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Week of October 25th

Sun at 1 Scorpio
Mercury DIRECT at 13 Libra
Venus at 19 Sagittarius
Mars at 26 Libra (detriment, no Mars Magick now)
Jupiter at 22 Aquarius
Saturn at 7 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 20 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 1 Gemini

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We begin this week in the third quarter of the Moon, turning into a fallow Moon on Thursday. The Sun has moved into Scorpio, and Halloween is upon us! With this waning Moon, we have an opportunity to release psychological blocks – specifically beliefs that stand in the way of our personal power. That’s the top tier Scorpio stuff. After Thursday, we are wrapping things up, finishing projects and adjusting to new conditions.

With Scorpio season and the Fall, our mood changes and we become more self-reflective, focused, and perceptive. Scorpio is regeneration, healing, transformation, rebirth, sex, and the occult. For the next month we will be raising our self esteem, spiritual connection, and definement of space.

Monday, October 25th: Moon void-of-course in Gemini, then into Cancer at 2:00pm Pacific. Don’t sign anything or make big decisions during the void period, just follow already made plans. There are three LOVELY trines today too, with Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. These trines bring an industrious, happy and expansive vibe to the day. The Gemini Moon increases the desire for social connection, and brings lots of activity in general.

Tuesday, October 26th: Moon in Cancer makes a couple aspects, but the big news today is Venus in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. Disillusionment can show up, so don’t make any quick judgements about people or situations. Let things unfold a little more. Try not to overindulge in anything too. The Cancer Moon brings a need for solitude and reflection, so nurture yourself. Moon in Cancer is in her rulership, and insights into our feelings can be very healing at the time.

Wednesday, October 27th: Moon in Cancer makes five different aspects, including an opposition with Pluto around 3:00pm. This could bring repressed emotions and fears to the surface, driving us towards security. If something comes up, just be aware of what’s going on and take care of yourself. The only true security is within you and your decisions. Use your instincts. Try to hang out at home and eat a good meal.

Thursday,  October 28th: Moon in Leo enters her 4th quarter, and we begin a week of rest and reflection. The Moon makes a couple of squares, and one tough opposition with Saturn in Aquarius around 4:00pm. However, any hard edges to the day will be softened by Venus in Sagittarius sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius. This is a fabulous aspect, encouraging all of us to relax, have fun, make art, and celebrate life.

Friday,  October 29thMoon in Leo makes a couple minor aspects with the Uranus and Mercury, but the main energy of the day is LEO, and “what are you going to wear for Halloween”. Make an impact. It’s a heart-centered day, excellent for rendevous and parties. Great evening to go on dates or see performances.

Saturday, October 30thMoon void-of-course in Leo, then into Virgo at 11:09am Pacific. Don’t sign any agreements or buy anything important before 11:00am. Lots of Moon aspects today, plus Mars the Warrior moves into his natural home of Scorpio in the early morning. Men will feel more at ease and confident, and all of us will have a renewed strength to set boundaries and empower ourselves. There’s also big square between the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius in the predawn hours. This can bring tension with authority figures for the next several days.

Sunday,  October 31st: Moon in Virgo isn’t the sexiest placement for Halloween fun, but we can still have a good time, it just might feel more “orderly” and planned out. There will be more tricks than treats with the Moon’s trine with Uranus in Taurus in the late morning. Of course today is good for tidying up the house, running errands, and getting ready for the week ahead. Halloween arrives with a fun Mercury trine Jupiter.

Astrological week

Autumn has arrived, the veil between the worlds is getting thinner, and the darkness approaches. We have a transformative week before us. We are currently in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle, preparing for the New Moon in Libra on Wednesday. Lots of old feelings and issues could be coming up, so we can release them. Rest and give yourself time to reflect on how you’d like the upcoming Moon cycle to go. If you’d like a personal reading on how this Libra cycle will effect you, you can book a short reading with me here for $45.

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Have a great day!

Week of September 27th

Valentine Cameron Prinsep – At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away, 1897

Sun at 4 Libra (in it’s fall, no Sun Magick now)
Mercury RETROGRADE at 25 Libra
Venus at 18 Scorpio (detriment, no Venus Magick now)
Mars at 8 Libra (detriment, no Mars Magick now)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 23 Aquarius
Saturn RETROGRADE at 7 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 21 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 6 Gemini

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We begin this week with a balsamic, fallow Moon, building towards a New Moon in Libra on Wednesday, October 6th. Leading up to this New Moon, we have an opportunity to release our relationship blocks – especially romantic ones. The planets Venus (women) and Mars (men) are both in their detriments right now, which means they are unable to express their natures. Everyone is going through some new growth challenges. The dark of the Moon, leading up to a New Moon in Libra, is a time for self examination about what you are projecting onto your partner. Also, we are wrapping things up, finishing projects and adjusting to new conditions.

