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Week of September 5th: Full Moon in Pisces

Sun at 13 Virgo
Mercury STATIONING at 7 Libra
Venus at 0 Virgo
Mars at 8 Gemini
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 6 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 20 Aquarius (rulership)
Uranus RETROGRADE at 18 Taurus
Neptune RETROGRADE 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 15 Taurus

We are building up to the Full Moon at 17 Pisces on Saturday. This week is calmer then things have been, but the Full Moon will still have some intensity for us. Also, Mercury goes retrograde this Friday, September 9th, which means the winged messenger is “stationing” or standing still all week – AND trining Mars at the same time. Misunderstandings or odd conversations can happen. Mercury retrograde is for going back over things you’ve done and examining their accessibility or completion. There will be six planets in retrograde for September, so we are looking back on this year, our lives, and our progress.

Sunday, Venus left passionate, fiery Leo for the earthy, manicured lands of Virgo. Venus in Virgo is more grounded, and relates to the Queen of Pentacles in the Tarot. She’s also The Hermit: an experienced, middle-aged Priestess who has deep wisdom about life. This Venus is practical and has no trouble assessing relationships in a neutral way to see if they are working. She can be a little too critical and oriented towards perfection. With relationships and the creation of art, let yourself be meticulous, discriminating and oriented towards the journey rather than the destination. Virgo is an earth sign, so eating well, being courteous, and keeping a clean house can lead to progress,

Mars in Gemini wants to LEARN. We are driven towards information, socializing, and learning. Its curiosity, networking, designing, commerce, business, and negotiations. There’s a lot of opportunity here – and it’s a good time to get a lot done on many different levels. We can engineer and perfect things, share our thoughts with other people and plan things out.

Friday, September 9th: Moon in Pisces all day opposes Venus in Virgo, which can be tough for date night. Women could be more critical or fussy. If you’re going out tonight, make a solid plan and stick to it. Moon in Pisces is great for movies and entertainment. An opposition means you have to put some work into progressing. Also today, Mercury goes retrograde at 8:38pm Pacific, and will continue moving backwards until Oct 1st. This is not a reason to freak out. Just drive cautiously, and try not to buy any big ticket items until October. If you must work towards something, start small with easily attainable goals. Allow time to reflect on your life.

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Week of August 29th

Alphonse Mucha

Sun at 6 Virgo
Mercury DIRECT at 3 Libra
Venus at 22 Leo
Mars at 5 Gemini
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 7 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 20 Aquarius (rulership)
Uranus RETROGRADE at 18 Taurus
Neptune RETROGRADE 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 15 Taurus

There was a New Moon in Virgo on Saturday which continues to unfold this week. We are inspired to clean up our lives and get everything in order. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of thought and communication. With the Sun in Virgo, our minds are at their peak and we can be decisive. The decisions you make now determine your future path. It’s always lucky to start a week in the darkness of a New Moon, and the promise of a new beginning.

Venus in Leo opposed Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday, and the energy of this aspect continues all week. It means an enormous amount of creative energy could be held back or limited by the expectations of other people. Don’t feel discouraged or negative, just be in the present. Saturn encourages us to be patient with our ideas, and give them time to grow. Practice and simplification are the two things to focus on this week.

Virgo is the High Priestess of Reality, and asks us to take care of our physical body. What can you do to support your health and be stronger? Virgo wants to analyze, discriminate and assimilate; it’s the sign of health, work, and being of service. We need to take care of ourselves and each other.

Friday, September 2nd: Moon void-of-course in Scorpio, enters Sagittarius at 3:39pm Pacific. The mood will lighten throughout the day, and tonight is all about having fun. This is a great night for parties or to see a show.

Saturday, September 3rd: Moon in Sagittarius – its a day of adventure. Try something you’ve never done before, or visit a new place. Moon sextiles Saturn, so you can make some progress with challenging work or getting chores done. Sagittarian moon wants to play around and explore, so carve out time for adventures.

Sunday, September 4th: Moon in Sagittarius. Also, Venus enters Virgo around 9pm Pacific, which means Venus is officially weakened (in her Fall) for the month of September. This could be a challenging time for women, relationships and art creation. Be present with yourself and stop any self critical, perfectionist thoughts as soon as they show up. On the good side, Venus in Virgo will enhance the Sun’s influence here, increasing our interest in organizing, editing, exercising, studying and writing.

