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Muhammad Ali astrology chart

Shepard Fairey

Excellent post from Mystic Medusa:

“So he was a Solar Capricorn and that Sun in Capricorn strengthened by being part of a Grand Earth Trine – Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo. Big Earth Vibe like this often manifests as physical prowess, fantastic feats of athleticism and material grounding.

But see also the Leo Rising and the chutzpah it took to come out with some of his more brazen maxims. “I am the greatest – i said that before i even knew that I was.”

See also the Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Moon-Mercury in Aquarius is activist by instinct – dissent is second nature to the psyche albeit in contrast to the more security, hierarchy-appreciating Earth energy.  Venus is Retro and square Saturn, suggesting challenges in relationships with (Venus) women.

Mars and Saturn aligned with the Midheaven is a classic indicator of an enduring fame or ‘brand’ if you like.

The mid-60s era when he changed his name – dropping his “slave name” – and religion before becoming a conscientious objector against the Vietnam War was as Pluto and Uranus were crossing over his North Node.”



Muhammad Ali chart

Prince: Astrology of his Life and Death

Wonderful in-depth look at Prince’s chart by Zoe Moon:

PRINCE: Astrology of his Life and Death
by Zoe Moon

“Here is a look at Prince, his astrology chart, his passing, and some highlights brought through the degrees of his birth. It’s not hard to believe he was a youthful, playful Gemini in the Plutonic sexual, power house of the 8th house or that his Rising was also the sexual, power sign Scorpio. We even find the ruler of his chart, Pluto, (ruler of the 8th house and Scorpio), again about sex, power and transformation, sitting on the same exact degree of his career Midheaven in the sign of love, fun and creativity, Leo, at the top of his chart. The co-ruler of this Rising, Mars, at the door to the fifth house of love, fun and creativity. So he was pretty much exactly as we saw him, a playful, innovative creator in a strong, sexually-empowered, transformational way. He had a Pisces Moon which brought a mystical emotional nature and one that would be private or hidden to some extent. His feelings knew no boundaries and I’m certain this helped in his creative process since music and film are ruled by Pisces. As a Pisces Moon myself I’m sure it was also challenging to deal with some of that boundaryless emotional connection with the Divine Mind that stems from Pisces.

At the week of his passing both co-rulers of his chart, Mars and Pluto, had just come to a stop in the astrological sky and Retrograded within 24 hours of each other, on Sunday the 17th and Monday the 18th of April. Mercury, which ruled his body/Sun was slowing down to Retrograde on the 28th. So most of the personal planetary energy tied to his body was pulling back and in a weakened position. So let’s take a look at what was going on at his passing. I spoke about these points on my radio show here on blog talk radio 8pm eastern, Thursday, April 21st, if you want to hear more about it. We look at these items first to get an idea of what was occurring:

1) Ruler of Death in Prince’s chart is Mercury. Gemini on the door to death can mean a younger death if the Sun is so configured. Prince has his Sun in the house of Death so it would be a theme for him to deal with literally or figuratively. This placement being one of death and transformation, personal sexual empowerment and power. So what was Mercury doing? It had stationed to go Retrograde, putting it in a weaker or reversal setting and in square to his natal Chiron which is about wounds and healing. Then I look at the progressed chart and here Mercury is at the 29th degree of Cancer, a critical degree which means stronger energy and it was upon Juno the goddess of marriage and semi-sextiling Pluto the planet of death and transformation so he was in a year of his life where the potential is heightened.

            The Transiting Birth Chart on the day he passed.

 2) Ruler of the ‘End of All Matters’ in Prince’s chart is Uranus. Uranus had transited into an opposition to Jupiter for the one time in his life so he was facing something big with another person and it could tip the balance with what would occur. This is a once in 84 year moment. This placement was also putting pressure on Uranus from Chiron that wound and with Pluto the planet of death and transformation. In the progressed chart Uranus had just reached the 4th degree of Libra which put it into alignment with Mercury the ruler of death in his chart for the first time in 30 years. Again it seems as though a key person is part of this story with Prince in his final scene.

The progressed chart on the day he passed.

