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Tarot: One card game

Here’s fun game to use whenever you need a little inspiration or guidance; just click the images and see what card you get!

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The Fool. Ryder Waite deck

Love for Oakland


I’m so moved and saddened by the lives taken in Ghost Ship fire Friday night. When I first heard the story, I understood exactly what it was, because myself and many of my friends have attended gatherings like these many times around the Bay Area. They are exuberant, liberating, creative, inspiring and energizing events for the underground artistic community. To me, they are the heartbeat of the Bay Area, and communities everywhere. I’ve personally been inspired musically by attending these events.

But I wasn’t ready to start seeing the faces and hearing the back stories of the people that perished. I feel rocked to my core this morning; helpless and grieving for the young lives lost. To me, the artists, writers, performers and musicians of this world are hugely important and VITAL – especially as the world is becoming more conservative and protectionist. The world desperately needed to hear more from these brilliant kids, who had their whole lives in front of them.

You can read some of their stories here.

What can be said? What can be done other than to grieve? There is something each of us can do for the ones we lost. We can speak up. We can get disciplined and get to work. We can express ourselves. And we can DO OUR ART. I’m picking up my guitar today in honor of them.


Bowie in the Bay, 1973

Great article by Kayla Mahoney from Rushtix!

“A Stardusted look at San Francisco from failed concerts to awesome photo shoots in SF”

The History of Bowie in the Bay

Since the passing of the perpetually dilated, ground control technician-ing, androgynous British songster born David Robert Jones, aka David Bowie, aka Ziggy Stardust, aka Sacred Silversexual, aka guy surrounded by puppets in Labyrinth, earlier this week, Bay Area fans, and the entire internet, have come together to celebrate, remember, and straight up worship, the life of this fallen star.

SF Oddities

The History of Bowie in the Bay

As a huge activist in the LGBTQIA community since before all those other letters were added, Bowie is particularly missed here in The Bay where the population of free spirited weirdos, eccentrics, and upstream swimmers is particularly prevalent.

Not Yet a Star, Man

The History of Bowie in the Bay

His first Bay Area show was a Halloween event in 1972 at Winterland that cost only $4. It was neither well received nor attended – just a few hundred people buying tickets – so if anyone has a time machine and wants to visit the show and give the man some love, that’s where to go.

Golden Years

The History of Bowie in the Bay

Bowie at the Cow Palace in 1976  – Photo credit – thethinwhiteduke.tumblr.com.

But then Bill Graham was like, “Bowie! Come back! We love you!” and he returned to play a sold out show at the Cow Palace in 1976.

A Beautician Sells You Nutrition

The History of Bowie in the Bay

He even visited our Golden Gated city, with supermodel Cyrinda Foxe in tow, to film the music video for “The Jean Genie.” The two “snuck off to the city” to pose and dance in front of the famous, and not there anymore, Mars Hotel on 4th and Howard Street.

The History of Bowie in the Bay

2326 Mission Street (by Mission Thrift), Photo Credit: erinblogs.com

Into the Wild Wind

The History of Bowie in the Bay

His lithe, pale, glitter covered, body might be gone, but his legacy lives on through his music, and impact on the world. For information on where to find events to pay your respects to the Bo-Man (a new nickname I just made up) click here.

> If you’re looking for even more music to worship in San Francisco, join RushTix.