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July Astro


Astrologically, the first days of July have been emotionally rough, and the best way through it has been to Feel our Feelings. The Sun is in Cancer which is the most emotionally sensitive sign of the zodiac. It directs our attention to unresolved family/home issues that need to be addressed and purged. Also, the Moon has been traveling through Scorpio the last few days – bringing up our deepest psychological knots to be healed. Mercury and Mars have been barreling through Cancer too, adding some extra urgency and heat. PLUS on Saturday, Chiron (the wounded healer) turned retrograde – activating the vulnerable place of old pain each of us carries. I mean seriously!! How much more can we take??!!

Be gentle with yourself this week, and take time for solitude if you need it. I do a lot of journaling during times like these, and often find nuggets of wisdom through reflection and dreams. As a wise friend once told me, “if you treat yourself like a precious jewel, everything will fall into place”. I find the deepest truths can be found in our recurring patterns. Is there something you need to sacrifice in order to release suffering?



Mars opposing Pluto (the warrior faces Death, read this piece by Austin Coppock)
Mercury into Leo 5:20pm Pacific TODAY.
Full Moon in Capricorn this SUNDAY, July 9th (just work all weekend)
Venus in Gemini, Mars in Cancer (not happy) until July 20th.

So basically, next weekend could be the sequel to last… the Full Moon this Sunday is at the same degree as Pluto – so we will have a Full Moon conjunct Pluto which is also intensely emotional – but highly transformational. Pluto wants to help us rebirth ourselves by clearing out toxic sludge; it’s catharsis.

“Catharsis (from Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning “purification” or “cleansing”) is the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. It is a metaphor originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics, comparing the effects of tragedy on the mind of a spectator to the effect of a cathartic on the body.”

From Katie Sweetman:

July 2017 Horoscopes

Pluto in Capricorn: Sign by Sign…



“Sirens by the Sea” by Victor Karlovich Shtemberg (1863-1921)

Autumnal Equinox: horoscopes


Fall Equinox at 7:21am, Sun into Libra.
MERCURY DIRECT at 10:31pm last night, 9/21.
Libra: Love, Beauty, Harmony, Socializing, Parties, Negotiation, Friendship, Teamwork.

Welcome to Fall! The Autumnal Equinox marks the midpoint between Summer and Winter. Today we have equal day and equal night. Libra is about balance, harmony, justice, and partnerships of ALL kinds.

Today is referred to as the festival of Mabon. This is the second harvest festival of the year, the first being Lammas (August 1st) and the third being Halloween (October 31st). Whatever was started in March this year is now coming to fruition. It’s harvest season, where we see the result of our labors. We reap what we have sown. It’s the time to take stock of where you are in your life right now – what you’ve brought forth and what you still want to manifest.

Today we feel the turn of the wheel of the year. Standing in the middle of equal daylight to equal nighttime, we look at BALANCE. Are we out of balance in our lives? Are we taking care of ourselves? Are we working hard AND making time for our dreams and having fun too?

Mabon also relates to mid life; to our 40’s and 50’s when we have accomplished some things, but also might harbor regrets. The Equinox is a time to give yourself credit for all the wonderful things you’ve created and the positive difference you’ve made in the world. Honor your courage! And how much smarter you are now than when you were young.

This holiday was pivotal in ancient times, since a good final harvest was crucial to surviving the winter months ahead.  Relationships are reassessed so we can decide who is best to take into the harsh winter with us. If someone is draining your energy, now might be the time to let go.




Current Astrology:

The Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are now in Libra, which is BIG energy. The Sun and Jupiter are the largest bodies in our system and radiate expanding, positive light. Jupiter will be in Libra for the next couple of years, giving new insights into the themes of relationships, teamwork, creativity, beauty and luxury.

Jupiter rules our beliefs, faith and truth. Now that Jupiter is in Libra, we will redefine our beliefs about partnerships. There will be a renewed interest to connect, make peace, and find balance. Meanwhile, Venus (ruler of Libra) is moving into Scorpio tomorrow giving a lot of intensity to the current themes in our lives. Avoid socially awkward situations and causing drama.

