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Week of August 15th

Sun at 23 Leo
Mercury DIRECT at 14 Virgo (exalted)
Venus at 1 Leo
Mars at 25 Taurus
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 8 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Uranus at 18 Taurus
Neptune RETROGRADE 24 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Taurus

This is the last days with the Sun in its natural home of Leo. The Sun moves through the last degrees of Leo, and into Virgo next Monday, August 22nd. The Full Moon last Thursday will continue to unfold this week. A portal has opened, giving you the possibility of a new life. The portal opened in your mind, your relationships, your work, and in everything you do. Last Thursday’s Full Moon at 17 Aquarius was incredibly powerful. If you have ANY planets near 17 Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus – you FELT it, and the changes will be stronger.

Wednesday, August 17th: Moon in Taurus. Don’t try and negotiate with authority figures today, let them win the argument. Also, things slow waaaay down with the Moon in Taurus, and we indulge in sensual delights. Get yourself an excellent dinner because Taurus loves food. Mercury is SO HAPPY in Virgo right now, so today is fabulous for Air Magick of any kind. Set necessary limits and get to work.

Thursday, August 18th: Moon in Taurus: enjoy nature, and avoid reasoning with stubborn people. Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries at 1:03 am which boosts the power of women. This aspect brings childlike play, creativity and self expression. We lead from the heart and forge a path ahead! Merge with the sensual side of Taurus, and indulge yourself in romance, food, or nature.

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Week of July 18th


Sun at 26 Cancer
Mercury DIRECT at 26 Cancer
Venus at 0 Cancer
Mars at 9 Taurus
Jupiter at 9 Aries
Saturn RETROGRADE at 23 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE 25 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 27 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Taurus

The Sun moves through the last degrees of Cancer this week, and we wrap up our deep emotional reflections from the past month. It’s the 4th quarter of the Moon, the “darkest” time of the lunar month. We rest and wrap things up in preparation for the rebirth of the New Moon in Leo next Thursday, July 28th. If you go out at sunset this week, you will see the moon’s light diminish until she completely disappears into the fires of the Sun. Don’t over schedule yourself or work too hard. Take some afternoon naps like Leo the Lion. Focus on finishing things – next week is the time to start new projects or habits.

This Friday, the Sun moves into its natural home of LEO! For the next month the focus turns to creative play. Leo is a time to celebrate what it means to be alive. It represents self expression, hosting parties, and making your art. Leo wants to shine its light outwardly and share it.

Venus has entered sensitive Cancer today (Sunday), bringing a need for emotional connection and sensitivity in relationships and art. Mercury is zooming through the last degrees of Cancer, and enters Leo early Tuesday morning. This will be a great change for all of us. Our minds have been water logged with Cancerian feelings, sensitivities and insecurities. In Leo, Mercury is birthed from the Cancerian womb, becomes the Child, clears his head and fully expresses himself!

Wednesday, July 20th: Moon in Aries enters her 4th quarter today, then moves into Taurus at 11:23am Pacific. We are in the dark of the Moon and it’s officially time to rest and look within. A Taurus Moon is exalted, and great strides can be made with expressing emotions. No other aspects today, although the Sun opposing Pluto is still in effect.

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Week of December 6th

a participant dressed as the Krampus creature during “Krampus night” in Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

Sun at 13 Sagittarius
Mercury at 16 Sagittarius (Detriment. NO Mercury Magick right now)
Venus at 23 Capricorn
Mars at 24 Scorpio (rulership, do Mars Magick!)
Jupiter at 26 Aquarius
Saturn at 9 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 1 Gemini

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December 6th was Krampusnacht! Yay! I hope to go to Austria someday and see it in person…

Last Friday night we started a brand new path in our lives. We had a New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius, bringing up issues of expansion, inner truth, wisdom, justice, adventure and luck. This eclipse will continue to unfold this week. It sets the tone for this whole month’s lunar cycle. Look to where you want to rebirth yourself, and put all of your focus there.

This week, Mercury is hiding behind the Sun, as they continue their travels through Sagittarius. This can bring extremes to our thinking – either we think too much and over analyze, or we don’t think at all. Try to find a happy medium. The big aspect this week is Venus conjuncting Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn. If you have any planets at 24 Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, they will be exponentionally activated this week. This conjunction inspires deep evolution in our relationships, romances, and artistic endeavors, AND it will be continuing until MARCH!! Could bring obsessiveness, catharsis, transformation and healing.

Monday, December 6th: Moon in Capricorn makes five aspects today including a trine with Uranus in Taurus, and conjunctions with Venus and Pluto. Watch for signs today about the major relationship shifts coming in the next few months. Authority figures are in charge today, and power plays or control issues could come up. Ground yourself through working hard, especially on things you’ve been avoiding. Could be an intense evening.

