Happy Love Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! I love to celebrate love because it truly is the reason we are all here. It’s the most beautiful part of being human! Well, that and melted cheese, but anyway….

The majority of my readings are relationship readings, and I want to share a few things I’ve learned throughout my career.

  1. The future is unknown. If you “let go and let god”, you will be amazed at what the Universe brings to your life. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Literally ANYTHING can happen, and I believe the Universe wants us to fulfill ourselves. I’ve seen people find happiness while being single; people that feel hopeless about finding love, sure that they will “die alone”, end up in exciting, committed relationships. I’ve seen relationships come back from breakups and recommit; I’ve seen people thrilled with “the chase” and the rush of new relationships learn to love themselves and the unfolding of love.
  2. Love is in your ACTIONS, not your words.
  3. You have to be in reality. It’s easy to get swept up in romantic fantasies, but in the end they keep you from being present with the person you’re getting to know. The person you meet in the first three months of a relationship is not the real person. People are shy and it takes time to trust each other. Be patient and get to know people. This will keep you from getting hurt most of the time. I heard once it takes three years to really know someone.
  4. Speak your TRUTH. What is your truth? What’s really going on with you and your partner, and are you holding back on communicating something you need to get off your chest? If your partner can’t receive your truth, and shuts down communication all the time, you might have grown past the person. True love is when both partners want the relationship to work and want to respect each others’ feelings, needs, desires and goals.
  5. Respect other peoples’ TRUTH. Listen to what your partner says and respect what’s important to them. Really Listen. What are the other person’s needs, feelings and goals? Then honestly look and see if you’re in alignment with each other.
  6. Be aware of when you’re projecting your past hurts onto others. I think relationships are little incubators for us to heal our past traumas. Not everyone is capable of doing this, and that’s OK, but your stuff WILL come up!
  7. Don’t date someone’s potential. It’s hard to remember that when you’re in the throes of infatuation, or if you’re a highly intuitive person. What is the person doing NOW in the present? Because that’s what you got 🙂
  8. BE Yourself. It’s OK if you’re not perfect.
  9. Take responsibility for your own happiness. You can’t fix someone, and no one can fix you. Each person has to save themselves. Relationships work best when two people, each whole unto themselves, come together to share their lives. Expecting someone to make up for your deficiency just doesn’t work.
  10. Trust your instincts. Your gut will tell if you if someone is right for you or not.
  11. Practice gratitude and validation everyday! This helps us focus on what’s working, rather than focusing on problems.

I LOVE this guy too:

Have a great day everybody!

Fairy tree



Fairy Tree, Dingle, Co Kerry. Usually a lone Hawthorn, treated with great respect. People leave gifts in the hope of good fortune, receiving healing, or for prayers to be answered. Fairy trees were often seen as doorways to another realm, and offerings were a form of appeasement. With later Christianization, trees often became dedicated to the local saint and offerings continued.

Rocket Launch

Did you see the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket today? It’s rare to see such a powerful glimpse of technology and the future while the Sun is in Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius actually rules invention, outer space, genius, science, humanity and the future.

The Falcon is the most powerful rocket in history – equivalent to eighteen 747 airplanes. This picture, however, is the boosters of the rocket landing THEMSELVES perfectly on the landing pad!! I’ve never seen that before and it is amazing footage.


The launch was thrilling to see, but it was more astonishing to see the boosters come back to Earth and land themselves. So glad Spacex and Elon Musk are pursuing space explorations. Check out this footage:

Here’s an article in The NY Times about it today.

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo


Full Moon in Leo: Wed. January 31st at 5:27am Pacific.

Since this is also an eclipse, and eclipse’s give us a glimpse of the future, watch for sign posts the next few days that show you where you are headed.

Something will “ripen” or come to fruition that started in August last year. A seed was planted in a corner of your life, and has been growing in silence the last several months. It is about to come to full bloom, and will usher in a new direction for each of us.

Leo has to do with being visible, leadership, shining your gifts and talents, setting an example for others, inspiring people, standing out from the crowd, specialization, childlike wonder, healing and opportunities. It’s the only zodiac sign actually ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is the largest light in our solar system. It’s the star that we revolve around, and without it there is no life.

So what are your gifts? What were you put here to do and where are you in the process of expressing it fully? Are you shining your light and being visible? Expressing yourself in the service of others is the lesson of Leo and Aquarius. If you’re struggling or experiencing emotional pain, the best thing to do is help someone else out. You will feel better, I promise!

Here’s how this eclipse will effect each of us. Go here to figure out your rising sign, or contact me for a reading!


Aries Rising: The Full Moon lights up your House of Creativity and Children. What do you want to leave behind someday? What’s your contribution to the world? If you’re an artist, or creative person, expect a breakthrough this week in how you express yourself – that can also mean children.