The horoscopes below take the Sun into account, as well as the ruler of your sign. Be sure to read your Sun sign AND Rising sign. The Rising Sign is the most accurate reflection of your chart when reading most horoscopes. You can calculate your Rising sign here.

Aries:  The Ram
Partnerships of all kinds will be significant in your life over the next month (and year, with Jupiter’s influence). The Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are in your House of Partnerships, bringing a new shift in relationships, faith, healing, expansion and balance.

Taurus:  The Bull
    Your ruler, Venus, is about to enter Scorpio, the sign of relationships and your polarity. Tomorrow begins a foreshadowing of the lessons this season will have for you. They aren’t bad or good, just themes for you to work on. You’ve had some tests in your House of Work, Health and Habits over the last year, but with the entrance of the Sun and Jupiter into this area, you should be able to gain some new traction in daily life matters.

Gemini:  The Twins
     The Sun is in Libra, putting focus on your Romantic and Creative Life. Jupiter is there for the next year giving you huge opportunities to attract romance! Be sure and get out and socialize a lot. Good luck also comes in the form of creative partnerships. Your ruler, Mercury just went Direct last night too, so you are in forward motion again.
Cancer:  The Crab
     Cancerians love their home environments, so you will be thrilled to know that the skies are sending you ample opportunities for home improvement and social gatherings.
The next year also supports you healing your ties with your family of origin, and increasing your self knowledge and faith. It’s a time of digging into your roots and healing your soul.
Leo:  The Lion
    The Sun and Jupiter are shining in your House of Learning and Communication this month. You will love this because your self expression will get a huge boost. Speaking, creativity, visibility in your community will all be expanded for the next two years. Meanwhile Saturn brings maturity to how you communicate with important relationships and your neighborhood pals:)

Virgo:  The Virgin
   Your ruler, Mercury, is giving you a last birthday present by turning Direct in your sign last night, AND at an auspicious degree! New, positive, forward motion has begun. Meanwhile the Sun and Jupiter are in Libra, and the focus shifts to your financial world. For the next year ask yourself, what do you value most? And what is the truth about what you value?
Libra:  The Scales
     It’s birthday season! The Sun and Jupiter have entered Libra and the spotlight is on YOU! It’s the rebirth of your identity for the next solar year. Who are you now? It’s time to set goals for where you’d like to be this time next year. Your ruler, Venus, is moving into Scorpio tomorrow giving some intensity to your relationships.
Scorpio:  The Scorpion
     All the action is in your 12th House of spiritual strength, solitude, artistry, universal connection and the soul. It’s the place you retreat to for healing, safety and security. The inner planets will be visiting you there over the next month to assist you in clearing cobwebs and brightening up the place. You ruler, Mars is traveling with Saturn through Sagittarius, bringing focus to your TRUTH and faith.
Sagittarius:  The Archer
     Had some romance lately? Uranus (sudden events) and Jupiter (good fortune) are hosting a party in your House of Romance right now. Jupiter enlarges your social circle and Uranus brings unusual and revolutionary people into your love life and creative work! Jupiter is also your ruler, so wherever he travels brings focus. The theme of your life for the next year is a reality check with your personal truth, and an expansion of your friendships and social network.