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Week of August 22nd: New Moon in Virgo

John Dee Performing an Experiment before Elizabeth I, Henry Gillard Glindoni (1852-1913),

Sun at 0 Virgo
Mercury DIRECT at 24 Virgo (exalted)
Venus at 11 Leo
Mars at 0 Gemini
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 7 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 21 Aquarius (rulership)
Uranus at STATIONING 18 Taurus
Neptune RETROGRADE 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Taurus

The Sun moved into Virgo on Monday, heralding the beginning of harvest season! The transition from Leo to Virgo is profound. With the Sun in Leo, we reveled in our true identity, and practiced new ways of expressing it to the world; now with Virgo we organize our lives and get to work.

Moon wise, we are in the last quarter of the Moon’s cycle, preparing for the New Moon in Virgo this Saturday the 27th. The week ahead is about wrapping things up, resolving issues, paying debts, and reflecting on our lives.

Mars entered Gemini on Saturday for the next seven months! That’s March 2023! In Gemini, Mars lets go of his armor and becomes a social butterfly, focusing on communication, solving puzzles and battles of strategy. People with anxiety might need extra support during this time, because Mars adds electricity to our nervous system. A good place to focus your attention for the next seven months is on freedom and liberation. Where do you need to set yourself free? Let yourself off the hook? Have some FUN and adventures? This transit is spectacular for studying a new subject, or applying your mind to solve any type of challenge.

Thursday, August 25th: Moon in Leo, and Mercury moves into Libra, the great balancer. Relationships of all kinds will be blessed this month with real understanding and progress between people. Mercury in Libra makes us aware of all sides of a situation, especially the viewpoints of others. The key is balance. Also today, we are in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle, preparing for rebirth this Saturday with the New Moon in Virgo. Lots of old feelings and issues could be coming up so we can release them.

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Week of August 1st: Lammas

Sun at 9 Leo
Mercury DIRECT at 23 Leo
Venus at 15 Cancer
Mars at 19 Taurus
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 9 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn
North Node at 19 Taurus

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Each of us is a unique person, and our uniqueness wants to shine. We begin this week with the New Moon at 5 Leo that occurred Thursday, and continues to unfold this week. Begin new projects involving creativity and self expression. Leo is the most powerful of all zodiac signs, because it is the only one ruled by the Sun. Now we get to play around, be childlike, explore beauty, be romantic, goof off, create art and be physical. It symbolizes our souls, and their EXPRESSION; it’s a week to roar like a lion.

Monday and Tuesday we had the exact conjunction of Mars, the North Node of the Moon, AND Uranus, which symbolizes a HUGE breakthrough. This hasn’t happened in at least 84 years, and will create a pivotal moment for each of us. Its about birthing your IDEAL SELF: who you want to be, who you think you are – the BEST version of yourself. Uranus is visionary, the North Node is our future, and Mars gives us drive and ambition. This is happening in the sign of Taurus, which is self sufficient, independent, grounded, fertile, sensuous, and luxurious. Expect a new vision of life ahead that creates stability and awakens the senses.

Some astrologers are worried this could mean Uranus causing drama and issues regarding the supply chain, land ownership, crops, cattle, and money. Let’s hope it’s more on the visionary side of things. If you have any planets near 19 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, this is a HUGE moment for you that could send you in another direction. If you want a brief reading on how this will effect your chart, you can book one here.

Thursday, August 4th: Moon in Scorpio and Mercury freshly in Virgo. Our minds are at their sharpest for the next few weeks. It’s the perfect time to make some solid decisions. A Scorpio Moon is a good time to figure out what your deepest needs are and how to fulfill them. Nurture your soul and listen.

Friday, August 5th: Moon in Scorpio enters her 2nd quarter. The Scorpio Moon also opposes all the craziness with Mars and Uranus on the other side of the sky in Taurus. The best way to handle it? Roll up our sleeves and get to work. We will be driven today, and can make solid progress where we focus our attention. Keep the other person’s perspective in mind before taking action.

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Week of July 25th

Sun at 2 Leo
Mercury DIRECT at 10 Leo
Venus at 8 Cancer
Mars at 12 Taurus
Jupiter at 9 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 23 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn
North Node at 18 Taurus

The Sun moved into Leo last Friday, entering his home kingdom. The Sun is in his natural element in Leo, and shines his brightest! Now is the time to do Sun magick if you have the inclination. Focus on leadership and lead with you heart. Helping other people shine, is the best use of this energy. This week we are still in the 4th quarter of the Moon. We rest and wrap things up, all in preparation for the rebirth of the New Moon in Leo this Thursday.