3) Saturn: In Prince’s chart Saturn was at the opposition to his Sun positioned in the 8th house of Death and transformation. Saturn is a limiter, an ender of things or sets up structures and long term situations, it is a final planetary energy and one that is serious when dealing with it. When we all undergo our Saturn opposition to our vital life force energy once every 29 years we are tested with situations that bring other people into our world to show us what is working and what is not. It can also take a toll on our physical energy since it lags and sometime fails under the alchemical weight of the lead of Saturn. Saturn was weakened or reversing in its retrograde phase and moving into his 1st house of identity and physical being. Saturn at this point was also doing the same thing to his Rising degree in a semi-sextile, also noted in aspects at death. The Rising being half of your physical persona, the Sun the other half, so Saturn was really doing a job on both at the same time. Progressed Saturn was in Aquarius, the sign ruling the end of all matters and it was within 4 degrees/a 4 year build-up to Chiron the wound. It also sat near the mid-point between transiting Pluto and Chiron.

4) Pluto: in Prince’s chart Pluto Retrograding was sending Pluto back to inconjunct his Sun in the house of death and transformation for the last time in his life, the shift possibly pushing him towards this transition. Pluto was at 17 degrees, his Sun at 16 so it had been hammering him between the end of January and the first week of March at the 16th degree, then started to let up just a bit but then stopped and turned around on Monday to start coming back for another round. Pluto in inconjunct is a very testing and sometimes fatal aspect to the Sun. Since his Sun is found in the house of Death at birth one could surmise this would be a challenging period. His progressed Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, was at the Sabian Degree called: AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE CHANGE INTO EACH OTHER. (This made me think of ‘When doves Cry’)

Quoting from Dane Rudhyar (as I will be for all Sabian interpretations outside my own in this article): “KEYNOTE: The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise. This sequence of symbols concluding the Libra phase of the cycle deals with problems met by the seeker for the fulfillment of a higher life of Relationship. Implied here is a kind of Yang-Yin interplay. When the circle encompassing both principles rotates fast, they appear to change into each other. Consciousness operates beyond duality, because the polarized energies of the Soul (or spirit). Will and Love, though ever distinct, work for a single purpose. This represents a new, higher approach to the use of polarized forces within the personality which has been ever so little transformed and operating within a new framework. The Keyword ADEPTNESS fits this phase — but there are many levels of “adept-ship.” So I can see here this strong will of Prince and the ideal of love meeting for a year upon Pluto the energy of death and transformation and his evolving into spirit.

5) Look at the Sun, Rising and Moon: in Prince’s chart we’ve already touched on the Sun and Rising so let’s look at his Moon. In this week the transiting Moon is building to a Full Moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio. He has Neptune sitting at the 2nd degree of Scorpio in his birth chart. So he was having a rare Full Moon upon his Neptune. Neptune is the veil between worlds and can bring a focus on drugs/ prescriptions, chemicals, substances, flu-like issues in the body, fluid problems, delusions, and a hard time pinning something down. It is positioned in the house that rules these same things and both are in the sign that rules death and transformation. At this point it made an alignment with his birth moon at 2 degrees of Pisces that sits in the house of the end of all matters. The transiting Sun had just passed over the karmic south node (loss) in the house of health opposite this position of Neptune in the veil between worlds zone, illuminating it. His progressed Moon had just progressed into the house of health for the first time in his life and in Aries was ruled by Mars which had just Retrograded on Sunday, weakening it or bringing reversals. Here it locked onto another Karmic point called the Vertex also at 27 degrees bringing something fated to the event. It also now began a 2 year inconjunct with Pluto, planet of death and transformation. I would also add that the ruler of health in his chart was Mars and in progression it had come to the end of the 25th degree putting it upon orb of a malevolent star associated with beheadings, losing one’s head, choking, strangulation, hanging, and other things fixed upon the throat. This may have had a literal affect upon his body or it may have played into emotions of feeling suffocated or choked out of something at the time, not a pleasant energy to deal with.”



Zoe Moon Astrology (c)copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved 
Zoe Moon on Facebook:

Vali Myers, The Witch of Positano


Vali Myers, c. 1965


“Australian-born dancer and artist Vali Myers “the Witch of Positano” arrived in Paris in 1950, at age 20, after studying with the Melbourne Modern Ballet Company. She hung out with Django Reinhardt, Jean Genet (“Congratulations on your maquillage,” he famously told her), Tennessee Williams, Salvador Dalí, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Allen Ginsberg.
In 1950s Paris, Myers was a symbol of the “restless, confused, vice-enthralled demimonde that populated certain cafés on the Left Bank,” wrote George Plimpton, who published a series of her self-portraits in the Paris Review in 1958. Plimpton’s accompanying essay recounted how bartenders in the little boîtes where she danced nicknamed her le chat, while concierges called her la bête. Others referred to her as la morte vive because of her corpse-white face and kohl-laden eyes; the makeup, she explained, was protection against evil spirits.

