Week of June 7th: New Moon in Gemini

Sun at 17 Gemini
Mercury RETROGRADE at 23 Gemini
Venus at 4 Cancer (home, roots, family)
Mars at 26 Cancer (into Leo Friday)
Jupiter at 1 Pisces (strong)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 10 Gemini

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We begin this week with a balsamic, fallow Moon, building towards a New Moon Eclipse at 19 Gemini on Thursday. Leading up to this Moon, we have an opportunity to release things that no longer fit into our new way of being. We are in eclipse season, which occurs every six months in a specific sign. It always carries a theme, and since these eclipses are on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis this year, the theme is to let go of old ways of being in order to make way for the fresh and new. These eclipses give us a reality check, and a chance to take personal inventory. They show the neglected, shadow sides of our lives, and point us towards what needs attention.

This weekend we had a cardinal T-square which will be with us for several more days. Pluto in Capricorn opposed Mars in Cancer, and the Aries Moon squared the opposition. This aspect can raise passions and bring up discussions with loved ones about feelings, hopes and fears. If we’re stuck in power struggles with someone, it will become plainly obvious this week.

The undercurrents are the retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto, and the upcoming square of Saturn and Uranus next week. This could add to the tensions between Pluto and Mars, and highlight feelings of no progress. If you’ve been feeling lost in the face of world events, or that you’ve been backsliding, things aren’t moving fast enough, or just irrational fears, it could all be exacerbated by these retrogrades. Saturn and Pluto can bring up helplessness, karma, issues with time, sacrifice and depletion, but it’s always darkest before a new dawn, and we will be receiving a grand, new beginning this week. Sagittarius tells us to have faith.

Monday, June 7th: Moon in Taurus, and Moon conjuncts Uranus. The Moon is exalted here, and it’s also a Monday, so it’s the PERFECT day for Moon Magick. If you want to bring in more creativity or psychic attunement, today is the day for a ritual. Moon bumping into Uranus can bring out your genius as well. Taurus is the sign of sensuality, luxury, indulgence. It’s also a good day for working with animals.

Tuesday, June 8th: Moon into Gemini at 11:47am Pacific. Moon trines Pluto today, along with some lovely sextiles. The Moon is in it’s balsamic phase, preparing for the New Moon coming… Moon square Jupiter in the evening could bring some tensions between our mind and spirit.

Wednesday, June 9th: Moon in Gemini trines Saturn in the afternoon which can bring heavy conversations, based in reality. We have no problem working hard on projects that require mental effort. We are in the sphere of the New Moon in Gemini occurring tomorrow too. The Moon conjuncts the North Node today, so watch for flashes of the future.

Thursday, June 10th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini in the pre-dawn hours – 3:53am Pacific. There’s a whole slew of aspects too; planetary energies are unified in a lovely, supportive way for this New Moon. The Sun also conjuncts Mercury, which is great for writers and poets. We are drawn to sociability, sharing and TALKING.

Friday, June 11th: Moon Cancer and Mars into Leo! Yay! Mars loves being in a fire sign, and he activates the heart while in Leo. After wandering through uncertain, insecure and emotional Cancer, Mars (and men in general) will be feeling feisty and confident. Support the performing arts.

Saturday, June 12th: Moon in Cancer conjuncts Venus, giving the start of the day a loving, artistic flavor. The Moon interacts with Saturn later on though, and emotions can get heavier. This is a day of healing, rest, reflection and food. With the sensitive Cancer Moon, choose your words wisely. Also today, Venus squares Chiron in Aries, which can give creative people firey inspiration.

Sunday, June 13th: Moon into Leo runs straight into Mars, and suddenly everyone has an opinion or wants to rule the roost. Posturing aside, Venus and the Moon make several lovely aspects with Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, bringing more artistic energy to the day. Channel frustrations into art.

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