Week of May 3rd: Full Moon in Scorpio

Sun at 14 Taurus
Mercury at 11 Taurus
Venus at 20 Gemini
Mars at 24 Aquarius
Jupiter at 27 Capricorn
Saturn at 1 Aquarius
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces

Monday, May 4th – Moon in Libra. Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus, and Venus square to Neptune most of the week. Solid, earthy energy today. I know a lot of folks out there are worried about money, and/or looking for work. There could be some good progress this week with the Sun (vision), Mercury (communication) and Uranus (sudden change) in Taurus (Earth sign of resources).

Tuesday, May 5th – Moon in Libra. Day to get yourself into balance; whatever that looks like for you. Venus in Gemini in a Grand Trine with Mars in Aquarius and Moon in Libra. We experience the lightness of Air. Excellent communication today – both within ourselves and with our social circle. Lots of new, ingenious ideas available to us that we can apply to our lives.

Wednesday, May 6th – Moon in Scorpio. We’re under the influence of the Full Moon, which is exact tomorrow. Avoid social complications. If you HAVE to air your feelings, be gentle and take the other person’s feeling into account. Scorpio needs to express the truth, and can be too accurate and brutal about it, so be mindful in conversations.

Thursday, May 7th – Full Moon in Scorpio. Watch out for power plays at work or amongst your friends. The best use of Scorpio energy is to heal and rebirth yourself in some way, so transitions could be prominent this week. Focus more on where you’d like to go than on where you’ve been.

Friday, May 8th – Moon in Sagittarius. The mood lightens and we end this week on a positive note. Hopefully, the Full Moon brought some deep purging and new clarity about who you are and your direction. Sagittarius brings the Truth to us, along with new, exciting experiences.

Saturday, May 9th – Moon in Sagittarius. Excellent day for an outdoor adventure.

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