Week of November 29th: New Moon in Sagittarius

Sun at 8 Sagittarius
Mercury DIRECT at 7 Sagittarius
Venus at 19 Capricorn
Mars at 20 Scorpio (rulership, do Mars Magick!)
Jupiter at 25 Aquarius
Saturn at 8 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 20 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 1 Gemini

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We are in the darkest phase of the monthly moon cycle, preparing for the New Moon at 12 Sagittarius on Friday night. AND it’s a solar eclipse! Let yourself rest this week, and take time to reflect on how you’d like the upcoming Moon cycle to go. If you need a personal reading on how this Sagittarian cycle will effect you, you can book a short reading with me here for $45.

This week we are letting go of things, wrapping stuff up, paying off debts, and clearing our lives of stagnant energy. The Sun has left the deep waters of Scorpio, and is now traveling through the early degrees of Sagittarius, the fiery wild horse! It’s a big energy shift from water to fire, and we’re all feeling uplifted. Straight ahead is the New Moon, giving us a fresh start. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the great and benevolent King. He dispenses wealth, luck, optimism, fortune, and wisdom. We could all use a good dose of Jupiter these days.

And there’s more good news…. there are several trines and sextiles this week between the Sun, Chiron, Mars, Neptune and Mercury. Each one is a beautiful release of positive energy and growth. Mars and Venus are traveling at the same speed right now too, and in a perfect sextile. Let yourself feel optimistic this week, sieze opportunities that appear, and know that the Universe is finally giving us a break.

Monday, November 29th: Moon in Libra. The Sun and Mercury had an exact conjunction yesterday at 6 Sagittarius, and will be traveling together all week. This is called “combust”, and means our intellect can get lost in our passions and egos, OR we think too much. Rely on instincts this week. Mars trine Neptune in the predawn hours is a joyful balance of opposites. Our intuition is ignited and the path forward is clear. It’s a great way to start the week. Let yourself be optimistic, and watch for opportunities.

Tuesday, November 30th: Moon in Libra makes a bunch of aspects today, but that’s nothing compared to the three major sextiles happening! This will be a lovely, harmonious day, but can turn serious as the Moon approaches Scorpio after 6:00pm Pacific. Still, the day is glowing with creativity. Mercury sextiles Saturn (focused mind), Venus sextiles Neptune (compassion and love), and Sun sextiles Saturn (concrete intention).

Wednesday, December 1st: Moon in Scorpio. Neptune stations Direct in Pisces today, so things could be VERY unclear and foggy. If you feel lost don’t worry, things will clear up soon. Neptune can bring spiritual strength, or the desire to escape reality. Nurture yourself and your inspiration. This is definitely the day to REST or be creative.

Thursday, December 2nd: Moon in Scorpio makes five different positive aspects today, so the good news keeps coming. Expect occult experiences and deep conversations with people. Moon trines Neptune, activating the lovely-watery-creative-Neptune vibe. Embrace compassion with people, and let your dreams fly. Moon’s conjunction with Mars gives us the impulse to work hard on our ideas.

Friday, December 3rd: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 11:43pm Pacific. This Moon brings out the truth and adjusts our life perspective. Sagittarius is a wild, liberated, adventurous sign with high ideals. The Centaur wants us to look at our goals, because it’s the sign of the Archer! What are you aiming yourself at?

Saturday, December 4th: New Moon in Sagittarius continues! Mercury is conjunct the New Moon as well, bringing our minds into this shift. Rebirth your thinking to be more positive – especially self talk. This lovely energy. Make a lot of time for adventures and fun.

Sunday, December 5th: Moon in Capricorn is heavy, and the demands of the upcoming week could weigh on us today. Capricorn sours the expansive Sagittarian vibe, so today will be about making progress with challenging work, or getting chores done. Our attention turns towards our ambitions and money goals. Remember, the mountain goat can step carefully through seemingly impossible terrain, so remain undaunted by obstacles and forge ahead.

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