Week of June 21st: Full Moon in Capricorn

Sun at 0 Cancer
Mercury DIRECT at 16 Gemini
Venus at 22 Cancer (home, roots, family)
Mars at 5 Leo (finally!! A strong position)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 2 Pisces (strong)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 12 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 10 Gemini

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Today is the Summer Solstice! The high point of light for all of 2021! Happy Solstice to you and yours. This is such a magical day – and it’s the climax of the year. From here on the days will get shorter.

There are many changes ahead making this a wild astrological week. First, there is a heavy influence of the element “water”, since many planets are interacting in water signs. The Moon is in Scorpio right now, the Sun just went into Cancer today, and is now forming a trine with Jupiter over in Pisces, AND Jupiter and Neptune are both stationing retrograde this week in the sign of Pisces! When planets are stationary retrograde, their influences are extremely strong and influential. All three water signs are currently being activated, which brings up healing, emotions and intuitive messages.

Both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces soften hard edges and boundaries, bring up inner truths, and reconnect us with our Soul. This morning, June 20, Jupiter began its retrograde through Pisces and Aquarius. The king is turning around to retrace his steps through his ocean kingdoms. Watch for overindulgencees. The positive side of this transit, is that it encourages messages of inner healing, peaceful resistance, communal spirit, and compassion in our world. For the next week or so, Jupiter will be standing still in the sky at 2 Pisces, so if you have any planets in the early degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, they are getting a powerful boost of luck and expansion.

Venus trines Neptune right after the Sun enters Cancer tomorrow, June 21, giving the Summer Solstice a dreamy, loving vibe. Mercury turns direct in Gemini this Wednesday the 23rd! The Capricorn Full Moon arrives this Thursday, June 24, and Venus enters Leo on June 27! This is truly an eventful week, and each day brings some new, major shift.

Monday, June 21st: Moon in Scorpio and Venus trine Neptune. Imagination is strengthened. This aspect is inspiring for artists, and will be with us all week! You can really make some breakthroughs in the areas of love and art. Enjoy water activities. Hang out by a pool. The Scorpio Moon can bring out the truth, but also make people sensitive, so think before you speak.

Tuesday, June 22nd: Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Direct in Gemini. We leave rumination behind as our thoughts turn forwards again. All of our illusions about the people in our lives, as well as the stories we tell ourselves, are being purged in order to make way for a new path.Adventures pop up everywhere and our energy rises, especially with Moon trine Mars. Enjoy the optimistic mood as enter the orb of the Full Moon on Thursday. Creative exploration.

Wednesday, June 23rd: Moon in Sagittarius, Sun trine Jupiter AND Venus opposes Pluto. The Sun/Jupiter trine brings a wonderful bounty of opportunity, FUN, and luck! The thing is, Venus opposing Pluto at the same time brings intensity to the mix. We have the chance to deeply connect in our relationships. Get out and mix with people today. Possibilities abound for fun, creativity, progress and connection.

Thursday, June 24th: Full Moon rises at 3 Capricorn, which is a hard place for the Moon. She is in her detriment in Capricorn, which celebrates “getting ahead” more than vulnerabilities. People become cautious, stubborn and distrustful during a Capricorn Moon, and it’s hard to get concessions from authority figures. We can simplify and organize, but the undercurrent of the joyful aspects are still present. We are currently harvesting what we began in January, when the Sun was in Capricorn. The energies of this Full Moon will unfold over the week ahead as well as the next six months. We will have peak experiences with our ambitions, career, and personal story.

Friday, June 25th: Moon in Capricorn and Neptune stations retrograde. We’re still in the influence of yesterday’s full moon, but with Neptune standing still the intuitive side of things comes to the forefront. It’s a spacy swim through aethers and different dimensions – perfect for artists and lovers. Go to the beach.

Saturday, June 26th: Moon in Aquarius on a Saturday is great for saturnian Magick, i.e. discipline, structure and focus. Moon makes a powerful conjunction with Pluto, adding intensity to the day, and Venus opposes the Moon, bringing up settlements (hopefully good ones!) in relationships.

Sunday, June 27th: Moon in Aquarius goes void at noon for the whole rest of the day! Venus also moves into Leo in the middle of the night. Follow predetermined plans, but have fun today! Venus is happy in Leo, and loves to explore creativity, fashion and performance.

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