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David Bowie’s Blackstar: Possible Occult Interpretations

Source: David Bowie’s Blackstar: Possible Occult Interpretations

By Kyle B. Stiff

…”I Am the Great I Am

In Hebrew, Yahweh can be translated into “I am”. This comes from the Book of Genesis, when Moses asked for the name of the being giving him orders, and it responded, “I am that I am”


Yod He Vav He





This could be an ultimate assertion of existence, or even a monotheistic claim of isolated existence, as in, “There are no other gods but me.” This is also a great thing to say during a magickal ritual; you’re becoming the focus of the entire universe and thus have power over matter.

Again, the Gnostic perspective is that there are many gods, but Yaldabaoth, being blind and demented, believed he was alone….”


WATCH: The most psychedelic Hebrew lesson you’ll ever see

Aleph Bass — an aleph bet song by Darshan :: אלף בית – דרשן

“Watching this once is not enough. Darshan has produced a masterful portrayal of the Hebrew aleph bet that will have you wondering about the references and wanting to find poster-versions of the artwork.

Darshan are Shir Yaakov Feit and Eden Perstein – both musicians on their own who come together for the Darshan project.”

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