Leo is our identity, and we discover who we are THROUGH being creative. What are you creating? What do you enjoy doing? We see ourselves through our play, our hobbies and crafts, our songs, and through our children. If you are still feeling a little lost from all the massive changes last year, try creating something. You will see yourself in that creation.

There’s a lot of big aspects this week. Uranus and the Moon’s North Node (destiny) are conjunct at 18° Taurus on Tuesday, which really stirs things up and creates new opportunities for the path forward. Many unexpected developments and events can pop up out of nowhere, sending you in a different direction. Mercury square Mars can raise tensions and road rage, so be calm while driving. And further out, Saturn is moving towards another square with Uranus. It’s happening now, but will be exact on October 23rd and will reignite some of the tensions from last year.

Wednesday, July 27th: Moon in Cancer goes void at 5:54pm Pacific, so stay home tonight and spoil yourself. With Jupiter standing still in the sky preparing to go retrograde tomorrow, indulgences abound. Go to the spa and eat whatever you want. Also today, Mercury in Leo trines Chiron-the-healer in Aries. There could be information, results or progress concerning a mental, emotional or physical health issue. Your inner voice is talking to you all the time, letting you know what you need.

Thursday, July 28th: New Moon in Leo at 10:55am Pacific indicates the start of a new lunar cycle. Let your creativity wander alongside your imagination. Focus on you, because you have gold to share. You have a rare and intrinsic quality that no one else has on the planet! Also, Jupiter Retrograde begins! Is life sending you in a new direction? Embrace it and go with the flow. Revelations abound.

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Week of July 11th: Full Moon in Capricorn

Sun at 22 Cancer
Mercury DIRECT at 11 Cancer
Venus at 21 Gemini
Mars at 4 Taurus
Jupiter at 8 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 24 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Taurus

This week is kinda tough because its impacted by Saturn and Pluto, the two planets that gave rise to the pandemic. These two don’t fool around – they demand we connect with truth, reality and our shadow sides. What’s the reality of your life, and what needs tending to? Is something blocking you from moving forward?

The week culminates with an earthy, Saturnian Capricorn Full Moon on Wednesday. It will be near Pluto, which has us drill down and get honest about our lives. If it sounds heavy, it is. Capricorn is a heavy sign, and there’s no goofing off. Saturn demands hard work in order to earn rewards. This is the fruition of what’s been building this month, and it engages Pluto: the planet of shadow and transformation. We each end the week in a different place than where we started. The energies of this Full Moon will unfold over the week ahead as well as the next six months. We will have peak experiences with our ambitions, career, and personal story.

Wednesday, July 13th: Full Moon in Capricorn at 11:38am. The Moon goes void-of-course at 6:17pm Pacific. The void Moon plus the heavy Saturn energy means it’s not a good night to go out and socialize. The Moon is in her detriment here – uncomfortable, heavy, and unable to express herself. Authorities will be rigid and uncaring. Energy is hard to get off the ground, control issues arise along with power struggles.

Mercury in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus around 5:15pm, which can fire up our intellect AND bring surprises. Try new approaches to earthly matters, especially at work. Life starts feeling different.

Venus square Neptune at 10:24pm Pacific means avoid over indulging in addictive behaviors! It can cause relationship troubles. Instead, put that passion into creating something artistic, challenging, and beautiful.

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Week of May 16th

Sun at 25 Taurus
Mercury RETROGRADE at 4 Gemini (rulership)
Venus at 14 Aries
Mars at 22 Pisces
Jupiter at 0 Aries
Saturn at 24 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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Full Moon at 25 Scorpio last night at 9:14pm Pacific. The Moon is weak here, in her fall, meaning that emotions are not easily expressed. Scorpio is the Halloween sign, representing Autumn and decay. Taurus represents springtime, which emerges from the decay as the blooming and flowering of life. Both are dependent on the other and are deeply tied to life on earth. A Scorpio Moon can bring up issues around intimacy and vulnerability, power and control. Use this week to cut the cords of the past and put your energy into the present.

This is the development, the fruition, of whatever was happening two weeks ago. It’s a solar eclipse, which heightens everything and creates a “do or die” attitude. The Full Moon also squares Saturn in Aquarius. We look at our subconscious motivations and turn toward a new direction.

Plotinus wrote: “The stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.”

Monday, May 16th: Moon in Sagittarius, but last night’s Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is in full effect. No risk taking or pushing boundaries today, focus on yourself and your needs. Venus is conjunct Chiron, which promotes HUGE healing in relationships. Take a fresh look at your inner wounds and be open for new realizations. Today is transformative, so take an unwavering look at your shadow side.

