Week of October 18th: Full Moon in Aries

“The Guardian”, by Chie Yoshii.

Sun at 24 Libra (in it’s fall, no Sun Magick now)
Mercury STATIONING DIRECT at 10 Libra
Venus at 9 Sagittarius
Mars at 20 Libra (Detriment, no Mars Magick now)
Jupiter STATIONING DIRECT at 22 Aquarius
Saturn at 6 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 20 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 2 Gemini

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The Sun moves through the very last degrees of Libra this week, culminating with a brilliant Full Moon on Wednesday at 27 Aries. This Moon brings peak experiences with survival, exploration, physicality, courage, and our personal story. Aries is a feisty sign, and indicates a new beginning. Since this Full Moon takes place in the last degrees of Aries, we are completing a personal cycle of growth, and something new is about to begin. The Sun enters Scorpio this Friday night.

The big influence on the week however, is Jupiter and Mercury both going Direct within the next 24 hours. Although they begin moving forward, they will be standing still at the same degree for several days before picking up forward motion. The blending of these two planets brings big ideas and the ability to verbalize them. Make sure that big talking is not full of hot air though, since Jupiter can be excessive.

What’s happened in your life since June 20 when Jupiter went retrograde? If you’ve been experiencing obstacles to progress, your path will open up now. Jupiter is the planet of opportunities, healing, wealth, success, justice, philanthropy, optimism and spiritual attainment. Jupiter is a jovial, just and honest King.

In the bigger picture, we are on the cusp of Halloween, and the air is alive with Magick. The Sun and Mars are traveling close together in Libra; both trining Jupiter in Aquarius all week. With Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto stationary in the skies overhead, we are in an evolutionary, accelerated, and soulful landscape of exciting pathways to explore.

Monday, October 18th: Moon in Aries. Jupiter stationed Direct in the middle of the night, and Mercury stations DIRECT at 10 degrees Libra. This is not the best combination for mercurial activities like driving or talking. Stick to light conversations today, and let competitive people win. It’s not worth it to get into power struggles. We are in the orb of the Full Moon coming Wednesday evening, so keep a low profile.

Tuesday, October 19th: Moon in Aries trines Venus in Sagittarius, which is a happy vibe. With the Direct stations yesterday we want to charge full speed ahead. The Moon here on a Tuesday (Day of Mars) is auspicious, but unfortunately Mars itself is still in it’s detriment (hard place) in Libra. No Mars Magick right now. Men can be grumpy. The warrior wants to charge ahead, not process feelings.

Wednesday, October 20th: Full Moon in Aries 7:57am Pacific. Moon is void all morning, then moves into Taurus at 1:00pm. Aries is great energy for exploring new things, being physical, and starting new projects, but with Mercury standing still all week I would wait until November to really roll out ideas. Moon in Aries can make us headstong, and disagreements can erupt quickly. Avoid “fuck it” kinds of attitudes. We have a beautiful harvest moon rising around 7:30pm Pacific.

Thursday, October 21st: Moon in Taurus conjuncts Uranus which can bring sudden changes to our day. Think about the future and the direction you want your life to go. At 9:20pm, Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, giving us a situation to work through regarding relationships and ambitions. This is a tough aspect, so avoid risks and ego battles. Instead, attune yourself to nature, food, and the physical delights of Taurus.

Friday, October 22nd: Moon in Taurus goes void-of-course at 1:35pm Pacific for the rest of the day! A Taurus Moon is usually romantic on a Friday (day of Venus), but Venus is currently in her detriment in Scorpio making everyone sensitive and power driven. You can deeply connect with someone special right now, but where it leads is uncertain. Sun enters Scorpio at 9:51pm, officially ushering in Halloween.

Saturday, October 23rd: Moon in Gemini makes one trine with Saturn in Aquarius in the afternoon. Talk your way through any heaviness that arises. It’s a chatty, social day, so get out, have some fun and let your youthful side out to play.

Sunday, October 24th: Moon in Gemini has three aspects with Mercury, Venus and Neptune. The opposition with Venus means we need to reach out and try to understand where other people are coming from. The square to Neptune ignites our imaginations, but also means we can explore our truths through our personal spiritual beliefs.

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