Taurus Rising: Eclipse in your psyche and home. The 4th House rules your living situation, your Mom, and your deepest psychological roots. Something in one of these areas has been “growing” in you since August 2017; expect illumination or breakthrough in this area that will point to your future.

Gemini Rising: Illumination in how you communicate and share the stuff you know. Do you mentor others? Validate your experience and knowledge and write something for the public that leads to greater understanding. Siblings could be a theme as well.

Cancer Rising: The Full Moon shines on your values and money! A breakthrough will occur with regards to what is most important to you. There’s a new clarity with security and resources. Something comes to fruition involving income, material stability and what you value.

Leo Rising: This eclipse shines directly on YOU and how you approach your world. It shows the way forward and illuminates the best ways to focus your energy – between now and August 2018. This Full Moon wants you to ask yourself – who are you right now? Take stock of your life and how you want to proceed.

Virgo Rising: Some new clarity is here that helps you connect with your personal psychology, how you self sabotage and your path to spirituality. It’s a breakthrough in self awareness. This week is a time of soul searching and communing with the god of your heart.

Libra Rising: It’s a wonderful week that gives progress in monetary gains, your social circle and where you belong. There will be breakthroughs with regards to groups and friends, plus you will see some results from where you’ve been focusing your energy the last few months.

Scorpio Rising: Breakthrough about your career, your place in the world, and the role you want to be known for. Responsibilities and commitments could be a theme as well. You’re at a crossroads.

Sagittarius Rising: Breakthrough about what you believe in, the philosophy or ethics that guide your life, and even your education. Publishing, legal matters, foreign travel, and long distance journeys could be a theme as well.

Capricorn Rising: A breakthrough regarding Other People’s Money and/or Sex. This can mean credit, real estate or investment. Do your taxes this week! Wealth, debt, benefits, and estate planning – all the stuff Capricorns love. Partnership or sex issues may also be highlighted.

Aquarius Rising: A breakthrough regarding a relationship, partnership, or connection. Similarly, a partner or mate may have a major event in his or her life. You’re at a crossroads.

Pisces Rising: There’s a breakthrough about your everyday life, your habits and how you make money day to day. from how you schedule your daily to the work you do and the projects you’re involved in. Health, wellness, duties, and even your colleagues could be themes as well.

Uranus is our capacity to experience “The Revolution,” freedom to do things our own way, exhibiting our individual expression or even “Going Rogue” as we blast towards a future collective vision. Uranus inspires individual inclination to “Let me be ME” and connect to an ocean of humanity doing the same.
MoonCat! © Mother Tongue Ink 2011
from We’Moon 2017: Stardust Appendix pgs
Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
In 2018 we need to garden our perception and intuition like they’re our last hope for food. The most prominent aspect the year ahead is a trine between expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune (exact 5/26, 8/19, felt through September). Neptune stimulates the realm where our imagination, delusion, our hopes and fears, insight and lies, spirituality and intuition magnify and mingle, but it does not help us differentiate between them. To safely develop our intuition, we need to learn the difference between our desires or anxieties, and our true perceptions. We’ll need all our senses to guide us this year so that we can vision a better future and make it so, instead of feeling swamped with Neptune’s shadow of lighting or the illusion of wishful thinking.
Listen to the deeper call underneath the proliferating illusions of hopes and fear, beneath a Neptunian longing to escape, to feel what is real, to feel our interconnection, and then act decisively and pragmatically to benefit all our relations. 
Water is life. Neptune refers pragmatically to water, and water rights will stay problematic, a symbol for that pool of intuition in which swim. Tend to the waters; water rights, water quality, and we symbolically tend to the health of both the earth, and of our spirit. 
We will need to fill the wells of our spirit this year, or we can crave escape from a grim ordinary reality as Saturn in Capricorn approaches Pluto (conjunct in 2019) and old patriarchal authority structures flex their muscles. Between now and 2024, Pluto traverses the path it took right before the American Revolution, . . . 
. . . Let’s use this Capricorn lineup to organize, strengthen, and structure our work. 
Uranus enters earthy Taurus on May 15, . . . Uranus will catalyze change to our approach to material resources over the next eight years, but may do so by creating a real challenge first. The trick will be not to waste energy in petty power dynamics with one another, but instead keep our eye on the prize and scale one mountain at a time .. . .

Miyazaki’s Shinto spirits


Excellent article on one of my favorite filmmakers.

The Gods and Spirits (and Totoros) of Miyazaki’s Fantasy Worlds

“There’s a moment in Hayao Miyazaki’s film My Neighbor Totoro that’s stuck with me since I first watched it a decade ago. Satsuki Kusakabe is searching for her missing sister, Mei. Looking for help, she sprints towards the huge camphor tree where the magical creature Totoro lives. She pauses for a moment at the entrance to a Shinto shrine that houses Totoro’s tree, as if considering praying there for Totoro’s help. But then she runs back to her house and finds her way to Totoro’s abode through the tunnel of bushes where Mei first encountered him. Totoro summons the Catbus, which whisks Satsuki away to where Mei is sitting, beside a lonely country road lined with small statues of Jizo, the patron bodhisattva of children.