Tuesday, May 17th: Moon in Sagittarius all day. Look at goals and aim for the highest ideals. Jupiter is squaring Lilith for the next couple of weeks, which can expand acts of authenticity and boundary setting. This aspect activates women, self esteem and fearlessness. Also last night we had a biggie – Mars conjunct Neptune near midnight. Strong energy for artistic, romantic, musical or spiritual pursuits. Hopefully no bad news regarding water.

Wednesday, May 18th: Moon in Capricorn, which is the Moon’s detriment. Another tough day for emotional sharing, so hold off if you can. The rest of the week is about hard work and earned rewards, because Saturn insists on commitment. The Full Moon is still unfolding, so there will be continued developments with current issues.

Thursday, May 19th: Moon in Capricorn all day so we follow our drives and ambitions. Do not seek concessions from authority figures – leave that until next week. Take stock of life and strengthen the foundation. Mercury sextile Jupiter is exact which lightens the mood.

Friday, May 20th: Moon in Aquarius. The Sun leaves Taurus for GEMINI at 6:23pm Pacific! We move from an Earth sign to an Air sign, which makes all of us feel lighter. With Gemini, our minds and social circles are activated. Lots of chattiness… talking is the way forward.

Saturday, May 21st: Moon in Aquarius and Sun conjunct Mercury is exact. These aspects, plus the Suns’ entrance into Gemini, make this a very “Airy” day. Mercury is retrograde though, so reworking old ideas or reorganizing your life are the best outlets. Air energy is mental activities, studying, short trips, puzzles, communication and community. Enjoy learning and good conversation.

Sunday, May 22nd: Moon in Pisces enters her 4th quarter, and we are in the dark of the Moon. Now is the time for solitude, introspection, and rest. Mercury moves backwards into Taurus and immediately squares Saturn (in Aquarius) in the morning. Guard against negative thinking or arguments with authorities. Release old habits and thinking patterns.

Week of April 18th

Romaine Brooks (American painter) 1874 – 1970 Femme avec des Fleurs (The Woman with Flowers, aka Spring), 1912 oil on canvas collection Lucile Audouy, Paris, France

Sun at 28 Aries (exalted)
Mercury 11 Taurus
Venus at 13 Pisces (exalted)
Mars at 2 Pisces
Jupiter at 25 Pisces (rulership)
Saturn at 23 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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As above, so below.
As without, so within.
When we look “out there”, it reflects and mirrors what’s within, which is one reason I like to look at astrology. The Sun enters Taurus at 7:24pm Pacific on Tuesday, and we enter the heart of Spring. The metaphoric seeds we plant now will continue to grow throughout the year ahead. Both the Full Moon last Saturday, and the Sun’s entry into Taurus, occur in square to Pluto in Capricorn. It is likely that during these days there will be an undercurrent of stubbornness and insensitivity, so remember its temporary.

Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra is still unfolding this week, so there will be continued developments with any issues you are facing right now. The 4th quarter starts next Saturday. This is Taurus season, so take some time to reflect on how you’d like the upcoming Moon cycle to go. If you need a personal reading on how this Taurus cycle will affect you, book a short reading with me here for $45.

Monday, April 18th: Moon in Scorpio goes void around 5pm, then into Sagittarius at 8:16pm. Jupiter is still close to Neptune in Pisces, and today the Moon comes along in Scorpio and trines them, bringing joyful, expansive moods and communications. Also today, Venus sextile Uranus is exact in the middle of the night. This can show up as enlightening conversations with lovers and friends. Expect breakthroughs. The biggie today is the Sun square Pluto in the morning. There’s some action you need to take regarding your evolution. Perhaps some toxic energy needs to be released in order for you to progress. Today is transformative and healing is favored; take an unwavering view of your shadow side.

Tuesday, April 19th: Moon in Sagittarius all day, and the Sun leaves Aries for Taurus at 7:24pm Pacific! Embrace the rebirth of the Spring season. With Taurus we settle into earthly comforts, luxury, romance and good food. Also, Mars trines Lilith (0 Cancer) at 1 degree Pisces. This aspect activates women, self esteem and boundaries. This week we are fearless.

Wednesday, April 20th: Moon void-of-course in Sagittarius ALL DAY!!! She enters Capricorn at 8:52pm Pacific. We start with an optimistic mood, but it withers as we move towards the heaviness of Capricorn and Saturn. Look at your goals and aim for your highest ideals. The rest of this week is about hard work and earned rewards.

