Week of April 4th

Sun at 14 Aries
Mercury 15 Aries
Venus at 28 Aquarius
Mars at 21 Aquarius
Jupiter at 22 Pisces
Saturn at 22 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 28 Capricorn
North Node at 22 Taurus

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Friday’s New Moon at 11 Aries continues to unfold this week, as Mars makes an exact conjunction with Saturn at 23 Aquarius (improvement, liberation, the future). What are you driven towards? This aspect focuses our Will, self-control and discipline. It’s not enough to have big ideas and ambitions, Saturn makes you work hard for them. With this conjunction we are open to direction from authority figures, and we follow the tried-and-true path. This increases our chances for success! There are limits on pushing TOO hard though – you need to play by Saturn’s rules.

Also, this Mars-Saturn conjunction is exactly square the Moon’s nodes. Something will come up this week that is non-negotiable. There’s something you MUST DO, in order to proceed in life towards the North Node in Taurus (unconditional self-love, abundance, prosperity, self-sufficiency). This is where each of us is headed right now. We will see a major change in the next couple of weeks, both with this aspect, and next week with the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

The Aries New Moon last Friday was conjunct Mercury and Chiron. It was a new beginning for the year ahead, but also the start of a new phase of healing our deepest wounds. We can find this healing through reading, talking, writing, listening, therapy or any form of self-expression. Once we reach a new understanding, it is important to feel the pain and grieve. Owning the hurt feelings is the way to deep peace.

Monday, April 4th: Moon in Taurus is exalted, especially on a Monday. Normally it would be great for Moon Magick, but today we also have Mars conjunct Saturn. Keep a low profile and focus on your inner work. There’s some wonderful progress that can be made, but these planets are both malefics, so there is a threat of anger and violence.

Tuesday, April 5th: Moon in Gemini brings sociability and negotiation. This is a fast-moving day, and there will be lots of developments. Venus moves into Pisces at 8:18am Pacific, which is the sign of her exaltation or greatest expression. Taureans and Librans are going to have a great couple of months. Venus in Pisces is inspiring, creative, dreamy, imaginative, and romantic. Don’t get lost in lustful fantasies, no matter how enticing. This is a wonderful placement for all artists.

Wednesday, April 6th: Moon in Gemini makes five different aspects today – positive trines with Mars, Saturn and Venus, while squaring Jupiter and Neptune. There could be harmony and great communication in relationships today, but the squares bring general confusion. No big decisions today, focus on mindfulness and getting grounded.

Thursday, April 7th: Moon in Cancer makes a lovely trine with Venus newly in Pisces. It’s a romantic and sentimental day. Also, Mercury sextile Saturn is exact, which brings grounded communications. We choose our words carefully and communicate what’s really on our minds. Great day for studying and applying yourself to anything mentally challenging. If you get overwhelmed, take some deep breaths and meditate.

Friday, April 8th: Moon in Cancer has you staying home and nesting. Be gentle… Easy Does It. Creativity, nostalgia, food, and emotional release are good uses of this energy. Today Mercury sextile Mars is exact, which supercharges our minds from yesterday’s shifts. There will be more good news and development about our ideas.

Saturday, April 9th: Moon in Cancer goes void-of-course at 6pm. Stay home tonight. Avoid difficult conversations because sensitivities are high. The Moon is opposite Pluto today (while Pluto squares Mercury) so there could be a new understanding, OR tension and control issues.

Sunday, April 10th: Moon in Leo brings us back to our center, to our reason for being. In the evening, Mercury enters Taurus – where he’s not all that happy. The lightning-fast Messenger doesn’t like the slow pace of the Bull. Also, Mercury square Pluto is exact which is rough because our Mind faces the Dark Side. Good day for shadow work i.e. examining self-sabotage, toxic patterns, fears, and control issues. Repressed thoughts and desires could rise to the surface. Watch out for negative thinking in your head or from the mouths of other people.

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