Capricorn:  The Goat
     Saturn, your ruler, is still moving through Sagittarius in your House of Spiritual Connection. What’s the reality of your ambitions, and are you including your spiritual life in your plans? Do they still suit you and do you need a change? Saturn isn’t big on changes, but DOES support your climb up the steep mountain to reach your goal. Think about what that goal is and shift it if necessary. Remember you have Pluto in your sign right now, and that’s a VERY powerful ally. He brings up toxic energy to be purged and healed. Also, you will see good luck regarding career and public image over the next two years.
Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
     The Sun and Jupiter are traversing your House of Life Perspective right now. The next two years is a time of education, training and travel. The transit of Jupiter in Libra expands your mind, faith, self knowledge and personal philosophy. Your ruler, Uranus, is still in Aries which lights a fire under you, and brings confidence, optimism and ambition to your peaceful and humanitarian perspectives.
Pisces:  The Fishes
     All the action is in your 8th house for the next year! This area of your chart represents Other People’s Money – i.e. banks, loans, real estate, rentals and credit. Don’t overspend. Kinda boring stuff for artistic Pisces, but with the Sun and Jupiter there it’s a great time to negotiate with authority and solidify your relationships. You can attract helpful people to your life right now. This house also relates to SEX, so it could be a hot and steamy year for you!

New Moon in Aries

Gustave Moreau, The Apparition, c. 1876-77

“The Apparition”, Gustav Moreau


“The Sun and Moon are the foundation of life.

Each month they fuse in an alchemical marriage of yin and yang, substance and consciousness. Like a light through a movie projector, the new moon energies unfold through the lens of the zodiac sign. The planets present at the new moon form the structure and weave the threads in support.

From Empowering Astrology

Yesterday’s Aries New Moon and its close connections to Uranus and Pluto mean that the tapestry unfolding before us is a bit raw, teeming with electricity. It’s provocative and designed to spur us to action as well as make a dramatic change. (Read more here:

You are part of the tapestry of light and, depending on your own natal chart, you’ll discover the role that the Aries New Moon will play in your life.

Let’s break the new moon down sign by sign.

Aries and Aries Rising — The self, personality, vitality, new beginnings. The new moon will active a renewal of self, a need to completely change and transform, grow and evolve. There will be a stark divide between old you and new you. Don’t be afraid to start a revolution.

Taurus and Taurus Rising — Retreat, rest, recuperation, surrender, endings. The new moon will activate a need to withdraw, let go, and find answers within. Use the lunar month to meditate and get quiet. You’re preparing for a rebirth and a new personal year. This would be a good time to journal about what you’ve learned about yourself over the last 12 months.

Gemini and Gemini Rising — Friends, groups, community, society, humanity, the future. The new moon will activate rebirth in friendships as well as your connection to others. Time to have a completely new vision for the future and surround yourself with the people and partners who will help make it happen.

Cancer and Cancer Rising — Career, direction, status, the world. The new moon will activate your career. Time for a new job or new direction in life, one that may make for a sharp turn to the left or the right. You can’t keep going the way you were going before. Break out of the mold.

Leo and Leo Rising — Travel, higher education, teaching, philosophy. The new moon will activate your passion for knowledge and a need to express your ideas and beliefs. You may be looking to start new with your education as well as embark on a new journey. Publishing, faith, and law will also be highlighted.

Virgo and Virgo Rising — Finances, intimacy, sharing, the psyche. The new moon will activate finance and over the coming days you may be looking into making a fresh start with a bank, how you take on debt, and how you use the resources at your disposal. You may also feel spurred to do a lot of emotional digging and releasing.

Libra and Libra Rising — Relationships, partnership, collaboration, other people. The new moon will give you a fresh start in a relationship or partnerships but not before a total transformation. If a new person comes in, it will be someone completely different than the normal, one who inspires new ways of thinking. You may also feel confronted to leave a relationship.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising — Health, wellness, work, colleagues, day-to-day life. The new moon will give you a restart with how you take care of your body. Time for new habits, a new diet, or a new workout. Don’t be afraid to shake up your routine. Work and money will also be highlighted.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising — Self expression, creativity, children, leisure. The new moon will activate a passion to create and express your talents. If you are a performer, time to get up on stage. Even if you’re not one for the spotlight, how will you show the world your talents?

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising — Home, family, foundation, emotional connections. The new moon will activate the very foundation of your life. You may feel spurred to make a total transformation at home, from a move to a renovation. You also may be more emotional than usual, digging into themes of security and trust. In the midst of a storm, retreat from the world, get still, and listen to your intuition.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising — Tavel, movement, communication, learning. The new moon will activate all forms of communication. You may be awash with news, information, and new ways of thinking as well as texts, emails, and phone calls. The coming weeks will be busy and full of movement and travel. Siblings and friendships will be highlighted as well.