Mercury is stopped in the sky, and went retrograde at 25 Libra on Sunday. With six planets now retrograde, this is an appropriate time for looking back. Also, Saturn and Pluto are slowing down, preparing to go Direct next week, which can make everything feel very real, and put some of us in survival mode. Be patient and open to learning how to live a better life, because Saturn wants us to “level up”. If you have difficult work to do (that you’ve been putting off), or decision to make, now is the time.

Monday, September 27th: Moon in Gemini makes two big aspects today: square to Neptune and trine to Mars. We start the week with lots of chatty, social energy, but the square to Neptune can have us living in daydreams. Use the teamwork vibe of Mars in Libra to get things done.

Tuesday, September 28th: Moon in Cancer enters her 4th quarter, and we are in the dark of the Moon. This is a week of rest. No big aspects today, so take it easy and take care of your emotional needs. Moon in Cancer is in her rulership, and insights into our feelings can be very healing at the time.

Wednesday, September 29th: Moon in Cancer, and two BIG aspects: Venus trines Neptune in Pisces, and the Sun in Libra trines Saturn. The Venus trine makes us dreamy, creative and imaginative. Use your instincts. The Sun trine brings delight to hard work, and we can make solid progress with meaningful projects. It’s a great day. The Cancer Moon, could bring a need for solitude and reflection. Give yourself what you need.

Thursday,  September 30th: Moon void-of-course in Cancer ALL DAY, until she enters Leo at 5:53pm Pacific. With a Cancer Moon void, do things that increase your feeling of security. No big risks today, and avoid getting into squabbles with people, because they will be hyper sensitive. Try to hang out at home and eat a good meal. There’s also a bunch of Moon aspects, but the big event today is Venus in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Aquarius. There could be disillusionment with a relationship. Don’t make any big decisions until November though.

Friday,  October 1stMoon in Leo makes aspects with the Sun, Mars and an opposition with Uranus. We’ll all be feeling pretty good today, but expect eccentric, strange surprises with the opposition around 7:30pm. Great evening to see performances, or engage in heart-centered activities.

Saturday, October 2ndMoon in Leo goes void-of-course at 4:43pm and stays void all evening. Before that, the Moon makes a ton of different aspects, including an opposition to Jupiter and a square to Venus. It’s a rapidly shifting day.

Sunday,  October 3rd: Moon in Virgo, and Mercury in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius around 5pm. Of course today is good for tidying up the house, running errands, and fixing anything broken. Toss stuff out and let things go – someone else can use it.


“Sometimes, even to live is an act of courage” – Seneca

Several years ago I bought a book on the philosophy of Epictetus – the ancient Greek philosopher that lived in 55 A.D. I was profoundly effected by his words of wisdom, but only recently I discovered he was also the founder of Stocism.

Let me tell you, Stoicism is totally what I’m in to these days.

Remember that Stoicism isn’t about judging other people. It’s not a moral philosophy you’re supposed to project and enforce onto the world. No, it’s a personal philosophy that’s designed to direct your behavior. This is what Marcus Aurelius meant when he said: “Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.”


Definition from Britannica: “Stoicism, a school of thought that flourished in Greek and Roman antiquity. It was one of the loftiest and most sublime philosophies in the record of Western civilization. In urging participation in human affairs, Stoics have always believed that the goal of all inquiry is to provide a mode of conduct characterized by tranquillity of mind and certainty of moral worth.”

Week of August 30th

Sun at 8 Virgo
Mercury at 0 Libra
Venus at 16 Libra (in rulership!! Do Venus Magick now)
Mars at 19 Virgo
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 25 Aquarius
Saturn RETROGRADE at 8 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 22 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 6 Gemini

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We begin this week with a balsamic, fallow Moon, building towards a New Moon at 16 Virgo next Monday, Labor Day, September 6th. Leading up to this New Moon, we have an opportunity to release our perfectionism, laziness, self criticism, procrastination, and cluttered houses (i.e. Sun in Virgo). We are wrapping things up, finishing projects and adjusting to new, uncertain conditions. Honestly, it’s a tough time for many people.

