Week of June 16th


Full Moon in Sagittarius, Monday June 17th at 1:33am.
Mercury at 19 Cancer (weakened).
Mars at 20 Cancer (in it’s fall; no Mars Magick).
Venus at 9 Gemini
Jupiter at 18 Sagittarius, retrograde
Saturn, Pluto at 20ish Capricorn, retrograde

Monday 6/17: Full Moon at 25 Sagittarius at 1:33am Pacific. Take aim and shoot. Release the arrow of your mind, and aim for the bullseye of Truth. What’s up for you right now, and what’s the great truth underlying it? Something is achieving fruition this week, and it starts today. Go with the current of your life, and put your energies towards things you have control over.

Tuesday 6/18: Moon in Capricorn. Avoid confronting authority figures today – just focus on doing the hard work. Aries, Cancerians and Libras, be on your best behavior this week; keep yourselves well rested. Mercury conjunct Mars today, so stay gentle and patient. Mercury and Saturn in sextiles with Neptune inspire us to take a healthier approach to life. We gain a new awareness around our responsibilities.

Wednesday 6/19: Moon in VOC Capricorn all day. With the Moon void-of-course it’s best to focus on what’s already in motion. Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto today, so it’s IMPERATIVE to avoid arguments or complications. Simmering tensions can erupt, so keep your cool until you can approach a dispute in a calm and neutral way. Try not to take things personally.

Thursday 6/20: Moon in Aquarius. Yesterday’s tense aspects are still in play so take it easy on yourself and others. Today is a better day to seek acknowledgement and cooperation from those in leadership positions. It’s a good night to go out and socialize.

Friday 6/21: SUMMER SOLSTICE. Moon VOC in Aquarius all day, so don’t commit to anything. It’s a dreamy, idealistic day. Sun into Cancer at 8:54am, and Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces at 7:36am. Float around, work on creative projects and let your imagination run wild.

Saturday 6/22: Moon in Pisces. More floating. Situations might not be clear today, so don’t be discouraged if it’s hard to nail things down. Focus on spirituality, meditation and music. Creative time for writers, thinkers, and artists. Self expression flows easily, and we gravitate towards like-minded people.

Face the Shadow. We’re still excavating our lives with the Saturn-conjunct-Pluto-both-retrograde aspect. It will be closely exact THIS month, and will continue to wind it’s way through the year ahead. Wherever this is landing in your chart, you are being profoundly shifted. Saturn is forcing you to face the reality of your life, and Pluto is bringing up our toxic energy on a personal and collective level. Pluto is forcing us to purge, purify and reform ourselves. Resisting these shifts will create big problems, so just relax and go with the flow. Pay attention to stuff that isn’t working for you anymore and if you can, make changes.

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