Week of April 5th

Sun at 14 Aries (EXALTED. Do Sun Magick)
Mercury at 2 Aries
Venus at 17 Aries (in her detriment, no Venus Magick now)
Mars at 18 Gemini
Jupiter at 23 Aquarius
Saturn at 11 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 21 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 12 Gemini

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We are in the dark of the Moon this week, so just take it easy and rest. The Moon is waning until Sunday, April 11th, when we have a New Moon in Aries.

Friends, it’s a week of germination as we prepare for the rebirth of the New Moon in Aries next Sunday. The week starts in an airy, social space with the Moon in Aquarius, and now Mercury in Aries. Mercury is amplified in Aries after spending weeks in foggy, sentimental, watery Pisces. Our minds shake off the confusion and become reborn in the sign of the Ram. Mercury is moving fast and will soon catch up to Chiron, then the Sun and Venus, who are still moving through Aries together.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Sun, Venus and Mercury catch up with Eris in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. This major, two year square between Pluto (evolution) and Eris (discord) is one of the most combustible aspects happening right now. We are also moving towards Pluto stationing retrograde on April 27, which could bring up challenges leading to evolution. Keep your focus on what’s most important to you, and ignore the distractions that arise.

We now have all the personal planets – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars – in the early signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus and Gemini. These are the most personal, impulsive, internal, spontaneous, self-oriented energies. It’s springtime, and the seed is just starting to sprout. We are getting in touch with our values, desires and needs so we can individuate (Aries). The impulse towards individualization is coming from Pluto, the Soul, over in Capricorn. Ask yourself: who am I, and what do I want to see happen with my life and my purpose”. Once you’ve established those answers, Uranus in Taurus will help you build new ways of becoming self sufficient.

Monday, April 5th: Moon in Aquarius. It’s an oddly relaxing day. Moon conjuncts Pluto in the middle of the night bringing a heavy, serious vibe, but Moon sextile Mercury in the afternoon makes it easier to talk about whatever is coming up.

Tuesday, April 6th: Moon in Aquarius means try a radical new approach. This is the best communication/negotiation day of the week. We examine and reassess our vision of the future, and how that ties in with the upcoming New Moon. Also, Venus sextiles Mars bringing harmony between men and women. The randiness of Spring is in full effect. Remember to be artfully tactful in all ambitious ventures. Art and music get a boost.

Wednesday, April 7th: Moon void, then into Pisces at 1:30pm Pacific. Follow your instincts and practice self love. Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the early morning which brings a wonderful, jovial vibe to the day. Emotions are lighthearted.

Thursday, April 8th: Moon in Pisces. You might need some solitude as we approach the New Moon. Take time for yourself and focus on nurturing and spiritual practice. Moon sextile Uranus is the only aspect today, and could bring some morning surprises.

Friday, April 9th: Moon in Pisces goes void-of-course at 4:48pm Pacific. Mercury conjuncts Chiron and could bring up a crisis in our communication, thinking, technology or the news. Then Mars square Neptune in the afternoon brings confusion with our ambitions or actions. Things are not what they seem, so wait for more clarity. Not a good time to follow your ego into battles or willful behavior. Avoid rumination, speculation, fantasies, drugs and alcohol.

Saturday, April 10th: Moon in Aries. Mercury sextile Saturn and Venus sextile Jupiter bring great conditions for creative people, and for having fun. Be open to inspiration, beauty and vision – as well opportunities to expand your visibility. These aspects are sociable, but practice caution with Pluto (pandemics) going retrograde in two weeks.

Sunday, April 11th: New Moon in Aries at 7:30pm Pacific. The Moon, Sun and Venus hang out together in a delightful pile up in Aries. Do some self-care since Chiron, the great healer, is also nearby. The other BIG aspect – Venus squares Pluto bringing cathartic creativity, or fears with regards to Love and self expression.

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