We are in a world of extremes, and it’s never seemed so pronounced as it does right now. The Western side of the country is on fire, while a huge, catastrophic hurricane sliced through and leveled the south. Mercury entered Libra Sunday night, which will hopefully create a way for us to listen to and help each other. This is a good position for partnerships, negotiation, and creative activity. This Venus-ruled Mercury placement can bring harmony to life. Celebrate art and love.

The Sun in Virgo is squaring the North and South Nodes of the Moon this week. Watch for sign posts directing you to your future. Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, and trine Pluto in Capricorn this week, setting off the same aspect that Venus and Mercury encountered recently. Mars wants us to put our plans into ACTION.

Monday, August 30th: Moon in Gemini enters her 4th quarter, and we are in the dark of the Moon for the next several days. Don’t work too hard this week. The dark of the Moon is a time to rest and reflect. Moon trine Saturn puts our emotions in affinity with our ambitions, and smooths over any rough spots. Moon in Gemini encourages us to talk about it.

Tuesday, August 31st: Moon in Gemini goes void at 1:45pm Pacific for the rest of the day. She also makes five aspects, so ride the waves. The Moon goes through every sign, and aspects every planet EVERY month. The Moon ties the astrology together. Keep a low profile today with the void moon. Follow plans that have already been made.

Wednesday, September 1st: Moon in Cancer makes a few minor aspects. We might need solitude, since our sensitivities are at a monthly peak. Give yourself whatever you need today.

Thursday,  September 2nd: Moon in Cancer loves a visit to a pool, lake, river, or ocean if you feel inclined. There’s a few Moon aspects, but the big event today is Mars opposing Neptune. We might experience resistance or disillusionment with the things we want to pursue. Mars is our Will, while Neptune blurs our vision so we can commune with the divine. Don’t give in to feeling lost today, explore your imagination and creativity instead.

Friday,  September 3rd: Moon in Leo doesn’t make any aspects until a sextile with Mercury in the evening. It’s a quiet day astrologically, but the Moon in Leo insists we all have a good time. It’s a heart-filled day, so go out and have an adventure.

Saturday, September 4th: Moon in Leo. Mercury trine Saturn in the evening helps us communicate our truth. Our thinking can also get a reality check. Writers can make progress with editing and organizing their ideas. Whatever comes up, go ahead and talk about it or do some journaling. We are in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle so lots of old feelings and issues could be coming up, so we can release them.

Sunday,  September 5th: Moon in Leo is void-of-course from 7:22am to 4:06pm Pacific, when she enters Virgo. We are in the New Moon in Virgo now, so of course today is good for tidying up the house, running errands, and fixing anything broken. Toss stuff out and let things go – someone else can use it. The big aspect today is Venus square Pluto. Relationships could have a crisis come up that will lead to a deeper understanding, or a breaking point. If you’re single, don’t take any risks. Pluto has a dark, unpredictable energy to it, so practice restraint.

Week of August 1st: Harvest festival LAMMAS


Sun at 11 Leo (in rulership, very strong)
Mercury at 14 Leo
Venus at 15 Virgo (in detriment. No Venus Magick now)
Mars at 3 Virgo
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 29 Aquarius
Saturn RETROGRADE at 10 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 22 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 8 Gemini

Mars joined Venus in Virgo last week, and now we’re busy organizing our lives. In Virgo, Mars lets go of his armor and becomes a specialist who makes lists and gets things done. There is amazing focus available to us right now, as well as attention to detail. Virgo wants to be of service by providing a practical way of reaching our goals, without losing track of the details (or ourselves). Avoid nit-picking arguments and being overly critical of your efforts. Mars and Venus in Virgo can be cranky and irritable.

We begin this week with a balsamic, fallow Moon, building towards a New Moon at 16 Leo next Sunday. Leading up to this New Moon, we have an opportunity to release our laziness, procrastination, and fears of the future (i.e. Sun in Leo). And Sunday was a Sabbat, the ancient festival of Lammas! Lammas is the first harvest festival of the year, signifying the height of Summer and the turn towards Fall. Here are the Goddesses and Gods of Lammas:

Demeter/Ceres: Goddess of grains and the harvest, and mother to Persephone, who is about to return to the Underworld for the Fall and Winter. The change in weather is the grief of Demeter being separated from Persephone.

Cronus/Saturn: Greek god of the harvest and the first father of the universe. He is usually portrayed with a sickle in hand, and is considered a harvest God. He had his own holiday, called the Kronia, when the Greeks celebrated the harvest. It was held in the month of Hekatombaion, with equates roughly to July/August.

Hestia/Vesta: Goddess of Fire and the Hearth, she protects the homes of her worshippers.

