New Moon eclipse in Virgo at 11:40pm Pacific

There’s a powerful New Moon happening tonight at 11:40pm Pacific. It’s an eclipse which amplifies it into a major turning point in our lives. Think about what you would like to start and take some action towards it at this exact time tonight.

Because it’s a New Moon, setting your intention at this time will spark tremendous forward motion for you!

The sign of Virgo rules the digestive system – it represents the assimilation of knowledge. We become systematic and practical in defining goals and accomplishing them. Because Virgo rules details and accuracy, it also rules ritual magick. We neutrally examine our lives and put plans into action.

Virgo is the sign of getting your chores done and taking care of business. What is your first step of action?

© 2016, Elizabeth R. Sheldon. If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. Thank you.

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