Week of June 14th

by Arthur Rackha

Sun at 24 Gemini
Mercury RETROGRADE at 18 Gemini
Venus at 13 Cancer (home, roots, family)
Mars at 0 Leo (finally!! A strong position)
Jupiter at 2 Pisces (strong)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 23 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 10 Gemini

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Here comes official Summer! Next Sunday, June 20th, the Sun enters Cancer heralding the Summer Solstice. This day is the maximum influence of the Sun, the longest day of the year, and the high point of Light for all of 2021. After this event, the days grow shorter and we move towards Fall.

This week the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) each day and the Sun moves through the last degrees of Gemini. We had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini last Thursday, which brought up our need to organize our thoughts, talk, write, play, socialize and travel. In the last half of June, the focus turns to our homes, personal circumstances, emotional needs and family vacations.

The big aspect this week is tomorrow – Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus. This is a major, disruptive aspect, both for society at large AND for our personal lives. It’s unpredictable, and often brings revolution. It’s the second exact square of three in 2021, and signifies the struggle between the “old guard”, and a new way of doing things. Like it or not, outdated institutions and methods are being released into the past, and a new world is in the process of being born. This year is a turning point for society’s culture clock. The radical, young, tech oriented, diverse and progressive elements in our society are becoming our new leaders. Anyone holding onto outdated ways of doing things is in for a BIG shake up.

Jupiter (optimism, luck, wealth) hangs over this week. The planet of Luck is stopped in the sky and turns retrograde next Sunday the 23rd. Throwing caution to the winds, and following every fancy and overindulgence can look particularly tempting right now. I say, if you want to go for it. It will effect each of us differently, depending on where Jupiter is sitting in your specific chart. If you want a short reading on it, you can book me here. Jupiter expands everything it touches, an brings up themes of faith, travel, education, and foreign lands. Instead of overindulgence, let your inspirations guide you.

Monday, June 14th: Moon in Leo, and Saturn square Uranus. Moon in Leo makes us expressive, playful and creative, but the square between Saturn and Uranus is a big, tense event, and it will last for a couple of weeks. 2021 turns the page and ushers in a new world. In your personal life, what old ways are you releasing, and who are you becoming in this new paradigm?

Tuesday, June 15th: Moon in Leo, going void around 10:30am, then into Virgo at 8:00pm Pacific. During the long void period, follow plans that have already been agreed upon. Virgo Moon brings the focus to order, health and discipline. Remember, moderation is the key! Watch out for self criticism or self doubt, and just do what you can within reason.

Wednesday, June 16th: Moon in Virgo opposes Jupiter and trines Uranus. Watch for surprises in the evening! The opposition with Jupiter means there’s some emotional stuff to figure out before you’re ready to move forward with a project or person. In general, there’s no need to force your views about what’s right or how to behave. Be gentle with yourself, your body, and others.

Thursday, June 17th: Moon in Virgo makes five different aspects today, so it’s about riding the waves. I focus on creativity during these times, regrouping and self nurturing. Square to Mercury, opposition to Neptune and trine to Pluto means to practice being in the present moment, and saying what you really mean.

Friday, June 18th: Moon in Libra on a Friday? Talk about the perfect date night, this is it! If you’re vaccinated, go out and mix with like-minded people. Art, women, creativity, parties, love – all are enhanced today. I think Venus in Cancer is suitable for planetary magick too, so engage in Venus rituals today.

Saturday, June 19th: Moon in Libra makes another flurry of aspects; trines Saturn and Mercury and squares Venus. The focus on balance continues, but tension between the Moon and Venus can dampen the sexy mood. This square between our emotions and relationships can bring insecurity, and an inability to sort out the truth. Just wait until things become more clear. Try not to create stories in your head about your relationships, instead rely on facts.

Sunday, June 20th: Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter retrograde (8:06am) and Sun into Cancer at 8:32pm Pacific. SUMMER SOLSTICE. With the Moon in Scorpio it’s a witchy day. Celebrate the solstice with friends and loved ones, and nourish deep connections. If a boundary needs to be set, today is the day. Moon has some lovely trines with the Sun and Jupiter today. HAVE FUN!!!

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