Lugh: This is the Celtic God that gave Lammas, or Lughnasadh, it’s name! Lugh is the god of light, truth, oaths and the arts. Tradition says that Lugh created the festival of Lughnasadh in honor of his foster mother and earth goddess, Tailtiu.

Renenutet: Egyptian goddess of nourishment, the harvest, and fertility. Also goddess of the soul’s true name. Sometimes considered the wife of Sobek.

Sobek: Egyptian crocodile god, he was also the god of the Nile. In Egypt, the flooding of the Nile is the primary source of essential nutrients and minerals to the fields, so if the Nile does not flood or has a poor flood in a given year, it can cause a bad harvest. Sobek would be important around this time of year, as the people would want to thank him for a good harvest. Also a protective god and a creator god.

Monday, August 2nd: Moon in Gemini makes a couple of tough squares with Jupiter and Mars. There’s also a big Saturn influence over the beginning of the week due to the Sun’s opposition with Saturn in the middle of the night. Today could be kinda tough, with all of us needing to come up with the hard, cold facts. With the Moon in Gemini, we will find the way through this with our quick minds and communications.

Tuesday, August 3rd: Moon in Gemini makes four nice aspects today – taking the edge off Mercury squaring Uranus in the early evening. This aspect can bring sudden changes and nervous energy. Conversations could take unexpected turns, and it might be difficult to reach understanding through the drama. Leave it for tomorrow. On the bright side, we had a revolutionary Venus trine Uranus in the middle of the night which can enhance our imaginations and relationships.

Wednesday, August 4th: Moon in Gemini goes void at 12:38pm, then moves into Cancer around 2:15pm Pacific. Bring on the hugs and food lol. Moon trines Jupiter around the same time, adding to the feelings of indulgence. Sun trine Chiron today brings lovely opportunities for healing to our old wounds, or healing through children.

Thursday, August 5th: Moon in Cancer sextiles Mars and Uranus, but other than that it’s a quiet day. We are in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle, preparing for rebirth this Sunday. Lots of old feelings and issues could be coming up, so we can release them. The Cancerian Moon loves a visit to a pool, lake, river, or the ocean.

Friday, August 6th: Moon in Cancer goes void of course at 3:12pm Pacific, and makes a couple nice aspects with Venus and Neptune. There’s an opposition with Pluto in the late afternoon which can bring up control issues. Then we have a biggie – Sun square Uranus – which can bring up that nervous, dramatic behavior. Take a different approach to issues from earlier in the week. Embrace liberation and independence.

Saturday, August 7th: Moon in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius today. We get a glimpse into the underlying tensions of 2021, so be present for what occurs today. Pay attention, the Universe is sending you messages. Also, walk carefully around people’s feelings, because Moon opposing Saturn can bring negativity, pessimism or reality checks. The New Moon is tomorrow morning!

Sunday, August 8th: New Moon in Leo at 6:50am Pacific squares Uranus. Today is fabulous for Sun Magick, since this New Moon occurs on a Sunday. It’s a rare event, allowing magicians to fully access the enormous power of the Sun. Just Do It! Today is the rebirth of creativity, romance, and all things artistic. Tarot card of the day is Strength – tame your inner lion with compassion and patience.

your purpose

Sacred Dakota Burial Mounds in St Paul, MN

“I don’t think your life has to have a purpose, or you have to have a grand ambition; I think it’s okay to just wander through life finding interesting things until you die. I think this goes for art too; you can just make the kind of art you find interesting and you don’t have to plan some great arc to your literary career.

I think the traditional (Western, white) narrative arc has tricked way too many people into thinking their lives have to have one grand epiphany, some flash of great meaning and deep insight, when in reality most people experience these things in much smaller ways throughout life.

I think this also leads a lot of people to miss the stuff that actually makes them happy, because it’s mostly the small stuff. They spend their entire lives looking for a lightning strike and miss out on everything else.” —twitter.com/ambernoelle#ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm

Week of May 11th

Sun in Gemini From Kitab al-Mawalid

Sun at 20 Taurus
Mercury at 0 Gemini (rulership! Do Mercurial Magick now)
Venus at 21 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 28 Aquarius (neutral)
Jupiter at 27 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
North Node at 29 Gemini

This week sees the change from the earthy sign of Taurus, to the airy sign of Gemini. Our focus changes from the Spring flowers, green hillsides and self sufficiency of Taurus, to the chattiness of the Gemini mind. Mercury is fast in the skies right now, and entering it’s natural home of Gemini (rulership) today!

