Week of February 15th

Sun at 29 Aquarius (detriment – no Sun Magick now)
Mercury RETROGRADE at 12 Aquarius
Venus at 17 Aquarius (neutral)
Mars at 20 Taurus
Jupiter at 13 Aquarius
Saturn at 7 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 16 Gemini

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Welcome to the Year of the Ox! It’s a year of working hard and reestablishing ourselves. This week, the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) each day. We had a fresh start last Thursday with the New Moon in Aquarius, which represents independence, genius, science and intelligence. We still have a stellium of planets (five) in Aquarius until the Sun moves into Pisces this Thursday! We’ve spent the last month in Aquarius, and we’re hopefully committed to a new view of the world.

The main aspects of 2021 come into focus this week. The first square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is exact this Wednesday. Expect tension between the old guard and a new, progressive vision for the world. Surprises and shocking events can arise suddenly. Uranus in Taurus shakes up our values and resources, causing us to rethink how we make money or handle family issues.

If you have any planets near 7 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, they will be massively activated this week. I can look this up for you with an astrology reading, which you can book here.

Monday, February 15th: Moon in Aries, and Sun in the last degrees of Aquarius. Fresh energy and a feeling of rebirth. Moon in Aries means the people (including us) won’t be patient, or listen well. Drive cautiously. Hopefully we’ve found a clearer path forward over the last month with the Sun in Aquarius. We can now envision a new life plan.

Tuesday, February 16th: Moon in Aries, moving into Taurus at 7:12pm Pacific. MARDI GRAS. Energy slows down as we move through the day, and authority figures become more stern and stubborn. However, awakening the five senses is highlighted! Take a walk in nature or spend time with animals.

Wednesday, February 17th: Moon in Taurus. Saturn square Uranus is exact at 7 degrees. Try moderation in all activities, and avoid extreme thinking today. The need here is to choose the new way forward in life, and putting all your energy towards it. Anyone longing for how things used to be will remain stuck.

Thursday, February 18th: Moon in Taurus, and the Sun enters Pisces in the pre-dawn hours. We start a new zodiacal season, and the focus turns towards spirituality, music, the sea, intuition, and connection with the divine. With the Moon in Taurus, we are more likely to indulge in sensual delights. The Moon conjuncts Mars which can bring frustration or anger issues. Hold your boundaries.

Friday, February 19th: Moon in Gemini, Venus square Mars. Good day for romance, fun, and play for lovers. Mercury is stopped and ready to turn Direct tomorrow, so take all promises with a grain of salt. Remain in the present.

Saturday, February 20th: Moon in Gemini and Mercury DIRECT! The Moon makes three lovely trines today too, so it’s a feel-good day. Chatty and social, but hold off on important conversations for another week or so.

Sunday, February 21st: Moon VOC in Gemini, and into Cancer at 7:53pm Pacific. We might feel like staying in and working around the house today.

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