Pisces and Pisces Rising — Income, value, stability, material life. The new moon will give you a fresh start with your money and how you make it. Even your value system may get a complete overhaul as you take on new consciousness about what you want in life to make you feel stable and secure. You may be looking at new jobs or a career change that are either more in alignment with your spiritual values or gives you the money you feel you deserve.”

From Empowering Astrology

Plutonian Personality


By vdara124

How strong does Pluto figure in your astrological chart? Below is a VERY interesting take on how Pluto effects you! Look up your chart for free at and then take the test below. You’ll need to have some experience with astrology.

I’m extremely Plutonian! I scored 83 on this thing!! Let me know your score in the comments below.

From Donna Cunningham:


“Would you be considered a Plutonian person? You would if Pluto, the sign Scorpio, and the 8th house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what that score says about you.  While there aren’t any scientific measurements of a planet’s strength, I’ve assigned number scores to certain chart factors, based on 40 years of doing charts professionally.

Full article here:

In each of the categories below, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add all the items up to find out how your Pluto ranks.

Here’s the Test: 

Pluto In   Aspect Points Score
Pluto conjunct, square,   trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven 10 ea


Pluto conjunct, square, trine,   or opposite other planets 5 ea


Pluto in minor aspect to the   Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets 2 ea


Part of major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand   Trine 5 ea


Stellium Planets: Lead planet (first in   series) or Alpha Dog 5 ea


Pluto/8th   House Features  


Pluto in Scorpio 10


Ascendant in Scorpio 10 ea


Sun, Moon, or   Midheaven in Scorpio 5 ea


Other planets in   Scorpio 3 ea


Sun or Moon in the 8th   house 5 ea


Other planets in the 8th   house 3 ea




Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider   important, such as Pluto aspects to the Nodes or having a Node or Part of   Fortune in Scorpio or the 8th house. Specify:   ______________________________________________ 2-5 ea






Score: 0-10 would be considered low, while 15-30 indicates a moderately strong influence. More than 30? Very strong indeed—you’re definitely a Plutonian!

(If you were born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the 1960s, do both tests to find out which of the pair influences you most.)

What does “Being a Plutonian” Mean?Pluto Donna Cunningham Skywriter

Pluto has a wide range of expressions. At the unevolved level, Plutonians can engage in manipulating or coercing others, abuses of power, battles for control, resentments and grievances, failing for spite, and being a target of other people’s projections.

At the evolved level, the expressions can include transforming, healing, and empowering themselves and people and conditions they care about. Plutonians can have a natural gift for psychology, the healing arts, and understanding what makes people tick.

Pluto Issues: Power and control, trust, to discover and analyze what lies beneath the surface and eliminate the undesirable, separateness, holding on to things or feelings, revenge, death and endings, rebirth, healing, and transformation.

Worldly matters associated with Pluto/Scorpio:  healing, psychology, sexuality, wealth, uses and abuses of power, corruption and dirty dealing, secrets, exposes, occult, death and the afterlife, national and personal debt, stocks.

Examples of Plutonian occupations: psychotherapist, healer, medium, past life therapist, researcher, grief counselor, OB/GYN staff, cancer treatment, sex therapist, insurance agent, financial planner, stock broker.

Interpreting your Scores—ARE you a Plutonian?
No brief interpretation can fully explore Pluto’s status in an individual chart, but below are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Pluto vs. one with few supporting chart features.  (You’ll find more detailed interpretations in my hardcopy book, Healing Pluto Problems.  Kindle version at

If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Pluto: You’re probably a Plutonian and therefore extremely strong in some the qualities listed above—the positive ones, the negative ones, or more likely both ends of the spectrum at once.  You may alternate between isolation and being joined at the hip in obsessive relationships; in the worst of times, you could be controlling; mistrustful; emotional intensity; bitter, vengeful. And/or you may be dedicated to healing yourself, and as you learn how to do that, can become a natural healer and catalyst in the lives of people around you.

