Week of March 15th: SPRING EQUINOX

Sun at 26 Pisces
Mercury at 0 Pisces
Venus at 23 Pisces (exalted!)
Mars at 7 Gemini
Jupiter at 20 Aquarius
Saturn at 10 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 14 Gemini

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We begin this week basking in the glow of the lovely Pisces New Moon last Saturday; an uplifting, spiritual and artistic event. We have a fresh start in the realms of music, love, creativity and spiritual connection. This week, the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) each day. Mercury is about to join Neptune, Venus, and the Sun in Pisces, leaving Jupiter and Saturn to soar the airy heights of Aquarius. We’ve spent the last month in Pisces, and we have a new vision of ourselves.

Spring begins on Saturday with the Sun’s entrance into Aries! There’s been a wonderful series of aspects over the past couple of weeks. The only tension is the continuing Saturn square Uranus, which encourages each of us to stabilize our lives so we can progress into the future. This push and pull will take all year to sort out, so embrace the things in life that nurture and revitalize you.

Last Saturday’s Venus conjunct Neptune is with us through the week. It’s a yearly conjunction between the lower and higher vibrations of love. This energy blends with the Sun moving through the last degrees of Pisces – enhancing reflection, artistic expression, and spiritual love. If you’re a musician, artist, filmmaker or writer, make use of this energy over the next few days. Intuitive, psychic and mystical revelations are within our grasp.

Monday, March 15th: Moon in Aries, Mercury into Pisces, and the Sun in the last degrees of Pisces. The week after a New Moon gives us fresh energy, and a feeling of rebirth. Moon in Aries means people (including us) won’t be patient, or listen well. Entertain the idea of patience, and let other people do the “acting out”.

Tuesday, March 16th: Moon in Taurus. The Moon is exalted here, so clarity can arrive regarding emotional troubles. Energy slows down as we move through the day, and authority figures become more stern and stubborn.

Wednesday, March 17th: Moon in Taurus. Slow way down and savor all sensations. No real aspects today, so enjoy the Moon in this pleasurable place. Awakening the five senses is highlighted; take a walk in nature or spend time with animals.

Thursday, March 18th: Moon in Taurus, and Mercury enters Pisces. Our minds get confused in the water’s currents, so turn to mysticism, intuition, and connection with the divine. Mercury is in his detriment here, so no mercurial Magick for the next few weeks.

Friday, March 19th: Moon in Gemini. Moon conjuncts Mars and trines Saturn, bringing an element of seriousness to today’s activities. We will all just want to talk and socialize though. Mind the details.

Saturday, March 20th: Moon in Gemini. SPRING EQUINOX: The Sun enters Aries at 2:27pm Pacific. We begin a new astrological year! It’s the start of everything; today is the TRUE New Year. Think about what you’d like to “grow” this year – either spiritual, material, emotional or mental. If you plant a seed, or start a new habit, it will continue to grow until you reap the results this Fall.

Sunday, March 21st: Moon in Cancer, and Venus into Aries. Venus enters Aries at 7:16am, starting a new cycle around the zodiac. Mars also trines Saturn, making this a great week to focus, get disciplined and put in the hard work. Need to exercise? Eat better? Meditate? This aspect can help you start a new habit. Moon in Cancer and Venus in Aries inspire you to decorate your house.

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