Can’t confirm the writer but this is great article I found here


Vali Myers in Saint Germain des Prés, Paris, 1950

On a trip to Vienna in 1952, she met an architecture student named Rudi Rappold, whom she married in 1955.
By that point, Myers had become addicted to opium. “I was very fragile and frail, rarely leaving my room till late at night,” she wrote years later to the Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken, who had included her in his 1956 book Love on the Left Bank. “For three years, I didn’t see the sunlight.” Facing escalating problems with the French immigration authorities, Myers and Rappold hitchhiked to Italy in 1958. They leased a small house in II Porto, a deep valley in Positano, at the base of a towering cliff.
It was the perfect hideaway for the eccentric couple, who eventually were joined there by a young Italian, Gianni Menichetti. He soon became Myers’s lover and, later, her biographer. They kept pigs and goats and took in dozens of stray dogs; her beloved fox, Foxey, was with her for 14 years. The locals mostly kept their distance, fearing that Myers was a witch. Though she rarely left Il Porto, her fame quickly spread—Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful came to visit and bought Myers’s drawing The Death of Jezebel. And at the invitation of the folksinger Donovan, Myers traveled to London in 1967 to dance to his song “Season of the Witch” at the Royal Albert Hall.


Vali Myers, 1950

Eventually, Myers found herself in need of actual money, so in 1971 she checked in at New York’s Chelsea Hotel, where she knew she could sell a few paintings. “One of her favorite sayings was that life is ‘like a comet, burning bright and fast,’ ” recalls Chris Stein, a cofounder of and the guitarist for Blondie, who befriended Myers at the Chelsea and subsequently named his daughter after her. “She was a magical thing: highbrow and completely of the streets, too.”


Vali Myers by Ed van der Elsken, Paris 1950s

Patti Smith was so awestruck, she asked Myers to tattoo her knee with a lightning bolt. “Vali was a big hero of mine when I was 14,” the punk artist told Interview magazine in 1973. “She was the supreme beatnik chick—thick red hair and big black eyes, black boatneck sweaters, and trenchcoats.” But by the time Smith met her idol, the wild gamine of Paris had transformed almost beyond recognition. She wore outlandish peasant costumes and had tattooed an outline around her mouth and inked her hands and feet. Her hotel room was filled with other denizens of the Chelsea underworld—Gregory Corso, William S. Burroughs, Abbie Hoffman.
After 43 years, Myers returned to Melbourne in 1992 and spent her days creating a new bohemian oasis and enjoying her quasi-celebrity. The wild, rebellious proto rock chick of the Rive Gauche had found her place in the world. She told Menichetti a decade before her death in 2003: “I feel like a bird that has spread its wings—finally. It’s a miracle!”

Rebels at the Beach

Andre the Giant at the beach picking up chicks
André the Giant at the beach picking up chicks at Cannes, 1967

As I type these words, many of you that are reading them right now are probably in the midst of a pretty nasty heatwave. So I thought posting some amazing photos of people way cooler than us, looking even cooler than usual (with one or two amusing exceptions) while hanging out at the beach was in order.

Albert Einstein at the beach, 1945
Albert Einstein, 1945

You may have seen a few of the 24 images in this post before, but hopefully the majority will surprise you, especially the one of André the Giant literally picking up chicks at Cannes, or Albert Einstein (above) wearing some interesting footwear while the waves crash around his feet. Whenever possible, I included locations and dates of where and when the photos were taken as some were taken before the subjects became famous. Man, I feel cooler already. More reach-the-beach images follow.

AC/DC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1985
AC/DC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1985

Slade in swimtrunks at the beach
Slade, 1974

Charles Bronson at the beach, 1974
Charles Bronson, 1974

Robert Mitchum at the beach, 1942
Robert Mitchum, 1942

Iggy Pop at the beach, 2000
Iggy Pop in Iggy Pop beach-style attire, 2000

Siouxsie Sioux at the beach
A young Siouxsie Sioux at the beach

Baby Charles Bukowski on the beach 1920's
Baby Charles Bukowski on the beach 1920’s

James Dean relaxing on the beach with his girlfriend Barbara Glenn
James Dean relaxing on the beach with his girlfriend Barbara Glenn, 1954