Also, two of the key planets involved at the “Covid point” of 24 Capricorn are going retrograde or backwards this week. This is the corner of the sky where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened on January 12th that spawned the huge transformations taking place on the planet right now. We will spend the next several months going over ground we’ve already covered, so be prepared for that spiritual processing. I think we could have a resurgence of virus cases over the summer, so take care of yourself!

Monday, May 11th: Moon in Capricorn connecting with Pluto and Jupiter at 24 Capricorn (the Covid 19 point). When the Moon arrives there each month, our emotions can come up strongly in the form of great fear and sadness. We open up and process how these changes are effecting our lives. Nurture yourself today and ride the waves of feelings. Positive change can be yours if you put in the hard work. Mercury into Gemini.

Tuesday, May 12: Moon in Aquarius. Mercury trines Moon AND Saturn today = serious and productive conversations. Also, Venus retrograde in Gemini near midnight. Venus will be twirling around in Gemini – backwards and then forwards – until August 7th. Look back to 2012 to see how this could effect you, your relationships and your money. Gemini is cerebral, so it will be a chatty summer, especially over the internet. Issues around partnerships of all kinds could arise, both positive and negative.

Wednesday, May 13th: Moon in Aquarius. Mars entered Pisces in the middle of the night, which adds to the confusion. We need to connect with our spiritual side and be a channel for Divine Will. What do you need to surrender to? What will you sacrifice to reach your highest goals?

Thursday, May 14th: Moon void-of-course all day, then entering Pisces conjuncting Mars in Pisces. Take a deep dive into your Soul. What do you need to do differently in order to connect with your true purpose? What is your evolutionary intention? Also Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn today.

Friday, May 15th: Moon in Pisces. Today is a respite from all of the crazy changes! Take time to enjoy life and focus on your blessings.

Saturday, May 16th – Moon in Aries. Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron in Aries, and squaring the “Covid point”. We want our power back from this loss of control we’re all feeling. The only way to really do this, is to withdraw and get quiet – meditate and contemplate your Soul’s desire for this lifetime.

Sunday, May 17th – Moon in Aries squaring 24 Pluto (Covid point). Pluto presides over this year, bringing endings, death, deep transformation and catharsis. With Aries (the Self) involved, we ask ourselves “who am I now? Who am I without the job? The money I’m used to? My relationship? Without the future I had planned??” The answers will come, and will lead each of us to a more deeply satisfying life. I really mean that! The first step is practicing mindfulness, and learning how to listen to your inner voice.

Covid19 and the fairytale video that’s gone viral

Kiwi poet Tomos Robertson (aka Tom Foolery)

Kiwi-born poet, Tom Foolery has racked up over 24 million views on social media with his ode to a post-COVID world. Video by Will Trafford. Tomos Roberts – aka Tom Foolery – thinks Earth could be a better place after the coronavirus pandemic, expressing his thoughts in a bedtime story, looking back on the world.

“And so when we found the cure, and were allowed to go outside; we all preferred the world we found to the one we’d left behind.”

Here’s some comforting thoughts for you. So many people are stressed over the change that’s currently sweeping the world, and the massive effect it’s having on people’s money and social life. This wonderful bedtime story gives a long view perspective of what the world is going through. Take 4 minutes to watch it. I found it really comforting 🙂 I hope it gives everyone a brief respite from stress, and I’m sending huge love and hugs to the world. We can get through this.

Handling stress

“Wednesday, April 22
Coping With Stress – from the “Language of Letting Go

Inevitably, there are times of stress in our lives. Sometimes, the stress is outside or around us. We’re feeling balanced, but our circumstances are stressful. Sometimes, the stress is within; we feel out of balance.

When the stress is external and internal, we experience our most difficult times.

During stressful times, we can rely more heavily on our support systems. Our friends and groups can help us feel more balanced and peaceful in spite of our stressful conditions.

Affirming that the events taking place are a temporarily uncomfortable part of a good, solid plan can help. We can assure ourselves that we will get through. We won’t be destroyed. We won’t crumple or go under.

It helps to go back to the basics to focus on detachment, dealing with feelings, and taking life one day at a time.

Our most important focus during times of stress is taking care of ourselves. We are better able to cope with the most irregular circumstances; we are better able to be there for others, if we’re caring for ourselves. We can ask ourselves regularly: What do we need to do to take care of ourselves? What might help us feel better or more comfortable?

Self-care may not come as easily during times of stress. Self-neglect may feel more comfortable. But taking care of us always works.

Today, I will remember that there is no situation that can’t be benefited by taking care of myself.”