Week of July 18th


Sun at 26 Cancer
Mercury DIRECT at 26 Cancer
Venus at 0 Cancer
Mars at 9 Taurus
Jupiter at 9 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 23 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Taurus

The Sun moves through the last degrees of Cancer this week, and we wrap up our deep emotional reflections from the past month. It’s the 4th quarter of the Moon, the “darkest” time of the lunar month. We rest and wrap things up in preparation for the rebirth of the New Moon in Leo next Thursday, July 28th. If you go out at sunset this week, you will see the moon’s light diminish until she completely disappears into the fires of the Sun. Don’t over schedule yourself or work too hard. Take some afternoon naps like Leo the Lion. Focus on finishing things – next week is the time to start new projects or habits.

This Friday, the Sun moves into its natural home of LEO! For the next month the focus turns to creative play. Leo is a time to celebrate what it means to be alive. It represents self expression, hosting parties, and making your art. Leo wants to shine its light outwardly and share it.

Venus has entered sensitive Cancer today (Sunday), bringing a need for emotional connection and sensitivity in relationships and art. Mercury is zooming through the last degrees of Cancer, and enters Leo early Tuesday morning. This will be a great change for all of us. Our minds have been water logged with Cancerian feelings, sensitivities and insecurities. In Leo, Mercury is birthed from the Cancerian womb, becomes the Child, clears his head and fully expresses himself!

Wednesday, July 20th: Moon in Aries enters her 4th quarter today, then moves into Taurus at 11:23am Pacific. We are in the dark of the Moon and it’s officially time to rest and look within. A Taurus Moon is exalted, and great strides can be made with expressing emotions. No other aspects today, although the Sun opposing Pluto is still in effect.

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