Thursday, April 21st: Moon in Capricorn all day. Drives, ambition, and tenacity are in alignment, there’s no big aspects, just lots of hard work. Do not seek concessions from authority figures – leave that until next week. From Capricorn, we build our lives from a solid foundation. Take stock of your life.

Friday, April 22nd: Moon in Capricorn enters her 4th quarter, and we are in the dark of the Moon. Now is the time for solitude, introspection, and rest. This Moon ushers us into a working weekend. There could be some unexpected heaviness around social events tonight. Things may be hard to get off the ground. The only way forward today is to focus.

Saturday, April 23rd: No exact aspects so it’s a quiet day. Moon in Aquarius on a Saturday, is GREAT for saturnian Magick, i.e. discipline, structure and commitment. Saturn represents our stability, and brings up themes of time, karma, and authority. 

Sunday, April 24th: Moon in Aquarius, goes void-of-course at 5:33pm Pacific. Mercury (Taurus) squares Saturn (Aquarius) in the morning. This aspect can indicate negative thinking, arguments with authorities, or problems with mental limitations. We have the chance to upgrade our thinking and the worn out structures of our habits and patterns.

Week of April 11th: Full Moon in Libra

Alchemy, Le livre de la sainte trinité, ca. 1400

Sun at 21 Aries
Mercury 1 Taurus
Venus at 4 Pisces
Mars at 27 Aquarius
Jupiter at 23 Pisces
Saturn at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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Full Moon at 28 Libra this Saturday at 11:55am Pacific! This Moon brings issues around balance and relationships. Libra is the Scales and represents how we relate to other people, especially in our romantic relationships. This is a beautiful Full Moon, because Libra’s ruler, Venus, is currently in her best sign – Pisces. We are surrounded by love, art, beauty, friendship, negotiation, and win-win situations.

The big news this week is the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces. This happens once every 12 years, but RARELY in the sign of Pisces. It will have a huge positive impact on all of us since Jupiter and Neptune are the rulers of Pisces and fully express their energies here. This conjunction is going on all week, and will enhance intuition, prosperity, creativity, inspiration, music, and good luck! Jupiter is faith, expansion, and opportunity, and combined with the unlimited potential of Neptune, can uplift us and give us an escape from the terrible realities happening in the news.

Most of the major planets are in the last degrees of their signs, which signifies culmination. We are experiencing the release, the death, the endings and closures of what we have always known and relied on; the people, the jobs, the governments, the societal structure that we’ve always depended on are being swept away. And at the same time, the North Node (direction) in Taurus is calling each of us to be self sufficient. This year we are flexing our muscles and learning to do things on our own without support, and that can be really tough. You have to be strong.

As a reminder, ALL the planets are Direct now! You can make real progress with this forward motion. The Moon, however, is opposing almost every planet this week, so emotionally we are running a gauntlet of different relationships and situations.

Monday, April 11th: Moon in Leo all day, and no exact aspects. Great day to explore imagination, creativity, or to spend time with animals. Leo is great for leadership, joy, performance, self-expression and FUN. Saturn squares the Moon’s nodes today, which can bring up karmic stuff, along with old emotional ties. We might feel a pull between who we were and who we are becoming. Try and remember your dreams tonight.

Tuesday, April 12th: Moon in Virgo. The Moon opposes Venus = relationship show downs release blocks. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is EXACT today! What are you dreaming about? Take some steps toward achieving the grand vision you have for yourself. Also today, Sun is sextile Saturn which is another positive link between our souls and purpose. All of these aspects favor getting organized and finishing overdue work to achieve creative vision. Saturn and Virgo lend themselves to study and practice, and help ground the high spiritual energies of Neptune and Jupiter.

Wednesday, April 13th: Moon in Virgo all day. The Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces which continues the energies from yesterday. Remember, all the planets in Pisces are asking – what is your dream? What is your current vision for yourself and what would you like to see happen? Sun conjunct Eris could bring more terrible discoveries in Ukraine, so manage your news consumption.

Thursday, April 14th: Moon in Virgo enters Libra at 1:46pm. We are in the orb of the Full Moon, so watch for messages and direction. Mars into Pisces in the evening is not so great for forward progress with things we desire, it waters down our egos and libidos. Men could be more distant over the next few weeks so be patient with them.

Friday, April 15th: Moon in Libra all day. It’s an incredibly romantic day, so take your sweetie out tonight. Great for connecting with people, making new friends and generally being sociable. This is a culmination of things we started last October, and an opportunity for forward motion. Since tomorrow’s Full Moon is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, we know what we want in relation to the big changes in the world.