Cary Grant and Randolph Scott running on the beach, 1935
Actors Cary Grant (in socks!) and Randolph Scott running on the beach, 1935

Mick Jagger and Ron Wood walking the beach
Ron Wood and Mick Jagger

Sammy Davis Jr. on
Sammy Davis Jr. on “Chicken Bone Beach” in Atlantic City, 1950’s

A young Frank Sinatra on the beach in New Jersey
A young Frank Sinatra on the beach in New Jersey

Debbie Harry on the beach at Coney Island
Debbie Harry on the beach at Coney Island

Joey Ramone and surfboard at the beach
Joey Ramone and surfboard at Coney Island, 1977

The Runaways, 1977
The Runaways, 1977

A brunette Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, 1953
A brunette Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, 1953

Andy Warhol and Corinne Kessler on a Fire Island beach, 1949
Andy Warhol and Corinne Kessler on a Fire Island beach, 1949

Keith Haring at the beach - 1984
Artist Keith Haring, 1984

Alfred Hitchcock on a Santa Cruz beach, with his Sealyham terriers, Geoffrey and Stanley Cruz
Alfred Hitchcock on a Santa Cruz beach, with his Sealyham terriers, Geoffrey and Stanley Cruz, early 1960’s

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis at the beach, 1950's
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, 1950’s

Winston Churchill Churchill after bathing in the waters of the Channe
Winston Churchill Churchill after bathing in the waters of the English Channel, early 1940’s

Hunter S. Thompson on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico, 1974
Hunter S. Thompson on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico, 1974

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David Bowie: Art and Astrology


bowie in red

Excellent, in depth perspective of Bowie’s chart from the Cosmic Intelligence Agency:

“His 28th studio album, BLACKSTAR, was released on his 69th Birthday January 8th to great critical acclaim. Bowie, as we know had been secretly battling liver cancer for the last 18 months and had been off the world scene for quite a few more. His leaving legacy the album Blackstar bravely explores the themes of death and dying throughout with lines like:

“I can’t give everything away. I know there is something very wrong” –  Can’t give everything away.

Here’s the entire article:

“I’m trying to, I’m dying to” – Dollar Days

“Where the fuck did Monday go? “  – Girl Loves me

“With skull designs  on my shoes” – Can’t give everything away

For those of us that listened to the album and watched the videos before finding out about the death of our rock star and hero, we knew something was up! After the news, it seemed at first that his whole leaving the planet was so well planned and thought out, that he couldn’t have just died 2 days after the release of this album, after the release of his next piece of art, so spooky, frightening and profoundly symbolic. At first it seemed that maybe euthanasia was involved as he timed his death so perfectly in the end. Yet apparently no, as his producer Tony Visconti has said, that since last November, David didn’t know if he had 4 weeks or 4 months left to live, yet was planning to produce another song. His strength and health declined rapidly in the last two days after his birthday and release of the album, he was gone. His body was cremated, with no ceremony and he wanted to be remembered for his songs, not his funeral but his haunting and touching parting gift.

“Look up here, I’m in heaven

I’ve got scars that can’t be seen

I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen

Everybody knows me now

Look up here, man, I’m in danger

I’ve got nothing left to lose”  – Lazarus

The Lazarus video shows Bowie on a hospital bed with bandaged eyes, writhing around singing “Look up here, I’m in heaven”. The biblical story of Lazarus is that of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life, telling his followers that “This sickness will not end in death”  sending us a message, that this is not the end, but another beginning, although a sad one. As the video concludes with Bowie spookily backing up into a wardrobe you know he is not well. Even in death his natal Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th house of beliefs and philosophy, Scorpio the sign of transformation, mystery and esoteric leanings comes out strong. Of note is that his Jupiter in Scorpio is also an unaspected planet, bringing more depth, intensity and rarity to this signature, somewhat like a wildcard on it’s own,  commanding lots of power.

In the Blackstar video we see an eclipsed landscape, a dead spaceman, a jewel encrusted skull and a single burning flame. The hypnotic surreal De Chirico landscape of the video, we discover the fate of Major Tom who became a beautiful mysterious bejewelled skull, and was honoured as a shamanic totem throughout the rest of the video.  The Black Star is a solar eclipse or a dying star, about to be reborn. The Black Star can also be seen as the Black Sun, another word for Saturn in esoterica. Saturn’s metal lead, alchemically, is the prima matera, or primal matter, that represents the putrefaction and decay necessary for new life. Saturn also known as the grim reaper who carries the scythe of death in his hands. David Bowie has the Moon, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in creative Leo and his Sun Mars and Mercury are ruled by planet Saturn as well as his Aquarian ascendent. The last Solar Eclipse before his death was on September 13, 2015 and was at 20 degrees Virgo, in Bowie’s 8th house of death, squaring his Uranus at his North Node in the 4th house of endings, and sextile his Jupiter in Scorpio in his 9th house, whilst making a magical quintile to his Midheaven.  He knew it was coming. he was staring death in the face.