It’s Satsuki’s hesitation in front of the shrine’s entrance that sticks with me, and what it says about the nature of spirits and religion in the film. We don’t really think of the movies of Hayao Miyazaki as religious or even spiritual, despite their abundant magic, but some of his most famous works are full of Shinto and Buddhist iconography—like those Jizo statues, or the sacred Shimenawa ropes shown tied around Totoro’s tree and marking off the river god’s bath in Spirited Away. Miyazaki is no evangelist: the gods and spirits in his movies don’t follow or abide by the rituals of religion. But the relationship between humans and gods remains paramount.”

Miyazaki’s gods and spirits aren’t explicitly based on any recognizable Japanese “kami” (a word that designates a range of supernatural beings, from the sun goddess Amaterasu to the minor spirits of sacred rocks and trees). In fact, whether Totoro is a Shinto spirit or not is a mystery. He lives in a sacred tree on the grounds of a Shinto shrine. The girls’ father even takes them there to thank Totoro for watching over Mei early in the film. But Satsuki calls Totoro an “obake,” a word usually translated as “ghost” or “monster.” Miyazaki himself has insisted that Totoro is a woodland creature who eats acorns. Is he a Shinto spirit? A monster? An animal? A figment of the girls’ imaginations? The film—delightfully—not only doesn’t answer the question, it doesn’t particularly care to even ask it.”



“… Miyazaki’s films don’t invite us to any particular faith or even belief in the supernatural, but they do invite us to see the unexpected, and to respect the spirits of trees and woods, rivers and seas. Like Totoro and Gran Mamare, their true nature and reasoning are beyond our comprehension. Call them kami, or gods, or spirits, or woodland creatures, or Mother Nature, or the environment. They are there if we know where to look, and their gifts for us are ready if we know how to ask. We have only to approach them as a child would—like Satsuki, Mei, Chihiro, and Sosuke—with open eyes and open hearts.”

Occasional fasting slows aging

“Fasting is the greatest remedy — the physician within.”


Apparently, intermittent fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. One of the more popular versions is to simply not eat from 7:00pm every night to 11:00am the following morning. I’ve tried it because I’m always looking for new ways to better my health and resolve. For me, it’s hard to sleep when I’m hungry, so I’m still working it out.

I’m not surprised by the studies saying fasting is good for you. I mean we’re all monkeys. If we were in the wild we wouldn’t be eating fettucine alfredo all day, as much as I would like to!

When you fast, even briefly, it switches on all kinds of positive changes in your body.  It raises your metabolism, increases human growth hormone, lowers insulin, clears the mind and reduces inflammation.


In pursuit of healthy aging

“Although previous work has shown how intermittent fasting can slow aging, we are only beginning to understand the underlying biology,” said William Mair, associate professor at Harvard Chan School.

By Karen Feldscher
Harvard Chan School Communications
November 3, 2017

“Manipulating mitochondrial networks inside cells — either by dietary restriction or by genetic manipulation that mimics it — may increase lifespan and promote health, according to new research from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
The study, published Oct. 26 online in Cell Metabolism, sheds light on the basic biology involved in cells’ declining ability to process energy over time, which leads to aging and age-related disease, and how interventions such as periods of fasting might promote healthy aging.
Mitochondria — the energy-producing structures in cells — exist in networks that dynamically change shape according to energy demand. Their capacity to do so declines with age, but the impact this has on metabolism and cellular function was previously unclear. In this study, the researchers showed a causal link between dynamic changes in the shapes of mitochondrial networks and longevity.

This site has a lot of good information if you want to try it. Let me know your experiences and thought’s in the comments below ❤


Saturn in Capricorn

cap1New Moon in Capricorn: 6:17pm Pacific on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018.

This is one of the most productive weeks of the last few years. Anyone feeling super focused, efficient and less tolerant of immaturity since December? That’s when Saturn returned home to the craggy mountainsides of Capricorn. It hasn’t been home in 30 years. What was going on in your life 30 years ago?

The skies are heavily weighted towards Capricorn these days. There are FIVE planets picking their way through Capricorn right now – six if you count Lilith and I ALWAYS count Lilith <3.

But the main event happens this Tuesday with the New Moon in Capricorn. We will experience a rebirth in our determination, ambition and grit – so decide which direction you want to point yourself 🙂

You are likely to feel highly productive, serious and functional. At the same time feeling intolerant of things you used to put up with – like bad relationship dynamics and situations where your contribution and authority were dismissed. Your denial of facts and reality has been blown away and you take yourself more seriously nowadays… down to your bones. The structure of your life will go through a giant overhaul in the next couple of years, and it will be for the better.