Saturday, April 16th: Full Moon in Libra at noon Pacific, then into Scorpio at 5:23pm. This is a very romantic weekend, perfect for connecting with lovers or creating deeper connections in any relationship. With the Libra/Scorpio energy, we can also make progress with agreements or business matters. Spend time with people that inspire you! Sun square Pluto

Sunday, April 17th: Moon in Scorpio makes this a day of regeneration and Magick. We still have a Libra influence from the Full Moon yesterday, so this also a day of rebalancing. Today, we finally tend to things we haven’t been able to get to this week. Do what you need to do to care of yourself and others.

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Week of April 4th

Sun at 14 Aries
Mercury 15 Aries
Venus at 28 Aquarius
Mars at 21 Aquarius
Jupiter at 22 Pisces
Saturn at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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Friday’s New Moon at 11 Aries continues to unfold this week, as Mars makes an exact conjunction with Saturn at 23 Aquarius (improvement, liberation, the future). What are you driven towards? This aspect focuses our Will, self-control and discipline. It’s not enough to have big ideas and ambitions, Saturn makes you work hard for them. With this conjunction we are open to direction from authority figures, and we follow the tried-and-true path. This increases our chances for success! There are limits on pushing TOO hard though – you need to play by Saturn’s rules.

Also, this Mars-Saturn conjunction is exactly square the Moon’s nodes. Something will come up this week that is non-negotiable. There’s something you MUST DO, in order to proceed in life towards the North Node in Taurus (unconditional self-love, abundance, prosperity, self-sufficiency). This is where each of us is headed right now. We will see a major change in the next couple of weeks, both with this aspect, and next week with the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

The Aries New Moon last Friday was conjunct Mercury and Chiron. It was a new beginning for the year ahead, but also the start of a new phase of healing our deepest wounds. We can find this healing through reading, talking, writing, listening, therapy or any form of self-expression. Once we reach a new understanding, it is important to feel the pain and grieve. Owning the hurt feelings is the way to deep peace.

Monday, April 4th: Moon in Taurus is exalted, especially on a Monday. Normally it would be great for Moon Magick, but today we also have Mars conjunct Saturn. Keep a low profile and focus on your inner work. There’s some wonderful progress that can be made, but these planets are both malefics, so there is a threat of anger and violence.

Tuesday, April 5th: Moon in Gemini brings sociability and negotiation. This is a fast-moving day, and there will be lots of developments. Venus moves into Pisces at 8:18am Pacific, which is the sign of her exaltation or greatest expression. Taureans and Librans are going to have a great couple of months. Venus in Pisces is inspiring, creative, dreamy, imaginative, and romantic. Don’t get lost in lustful fantasies, no matter how enticing. This is a wonderful placement for all artists.

Wednesday, April 6th: Moon in Gemini makes five different aspects today – positive trines with Mars, Saturn and Venus, while squaring Jupiter and Neptune. There could be harmony and great communication in relationships today, but the squares bring general confusion. No big decisions today, focus on mindfulness and getting grounded.

Thursday, April 7th: Moon in Cancer makes a lovely trine with Venus newly in Pisces. It’s a romantic and sentimental day. Also, Mercury sextile Saturn is exact, which brings grounded communications. We choose our words carefully and communicate what’s really on our minds. Great day for studying and applying yourself to anything mentally challenging. If you get overwhelmed, take some deep breaths and meditate.

Friday, April 8th: Moon in Cancer has you staying home and nesting. Be gentle… Easy Does It. Creativity, nostalgia, food, and emotional release are good uses of this energy. Today Mercury sextile Mars is exact, which supercharges our minds from yesterday’s shifts. There will be more good news and development about our ideas.

Saturday, April 9th: Moon in Cancer goes void-of-course at 6pm. Stay home tonight. Avoid difficult conversations because sensitivities are high. The Moon is opposite Pluto today (while Pluto squares Mercury) so there could be a new understanding, OR tension and control issues.

Sunday, April 10th: Moon in Leo brings us back to our center, to our reason for being. In the evening, Mercury enters Taurus – where he’s not all that happy. The lightning-fast Messenger doesn’t like the slow pace of the Bull. Also, Mercury square Pluto is exact which is rough because our Mind faces the Dark Side. Good day for shadow work i.e. examining self-sabotage, toxic patterns, fears, and control issues. Repressed thoughts and desires could rise to the surface. Watch out for negative thinking in your head or from the mouths of other people.