These last works are provocative, prophetic, fresh and disturbing all at once,  inventive and fearless, yet somehow more magnificent now that we know the reason for them . As Bowie was staring death in the face, he shared his leaving with his fans as a final potent, prophetic piece of ART.


By examining David Bowies astrology chart, which many of us have now done as a tribute to the great legend, we can see how his astrology was a living breathing representation of his personality and life. Many hit songs and lyrics are revealed in his Astrology chart.  Discovering these connections makes us further realise as astrologers, how powerful the archetypal symbols of the planets, signs and houses are, in defining our characters and who we will become. For example, Venus is Bowies most elevated planet being the closest to the Midheaven the part of the chart that shows us what we aspire to be the most and what potentially we will be known for. Well yes, he became famous and the world loved him, he became a mega fashion icon, a leader in fashion trends, of being different, of following his own road,  it seems so natural for him, he was just doing what he loved. His media and video’s of course broke new ground in so many areas, MTV, the digital world, sound experimentation came together as his Art, Venus rules what we love, art, artists and cultural trends. Mostly,  he had that unforgettable, most unique and powerful voice. Venus rules the voice and throat. In Sagittarius and in the 9th house Venus is was also the visionary, way ahead of its time, with a focus on the meaning and philosophy of life, the knowledge, the truth. For Bowie we see Venus in Sagittarius takes on the freedom to move boldly into the future, to be the gypsy, the metaphysician, the world traveler, the androgynous tart wearing latex and glitter and mesmerising his fans and the one who married an exotic Somalian supermodel goddess, Iman. 

With VENUS  in Sagittarius right on his world midheaven, the FAME spot in a chart,  one of his top 10 hits was the song called Fame and other romantic, sensitive and touching songs we remember so well:

Golden Years
Sound and Vision
China Girl
Suffragette City

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.22.17 pmHis 3 degree Aquarius Ascendant, Venus in Sagittarius on the Midheaven, Uranus in Gemini,  Jupiter in the 9th house and all Leo planets describe his visionary, rebellious and daring signature, a revolutionary, higher-consciousness being. His androgynous appearance and proclaimed bi-sexuality made him a leader which opened many to sexual taboos during  the 70’s, inviting us all somehow to be unique and individual. The symbol of lightning, a symbol belonging to the sky Gods, Uranus and Jupiter, freedom and rebellion and bringing in the new and fresh ideas, became one of the most famous icons for Bowie, boldly adorning Bowie’s face on the 1973’s “ALADDIN SANE” album cover…

…On Bowie’s ascendant we also find asteroid Pallas Athena, a somewhat androgynous female in mythology, born fully grown from the head of Jupiter, without a mother, who became the wise mentor, strategist and advisor of war and heroes… URANUS the modern ruler of Aquarius (traditional Saturn) is in his 4th house, the house of his roots, in GEMINI, the sign of the twins, conjunct to the North Node. He was born to break the mould, to do things differently. The song Aladdin Sane (A Lad Insane) stems from his fear of  depression and schizophrenia as it ran in the family, with mother, aunt and older brother suffering from it. A Gemini North Node focuses on communicating, media and remaining intellectually curious. In a more esoteric meaning Gemini represents the duality of life, integrating opposites, black and white, life and death, good and evil.  NEPTUNE, fantasy, glamour, mystery in Libra, in the 8th house of sexuality, money, power and transformation is in trine aspect to Uranus and his North node, bringing in the fantasy, inventiveness, otherworldliness and super creative energy that was this man.

