Week of July 26th


Sun at 5 Leo (in rulership, very strong)
Mercury at 26 Cancer
Venus at 6 Virgo
Mars at 28 Leo (strong)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 0 Pisces
Saturn RETROGRADE at 10 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 22 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 9 Gemini

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The Sun moved into Leo last Thursday, entering his home kingdom. The Sun is in his natural element in Leo, and shines his brightest! Now is the time to do Sun magick if you have the inclination. Mercury is zooming through the last degrees of Cancer, and joins the Sun in Leo this coming Tuesday. This will be a great change for all of us. Our minds have been water logged with Cancerian feelings, sensitivities and insecurities. In Leo, Mercury is birthed from the Cancerian womb, becomes the Child, clears his head and fully expresses himself!

Meanwhile, Venus has moved into Virgo, becoming an Earth Goddess for the next few weeks. Venus in Virgo encourages us to embody our inner priestess, and to handle our habits and health in the proper way – let’s eat, sleep, and exercise in the right ways. Mars follows closely behind and joins her in Virgo this week. Give expression to something.

Monday, July 26th: Moon in Pisces makes a couple of minor aspects. We’re still feeling the gravity of yesterday’s Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect brings life changing thoughts, revelations and communications. Evolution through the mind is powerful. When the Mind grasps a new concept, it cannot go back to the former idea.

Tuesday, July 27th: Moon in Pisces goes void around 6:15pm Pacific, and Mercury enters Leo at the same time! Mercury has been moving lightning fast, and is well expressed through the sign of Leo. Our minds and hearts are connected, and commmunications are enhanced. Today is excellent for singing and playing music, if that’s your thing; any artistic ventures will go far today.

Wednesday, July 28th: Moon in Aries, and Jupiter (going backwards or ‘retrograde’) falls back into Aquarius. We will be revisiting issues from the past year, but our approach to solving them will be matured. With Moon in Aries, keep calm while driving, or dealing with insecure, headstrong people. There’s a feeling of rebirth today, so be in tune with what you’re birthing in your life.

Thursday, July 29th: Moon in Aries, and In the morning, there’s a major opposition between Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius. Focus on leadership. Helping other people shine, is the best use of this energy. Lead with your heart. Mars moves into Virgo around 1:30pm Pacific. Mars isn’t thrilled about Virgo AT ALL, but it IS good for planning new strategies for tackling problems. Mars in Virgo streamlines processes for maximum efficiency. Just go easy on perfectionism and self criticism.

Friday, July 30th: Moon into Taurus at 1:08pm Pacific. Moon sextiles Jupiter, then trines Mars in Virgo an hour later. Keep a cool head and engage in calm communications. With the Taurus Moon (exalted) and these aspects, we could encounter stubborness with people today. Focus on the sensual side of Taurus, and indulge yourself in romance, food, or nature.

Saturday, July 31st: Moon in Taurus, AND enters it’s 4th quarter; the dark of the Moon. The Moon makes three squares today, which gives us some work to do to find agreement or forward progress. Moon conjuncts Uranus bringing surprises.

Sunday, August 1st: Moon in Taurus still today! Sun conjuncts Mercury in Leo at sunrise. Mercury opposes Saturn at 2:50pm Pacific which can bring a deep need for reality-based conversations. Careful not to fall into pessimism or negative thinking.

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