Week of May 10th: New Moon in Taurus

Sun at 20 Taurus
Mercury at 8 Gemini (Mercury in rulership finally!! Do Magick)
Venus at 2 Gemini
Mars at 10 Cancer (Mars in detriment, no Mars Magick)
Jupiter at 29 Aquarius
Saturn at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 22 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 11 Gemini

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We begin this week in the sphere of the New Moon occurring Tuesday. Black Moon Lilith, the Sun, and the Moon, will all join together at 22 Taurus, bringing some witchiness to this new cycle. Black Moon Lilith is our independent streak, our demand for equality, our witchy nature, and our ability to stand alone – especially for justice. This energy blends with Taurus and our need to acquire our own resources. The urge to create and maintain a solid foundation in our lives is strong. We need to be self sufficient, so we can stand up for personal justice and advocate for ourselves. Remember that with Taurus, beauty and nature heal the soul.

Venus and Jupiter are squaring each other now, and it will continue this week. Then on Thursday (gasp) Jupiter enters PISCES!!! Yay!! This is such an excellent transit, since Jupiter LOVES being in Pisces. Pisces Sun and/or Rising people are about to have a fantastic two years. Jupiter will expand our spiritual connections, intuitiveness, artistry, creativity, and musical inclinations. On the negative side, it can also increase our desire for alcohol, drugs, shopping, TV, sugar and sex. With Jupiter these things can turn into addictions and escapism very easily, so stay moderate.

The main thing to keep in mind, is that we are in Spring. We are flowering, just as the plants around us. What is your unique offering, your unique gift, that you can share with your community? Now is the time to identify it and nurture it, as it comes into manifestation around the Summer Solstice, June 20th. We each say “I am who I am”, and come in to full self love and acceptance. This is represented by Chiron (the Wounded Healer) moving through Aries for four more years. We just ARE who we ARE, and we don’t need to edit ourselves for anyone.

Monday, May 10th: Moon in Taurus, and Moon conjuncts Uranus. Wherever Taurus falls in your chart is going to be very active today and this week. If you want a short reading on how this will effect you, go ahead and book one with me. Watch for stubborness; instead slow down like the Taurus bull and take it a step at a time. Practice patience.

Tuesday, May 11th: New Moon in Taurus at exactly noon on the West Coast. The Moon is exalted here, so we’re feeling more grounded then usual, and can make progress in relationships. Go for a walk outside and smell some roses. Taurus is the sign of sensuality, luxury, indulgence, and places where you feel at home. Indulge in feeling comfortable. Mars sextiles Uranus, which can clear the air in stagnant situations. Be careful though, people will be stubborn.

Wednesday, May 12th: Moon in Gemini meets up with Venus, the planet of Love. If you have any unresolved discussions, today is the day to clear things up. Also, Mercury trines Saturn over in Aquarius, allowing us to think clearly and discipline our minds. Writers and poets will find great inspiration with this aspect for the next several days. We have no problem working hard on projects that require mental effort.

Thursday, May 13th: Moon in Gemini, and Sun sextiles Jupiter. We are drawn to sociability, sharing and TALKING, and the Sun and Jupiter keep our focus on the big picture. The air is alive with optimism and success. And then, Jupiter enters Pisces at 3:36pm Pacific! All around great vibe today, and Magick for wealth, justice and joy is successful. Burn a blue candle.

Friday, May 14th: Moon VOC in Gemini ALL DAY, then into Cancer at 6:30pm Pacific. When the Moon is void-of-course, avoid risks or goiing outside the norm. Just focus on what’s in front of you and plans that are already agreed upon. With a Gemini void Moon, it’s a great time to practice creativity in writing or speaking.

Saturday, May 15th: Moon in Cancer and Mars semi-sextile Saturn. Perfect for working around the home, getting organized, or taking on some hard work. With the sensitive Cancer Moon, choose your words wisely.

Sunday, May 16th: Moon in Cancer. Home projects continue. Moon trine Neptune in the evening brings a desire to escape into movies, video games, OR a good book.

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