Bowie was a Capricorn Sun, an earthy, creative and hard-working business man and many of his  songs perfectly describe Bowie’s Capricorn Sun conjunct Mars in the 12th house. The 12th house brings in the collective fervour that was his music, the chameleon-like person ever changing and tells of his struggles with addictions and his deeply creative, yet worldly wise spiritual side, (together with Neptune in the 8th house, and Jupiter in Scorpio). The 12th house is connected to the shamanic dreamtime, deception, illusion, magic, the genius and the insane, all of which feature in his art.
“ALADDIN SANE”  previously mentioned also reveals the hounding by his own demons, he was a cocaine addict for many years. 
Ziggy Stardust’s, backup band were called the Spiders from Mars.  These two planets together bring extra drive, passion and purpose to an individual and helped drive him towards his worldly fame. Mars is exalted in Capricorn yet makes confronting aspects to Uranus and Venus, showing the difficulties he had with the drive for self expression. David was an astute business man who protected the copyright of his music and invested wisely. Ruled by Saturn he aged well and had a long and prosperous career.

David’s Moon is conjunct retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto in Leo in his 7th house of others in our life, loves and marriage and this powerful combination indicates a past life karma of commanding power. Pluto is in harmonious aspect to his nodal axis and shows how he used his personality, Leo, what he felt right doing, Moon to structure an empowered life that was his, Saturn, and become a world changing individual, Pluto and 12th house Sun, and now so revered in his death. Of course his whole life was not a walk in the park, but filled with many ups and downs, extremes and personal tests. David was every inch the actor, a larger than life hero to many, a royal star a showman that refused a knighthood from the Queen, twice. He possessed an intense obsessive drive to creatively express himself and to be successful in his own right. Saturn rules his 12th house Sun and his Aquarius ascendant , making him both a hard worker and a visionary that could ground his visions and became a leader in his field. He seemed to burn with passion by doing so.

Related to this aspect is another of David’s most alien like features, the enlarged pupil of his left eye. Caused by an injury from a jealous schoolboy’s punch in the spring of 1962, he had two eye operations. The left eye is ruled by the MOON, which conjunct Saturn and Pluto indicate eye problems, but literally symbolized enlarged visionary capabilities and suited his already different appearance and the Aquarius Ascendant. To add to the the symbols and imagery of this signature, the Sabian symbol for his Saturn at 7° Leo is “A constellation of Stars”. The stars being a huge source of inspiration for him over the years. Definitely our kinda bloke!”

The rest of the article can be found here:

I love this piece I found from Sady Doyle:

“Kids I knew called themselves artists, and waited for it to happen to them — waited for their future selves to drop out of the sky, finished and perfect. But art is not an event. Art is work. And great artists, geniuses, are the people who work harder than anyone else. David Bowie worked so hard it could seem superhuman; he was working, we now know, on his deathbed. Even when he got in serious trouble with cocaine, dwindled down to 90 pounds and started crying in public and thinking the Devil lived in his swimming pool, it was in part because he needed, or wanted, to work more than was humanly possible: “I hate sleep,” he said. “I would much prefer staying up, just working, all the time. It makes me so mad that we can’t do anything about sleep or the common cold… The reason Station to Station sounds so much better than “The Laughing Gnome” is because, at some point in that process, David Bowie decided that Station to Station was more important than eating or sleeping.”

Bowie constellation: Seven stars, in the vicinity of Mars


Starman gets his own constellation: Seven stars, in the vicinity of Mars


  • 15 JANUARY 2016

DDB Brussels has detailed a fitting tribute by the Belgian music station Studio Brussels and MIRA Public Observatory for the late rock star David Bowie. As the music legend responsible for popular hits includingStarman, Space Oddity, Life on Mars? and Hallo Spaceboy, it’s clear the universe was a great inspiration to Bowie. Now a constellation has been registered to honor him, recorded at the time of his death. It is delineated by seven stars that shine in the shape of the iconic lightning bolt seen on the cover of his Aladdin Sane album.


David Bowie now has a symbolic home among the other 88 existing constellations. Philippe Mollet from MIRA Public Observatory explains the star selection process in more detail:

“It was not easy to determine the appropriate stars. Studio Brussels asked us to give Bowie a unique place in the galaxy. Referring to his various albums, we chose seven stars—Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAA 204 132, and the Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis—in the vicinity of Mars. The constellation is a copy of the iconic Bowie lightning and was recorded at the exact time of his death.”


This homage is linked to ‘Stardust for Bowie,’ developed on Google Sky, a virtual star constellation where fans can choose their most memorable Bowie tune.

Users can get involved by clicking inside the constellation to assign their favorite song by the rock star, leaving a short note as well. These can then be shared and viewed by other online visitors. As the Bowie lightning bolt fills up with tiny stars, each representing a fan’s message, the constellation shines brighter. This creates a special tribute for the Starman that keeps growing as people continue to add messages.