Tuesday, December 7th: Moon in Aquarius. Do things today that help you feel grounded. Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces in the early morning. This aspect makes our minds foggy, and makes the facts of any situation hard to grasp. Things will be clearer in the next couple of days, so postpone important decisions or conversations. Lots of electricity and ideas in the air.

Wednesday, December 8th: Moon in Aquarius. Mars squares Jupiter in the middle of the night, which means we need to find an agreement between our drives and our ideals. When we bring them into alignment, we turn a corner. This is a revolutionary day, and there could many changes and developments. Slow down and take everything one step at a time, and step carefully around people’s egos. Also, Aquarius means to let your creative genius out to play, and to connect with friends and groups of folks.

Thursday, December 9th: Moon in Pisces makes a lovely conjunction with Jupiter in the middle of the night. Pisces means “go with the flow”. Today is good for listening to lots of music, taking a boat ride, and using your senses. There’s also a Moon square Mars in the early morning which can bring underlying tensions to the surface. With the Mercury hidden in the fires of the Sun, it can be difficult to talk your way through issues. Use your intuition.

Friday, December 10th: Moon in Pisces enters her 2nd quarter. If an issue comes up, go with your gut instincts. Excellent day for psychic impressions, imagination, watery activities, or being wildly creative. Swim around with your intuitions and ideas. The watery, musical, loving vibe is enhanced by the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune in the early afternoon.

Saturday, December 11th: Moon goes void-of-course in Pisces at 11:20am, then into Aries at 1:46pm Pacific. Today is the BIG conjunction between Venus and Pluto at 24 Capricorn! With this aspect, and the Moon entering Aries, watch for tempers flaring. Avoid ego stand offs. We are being called to evolve and regenerate our relationships, so practice giving, receiving and sharing. Implement new ideas and approaches.

Sunday, December 12th: Moon in Aries gives us fresh energy and perspective. The Sun squares Neptune in the middle of the night which can bring confusion to our day. The best use of this energy is to focus on creativity and soul expression. Forget your worries and have some FUN!!

Eliphas Levi’s Seven Planetary Qualities

Photo by breath-art

Eliphas Levi, the occult author of the mid-1800’s, published many seminal works that became the cornerstones of early western mysticism. He illuminates the ancient roots of magical thought and tradition in a myriad of ways, but what I stumbled upon today is his presentation of the qualities of the seven traditional planets.

I refer to these attributes constantly in my work as an astrologer and Qabalistic jeweler. My usual source is Aleister Crowley’s 777, but Levi’s comments on the planets predate Crowley’s by many decades, and I want to share them here with you. What I found most exciting, is that each of the seven sins and seven virtues are related to a planet!! Here’s the seven traditional planets list from Eliphas Levi’s book, Transcendental Magick:

The Sun

  • virtue: faith, confidence, self reliance
  • vice: pride
  • Angel of Light, Michael
  • human life stage: infancy
  • bird: the swan
  • fish: the seal
  • mammals: the lion
  • stones: garnet
  • metal: gold
  • Qabalistic sign: serpent with the head of a lion

The Moon

  • virtue: hope
  • vice: avarice or greed
  • Angel of Aspirations or dreams, Gabriel
  • human life stage: childhood
  • bird: the owl
  • fish: the catfish
  • mammals: the cat
  • stones: crystal
  • metal: silver
  • Qabalistic images:


  • virtue: prudence
  • vice: idleness
  • Angel of Progress, Raphael
  • human life stage:
  • bird: the stork
  • fish: the chub
  • mammals: the monkey
  • stones: agate
  • metal: fixed mercury
  • Qabalistic image:


  • virtue: strength
  • vice: wrath
  • Angel of Destruction, Samael
  • human life stage: youth
  • bird: the vulture
  • fish: the pike
  • mammals: the wolf
  • stones: diamond
  • metal: iron
  • Qabalistic image:


  • virtue: charity
  • vice: luxury
  • Angel of Loves, Anael
  • human life stage: youth
  • bird: the dove
  • fish: the mullet
  • mammals: the he-goat
  • stones: emerald
  • metal: copper
  • Qabalistic image:


  • virtue: justice
  • vice: envy
  • Angel of Power, Zachariel
  • human life stage: ripe age
  • bird: the eagle
  • fish: the dolphin
  • mammals: the stag
  • stones: sapphire
  • metal: pewter
  • Qabalistic image:


  • virtue: temperance
  • vice: gluttony
  • Angel of the Wilderness, Orifiel
  • human life stage: old age
  • bird: the pewit
  • fish: sepia or cuttle-fish
  • mammals: the mole
  • stones: onyx
  • metal: lead
  • Qabalistic image: