Week of March 21st: Spring Equinox

Sun at 0 Aries
Mercury 20 Pisces
Venus at 14 Aquarius
Mars at 11 Aquarius
Jupiter at 19 Pisces
Saturn at 21 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 23 Taurus

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The Sun entered Aries at 8:33am Pacific on Sunday, and it’s officially Spring! Hail unto Ostara and the spirit of rebirth! This is the astrological New Year, and has been celebrated all over the world since ancient times. This time of year is a major turning point for each of us. The metaphoric seeds we plant now will continue to grow throughout the year ahead.

Last Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo is still unfolding this week, so there will be continued developments with any issues you are facing right now. The 4th quarter starts this Thursday. This is Aries season, so take some time to reflect on how you’d like the upcoming Moon cycle to go. If you need a personal reading on how this Aries cycle will affect you, book a short reading with me here for $45.

Monday, March 21st: Moon in Scorpio. Mercury caught up with Jupiter last night, and made a lovely conjunction in Pisces – very close to Neptune. Today, the Moon comes along in Scorpio and trines all three of them, bringing joyful, expansive moods and communications. Today is transformative. Healing is favored along with strength, and an unwavering view of our shadow sides. This Moon brings out the truth, but also makes people sensitive, so avoid social complications.

Tuesday, March 22nd: Moon in Scorpio, moving into Sagittarius at noon. Also, Mars square Uranus will be exact. This aspect can bring risky actions, crankiness, sudden outbursts or anger. Give tense people a wide berth this week and avoid confrontations. There could be escalation in the Russian invasion of Ukraine too. Watch for sudden developments or changes at work, and stop any psychological examinations of other peoples’ behavior. Focus instead on healing and rebirthing yourself.

Wednesday, March 23rd: Moon in Sagittarius brings an optimistic mood. Look at your goals and aim for your highest ideals. Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces today, which can create confusion with communication and understanding. The edges of our boundaries and motivations are blurred, but it’s a wonderful time to access imagination. A conjunction brings a positive blending of energies, so taking action towards your dreams can yield excellent results, especially with writing. Also great for scrying, divination, and exploring psychic or religious worlds.

Thursday, March 24th: Moon in Sagittarius moves into Capricorn at 2:54pm Pacific, and makes a nice sextile to the Sun. Drives, ambition, and tenacity are in alignment today. No big aspects today, just lots of hard work. Not the right day to seek concessions from authority figures – leave that until next week.

Friday, March 25th: Moon in Capricorn enters her 4th quarter, and we are in the dark of the Moon. Now is the time for solitude, introspection, and rest. This Moon ushers us into a working weekend. Friday is usually date night, but it won’t be a romantic evening unless you’ve finished your chores. From Capricorn, we build our lives from a solid foundation. Where are you right now? The only way forward today is through concentration.

Saturday, March 26th: Moon in Capricorn moves into Aquarius at 5:55pm Pacific. Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius, on a Saturday, is GREAT for saturnian Magick, i.e. discipline, structure and commitment. Saturn represents our stability, and brings up themes of structure, time, karma, and authority. 

Sunday, March 27th: Moon in Aquarius. Mercury enters Aries which adds to the feelings of Spring and rebirth. Everything is “resetting” itself, and we are getting ready to bloom. It’s the beginning of a new yearly cycle, and our thinking is ambitious.

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