Bowie in the Bay, 1973

Great article by Kayla Mahoney from Rushtix!

“A Stardusted look at San Francisco from failed concerts to awesome photo shoots in SF”

The History of Bowie in the Bay

Since the passing of the perpetually dilated, ground control technician-ing, androgynous British songster born David Robert Jones, aka David Bowie, aka Ziggy Stardust, aka Sacred Silversexual, aka guy surrounded by puppets in Labyrinth, earlier this week, Bay Area fans, and the entire internet, have come together to celebrate, remember, and straight up worship, the life of this fallen star.

SF Oddities

The History of Bowie in the Bay

As a huge activist in the LGBTQIA community since before all those other letters were added, Bowie is particularly missed here in The Bay where the population of free spirited weirdos, eccentrics, and upstream swimmers is particularly prevalent.

Not Yet a Star, Man

The History of Bowie in the Bay

His first Bay Area show was a Halloween event in 1972 at Winterland that cost only $4. It was neither well received nor attended – just a few hundred people buying tickets – so if anyone has a time machine and wants to visit the show and give the man some love, that’s where to go.

Golden Years

The History of Bowie in the Bay

Bowie at the Cow Palace in 1976  – Photo credit –

But then Bill Graham was like, “Bowie! Come back! We love you!” and he returned to play a sold out show at the Cow Palace in 1976.

A Beautician Sells You Nutrition

The History of Bowie in the Bay

He even visited our Golden Gated city, with supermodel Cyrinda Foxe in tow, to film the music video for “The Jean Genie.” The two “snuck off to the city” to pose and dance in front of the famous, and not there anymore, Mars Hotel on 4th and Howard Street.

The History of Bowie in the Bay

2326 Mission Street (by Mission Thrift), Photo Credit:

Into the Wild Wind

The History of Bowie in the Bay

His lithe, pale, glitter covered, body might be gone, but his legacy lives on through his music, and impact on the world. For information on where to find events to pay your respects to the Bo-Man (a new nickname I just made up) click here.

> If you’re looking for even more music to worship in San Francisco, join RushTix.

David Bowie’s Astrology

David Bowie in the early 70’s

God rest this brilliant soul. I’m noticing he left us during an Aquarian Moon, which fits him perfectly.

…from Mystic Medusa:

“You can learn a lot about astrology by observing the astro of singular people. David Bowie is a fantastic example as he has an ongoing cultural relevancy, cool credentials and fan base that would be the envy of any artist. It’s practically life-long. He’s had fame without being majorly fuqed up by it, he’s evolved all the time without it seeming like desperate posturings to reinvent himself and he’s enjoyed mass market popularity whilst always remaining somehow niche.

His chart:

* Aqua Rising so always ahead of time AND his ruler Uranus is on the North Node in Gemini. If you have Aquarius Rising, Uranus is your chart ruler and so you want it to be well placed. Uranus on North Node automatically places you as a rule-breaker and creator of fresh worlds. He was gender-bending in the public eye way before more people cracked onto it. And not just pushing poetic, sci-fi and surreal lyrics but making them pop-cult.

* Mars conjunct his Capricorn Sun in the 12th House. Let NOBODY crap onto you about how the 12th House (which i call the Soul Sector in my Horoscopes) is the “house of self-undoing.”  No way. In Bowie’s case, it’s like a secret super-power. He gets to waft about being Uranian whilst being fuelled by clandestine bouts of hard work and extreme focus that feel like a spiritual discipline to him. Mars in Capricorn is already exalted – it’s the fiercest Mars of all and the work ethic is something to behold. Hooked up with a 12th House Sun = spiritual transcendence and you can make it into your business.

* Venus on his Midheaven in Saggo. Seriously, the dude is gifted. You have to wonder who he fuqed in a past life lol. Venus-Midheaven = the enduring love of the masses/your people. It’s very hard to screw up here. Where-as other peeps have one little sex scandal and voomp; they’re finished- Venus-Midheaven can do no wrong.

* A Grand Air Trine – Uranus in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra trine the Aqua Rising. So Mr Bowie is a bona fide Outer Planet Person, transmitting trends & tapping into the collective subconscious. He’s amorphically resonating in the shower each morning. Grand Air Trine people tend to contribute Big Ideas & new waves of thoughts to society. Not only that, they find there is a ready acceptance for their theories.