If you had a low score, you may be an under-achiever in the matters of Pluto:If your score is down in the single digits, you may be lacking in some of the qualities listed above. You may not often look deeply within and may be missing important psychological insights that could help you change undesirable patterns. When you have a bad setback, you may take longer to mobilize yourself to come back from it.

On the bright side, you’re probably pretty easy going and not likely to carry grudges or harbor plans for revenge. Until you’re challenged by Pluto transits—like the Pluto-Uranus-Saturn cardinal t-square of 2010-12, you might not give a rat’s behind about transforming your self or your world.”

©1-16-2010, revised 5/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW


Mars in Scorpio


Bald Eagle, ancient symbol of Scorpio


Mars entered Scorpio today at 6:32am Pacific. Mars at 0 degrees Scorpio is a rocket launch! It’s the beginning of an exciting, energetic year. Mars is burrowing through  13 degrees Scorpio to 8 degrees Sagittarius for the majority of 2016. This part of your chart will be blasted with assertive, energizing fire-energy, so be prepared! If you channel Mars in a productive way you’ll see a lot of progress in your life.

To see where this falls in your chart, enter your birth information here. If you’d like to schedule an interpretive reading with me send me an email!

This is a significant shift because Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. It expresses it’s courage, force, physicality, guts and assertiveness very easily in the sign of the Scorpion. Mars brings passion, daring and drive to Scorpio’s precise, strategic energy. You are intensely clear about the path ahead, and decisively accurate in implementing your plans. Mars in Scorpio also enhances transformation. 2016 is a great year to reinvent yourself!


Read the horoscopes below to see where it will effect you, but read them according to your Rising Sign, which you can find here.

Mars in Scorpio
March 6th Mars enters Sagittarius
April 18th goes retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius
May 28th Mars retrogrades into Scorpio
June 30th goes Direct at 23 degrees Scorpio
August 3rd Mars enters Sagittarius (where it’s also happy)

Aries:  The Ram
Mars in Scorpio is in your House of Other People’s Money. Take action this year regarding debts, loans or real estate. It’s best if you face your fears and open the envelope or make the call. With Uranus in Aries you might feel erratic, but throw your wonderful energy into what you have control over. Try to resist your spending tendencies and budget and save instead.

Taurus:   The Bull
The ACTION is in your House of Partnerships! Think carefully before confronting anyone this year, because angry outbursts are likely. Issues around relationships and business agreements might arise. The main goal is to stand up for yourself and negotiate calmly with the important people in your life. Avoid complicated social situations – that goes for everybody!

Gemini:  The Twins
Mars transits your House of Work and Health. Don’t overwork this year. Get enough sleep, good food and exercise. Back to the basics! If people around you are freaking out just let them and keep your focus on what’s in front of you. If you’re burned out it’s a good year to change jobs.

Cancer:  The Crab
Mars in Scorpio transits your House of Romance and Creativity. You will have the most fun of all! You’ll be ambitiously starting creative projects right and left. And YOU will be the initiator for Everything regarding Romance. It’s a great year to increase your sociability and experimentation in… ahem… any way you want…

Leo:  The Lion
Be nice to your roommates please. This Martian energy affects your Home, and places where you spend most of your time. The 4th House also symbolizes the foundation of your being, so revelations might be coming to you. Work on stabilizing your house and psyche. Where do you want to live and how do you want to be in the world?

Virgo:  The Virgin
The Action is in your House of Communication. Be honest, clear and truthful in negotiations with people, but don’t be a doormat. If you have to write out your ideas to make sure your voice is heard, then do so. You need to be clearly understood! This year is about speaking your truth and teaching others.

Libra:  The Scales
Mars in Scorpio is energizing your House of Money! Good for you! It’s going to be a busy year. You’ll have the ideas and energy to make buckets of money! The spotlight is on money, resources and things you value, so make some time for these in whatever form they take.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion
Mars in Scorpio is transforming YOU! Your ruling planet is in your sign for most of the year giving you huge charisma and a golden ticket for any path! Your batteries will be fully recharged and you’ll have superhuman strength and resolve. Whatever change you want/need to make is fully supported by the universe, so go with the flow. Let your witchy nature out for full expression. I know I will. I plan to wear red and black all year. Period.

Sagittarius:  The Archer
The Fiery Transformation is effecting your psyche this year. This means prophetic insights and huge revelations about how you operate in your life. What are some of your negative habits that no longer serve you? One way to deal with this transit is to be in therapy. Work on yourself. With Saturn’s influence you are rebuilding the foundation of your life.

Capricorn:  The Sea Goat
2016 is Social Time for Capricorns! You guys work so hard you deserve to have some Fun. Mars in Scorpio is transiting your House of Friendships, so go out and meet new people! Take a vacation and visit old friends, but stay away from gossip and social intrigue. Don’t obsess on social networks either.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
Mars in Scorpio is transiting your House of Career. Positive shifts in your job are available to you. It’s a great year to meet with the boss, get a raise, or even research a new career if you’re interested. Just try to stay away from office politics and gossip.

Pisces:  The Fish
Mars in Scorpio is energizing your House of Perspective and Travel. This makes most Pisceans very happy. This year brings revelations to your understanding of yourself. Pay close attention to your dreams and what your subconscious is trying to tell you. This house also rules travel and philosophy so those things are highlighted as well.


© 2016, Elizabeth R. Sheldon. If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. Thank you!

New Moon eclipse in Virgo at 11:40pm Pacific

There’s a powerful New Moon happening tonight at 11:40pm Pacific. It’s an eclipse which amplifies it into a major turning point in our lives. Think about what you would like to start and take some action towards it at this exact time tonight.

Because it’s a New Moon, setting your intention at this time will spark tremendous forward motion for you!

The sign of Virgo rules the digestive system – it represents the assimilation of knowledge. We become systematic and practical in defining goals and accomplishing them. Because Virgo rules details and accuracy, it also rules ritual magick. We neutrally examine our lives and put plans into action.

Virgo is the sign of getting your chores done and taking care of business. What is your first step of action?

© 2016, Elizabeth R. Sheldon. If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. Thank you.

Astrology of September: Virgo

Sun into Virgo at 3:37am Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.
The Sun is making it’s annual conjunction with Jupiter over the next few days, giving us a highly auspicious week! If you need some acknowledgement at work, a raise or even a new job – now is the time to ask for it. The Sun symbolizes authority, and Jupiter the jovial King, so the two of them in harmony can bring huge fortune and good luck to any activities this week. These two giants join Mercury and Lilith in Virgo – allowing clarity and focus in our thinking and aspirations.

And it’s just the beginning!

Jupiter entered Virgo a couple of weeks ago, sparking off a year of practical steps to achievement. If you have goals in mind, Virgo shows you the way to manifest them into reality. This makes Virgo one of the most powerful signs. On the challenging side, Virgo symbolizes doing our chores. Ugh. Who wants to do laundry, work out or clean the house? But we gain traction in our lives when we are organized and have our s*** together. That’s the truth of it. Basically, Virgo symbolizes “cleaning up the house” after the giant Leo party in July/August.

Interesting that the Sun moves into Virgo around August 21st every year; when people are returning from trips and kids are going back to school. Time to get back to work. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, which encourages our organizational abilities (or the need to hire a friend who has them). Virgo brings crisp perspective, sharp decisiveness and detailed action. What does the foundation of your life look like? Do you need a health makeover? The devil is absolutely in the details and your daily habits. Show up for your schedule and do your best each and every day!

The Sun’s movement into Virgo means we have officially entered the harvest season. Burn gold and green candles for wealth.

© 2016, Elizabeth R. Sheldon. If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. Thank you.