemini somewhere in their chart. You will experience restlessness and a desire to try new things – in reference to the qualities of that particular house.  The Sun is now in the sign of Gemini, bringing further emphasis to this arena. Gemini symbolizes travel, business communication, and the mind. It is social, witty, loves to listen, has to be free and can pull ideas out of the aether. People under this influence want new experiences, like to explore the unknown, are curious and VERY talkative.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will be entering it’s rulership next Tuesday, the same day as the full moon in Sagittarius. Our minds will work at lightning speed until the middle of June, but the full moon in Sag will ask us to focus our minds and commit to specific goals. Whatever you set your mind to next week will come to fruition in early December.

Uranus into Taurus


May 15: Uranus into Taurus at 8:16am.
Mars into Aquarius at 9:55pm.

…and then May 17th, Kilauea explodes in a violent eruption. Coincidence? Could be. But it’s kinda weird how some natural disaster occurs each time Uranus changes signs. Last time Uranus changed signs from Pisces to Aries, we had the giant 9.0 earthquake in Japan. It occurred literally as the planet was stationing and about to ingress. This time it’s an explosion of the earth. Uranus rules sudden events, explosions, change, rebellion, clearing of stale energy. And Taurus is an earth sign 🙂

From Empowering astrology:

“We are starting a new phase of our lives. Wherever Taurus sits in your chart is the area that needs fresh, revitalizing energy. New ways of doing things will show up, along with one where we’ll have to reinvent a particular area of our lives. With new beginnings come new awareness — or confusion. Nevertheless, now that Uranus is in Taurus, something has powerfully changed.
It’s hard to know for certain what will shift over the coming eight years — Uranus has a habit of surprising us — but my sign-by-sign guide to Uranus in Taurus is a good place to start, linked below. Since Uranus is a planet of consciousness and evolution, my recommendation is to meditate on what these key themes for your sign mean for you. If you are a Scorpio, for example, what is the role of relationship in your life? What needs to change in how you interact, partner, or compromise with people? How can you see this part of your life in a new way?
I also received a request to talk more about this idea of emotional and spiritual hoarding — something I mention in my main Uranus in Taurus article, linked below. What you need to know is that Taurus’s core impulse is to accumulate, an instinct that can serve it well. But when this instinct becomes imbalanced, accumulation can lead to hoarding, which is a pathological need to hold onto things whether it’s stuff, food, or garbage. While Taurus is an earth sign, meaning it works at the level of our physical reality, we may have Taurus in a part of our chart that speaks to things that are intangible — feelings, emotions, even our unconscious.
We have bodies that go beyond our physical body. We have to take awareness of what we’ve accumulated in our etheric and astral bodies as much as the physical. This is what I mean by emotional and spiritual hoarding — the things we’re holding onto in the invisible.
In order to for us to see positive growth in the area of our chart that Uranus is now traveling through, we have to become aware of what’s there already. And since Taurus is a sign that tends to get unsettled when it has to let go of something, there’s likely something you’re holding on to that needs to go for your soul’s evolution. Like I said in yesterday’s update, safe is great until it’s holding us back from growth.
Now we start the “un-Taurusing” of Taurus.

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