* Moon in Leo (the classic ‘performer’ Moon) but super-charged by Saturn + Pluto. This gives one a perma-Zap Zone consciousness. Also so Diva, devotee of Music & Art in all forms. Muse also for the Pluto in Leo (baby boomer) generation who did the most to elevate him.”

Astro Bowie Is Instructional: via @mystic_medusa

It’s a Bukowski kind of day

Except I’m sober of course 🙂 I’ll take his writing though, absolutely.

I’ve posted his chart below which shows a Uranus-Venus opposition. This aspect is dominated by Uranus, and creates sharp rebelliousness in a person. Bukowski was the epitome of this influence with his unconventional attitude – asserting his unique identity, not caring a wit about people’s opinions. He was a natural rebel who questioned the foundations of our culture. Saturn is very close to his Venus in Virgo too, giving a cold, realistic edge to his writing.

And if that wasn’t enough, his North Node in Scorpio continually drew him to the underbelly of the life.  And with Mercury, Sun, Neptune and Jupiter in Leo in his 10th House, he HAD to stand out.

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I’ve included a fantastic documentary on his life along with his chart. In the meantime, here’s a dose of Saturnian reality for you:

Born like this
Into this
As the chalk faces smile
As Mrs. Death laughs
As the elevators break
As political landscapes dissolve
As the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
As the oily fish spit out their oily prey
As the sun is masked
We are
Born like this
Into this
Into these carefully mad wars
Into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness
Into bars where people no longer speak to each other
Into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings
Born into this
Into hospitals which are so expensive that it’s cheaper to die
Into lawyers who charge so much it’s cheaper to plead guilty
Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed
Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes
Born into this
Walking and living through this
Dying because of this
Muted because of this
Because of this
Fooled by this
Used by this
Pissed on by this
Made crazy and sick by this
Made violent
Made inhuman
By this
The heart is blackened
The fingers reach for the throat
The gun
The knife
The bomb
The fingers reach toward an unresponsive god
The fingers reach for the bottle
The pill
The powder
We are born into this sorrowful deadliness
We are born into a government 60 years in debt
That soon will be unable to even pay the interest on that debt
And the banks will burn
Money will be useless
There will be open and unpunished murder in the streets
It will be guns and roving mobs
Land will be useless
Food will become a diminishing return
Nuclear power will be taken over by the many
Explosions will continually shake the earth
Radiated robot men will stalk each other
The rich and the chosen will watch from space platforms
Dante’s Inferno will be made to look like a children’s playground
The sun will not be seen and it will always be night
Trees will die
All vegetation will die
Radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men
The sea will be poisoned
The lakes and rivers will vanish
Rain will be the new gold
The rotting bodies of men and animals will stink in the dark wind
The last few survivors will be overtaken by new and hideous diseases
And the space platforms will be destroyed by attrition
The petering out of supplies
The natural effect of general decay
And there will be the most beautiful silence never heard
Born out of that.
The sun still hidden there
Awaiting the next chapter.

– Charles Bukowski

Bukowski – Born into This Documentary

Fred Astaire’s birth chart

I was a ballet dancer for a brief time in my youth, and I remember the leaders of the troupe  watching Fred Astaire over and over again… studying his movements. I saw Fred Astaire in a movie recently and got curious about his planetary placements. For instance, here he is playing the drums with his feet:

He seemed so Gemini – such lightness of movement. So I looked it up and thought I’d share it with you. And there it is!

Neptune, Pluto and the Moon in Gemini in his 6th House of WORK. Pluto and Moon in Gemini is a powerful and evolutionary path of self expression. Neptune actually in the 7th House, giving him an intuition about his partners.

Never guessed Sun in Taurus, but such a creative, fruitful placement in the 5th House of Creativity and Romance! Opposing Jupiter in Scorpio: he had depth but all in all a romantic, intelligent and friendly guy. That Libra midheaven trining the Gemini aspects accentuated his role as leading man.

And all this action around his Rising in Sagittarius! Vertex, Uranus, Saturn and the North Node of Fate. His basic approach to the world was freedom, truth and meaning.

He was the real deal. Uranus in Sagittarius is a revolutionary – someone who stretches boundaries, but Saturn nearby keeps him grounded and hard working.

Mars (and Lilith) in Leo – driven towards fame, performance, leadership and finesse. That Lilith in Leo giving him a primal slant that sets him apart from all others.
Anyone care to add more? I’d love to hear your insights! An if there’s a famous person’s chart you’d like me to do, let me know!

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Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire