Week of May 24th: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sun at 6 Gemini
Mercury at 14 Gemini (rulership, LOTS of Mercury Magick now)
Venus at 14 Gemini
Mars at 2 Cancer (Mars in detriment, no Mars Magick)
Jupiter at 27 Aquarius
Saturn RETROGRADE at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 22 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 11 Gemini

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It’s a week of examining our beliefs and inner truths. The Full Moon rises on Wednesday with an ECLIPSE at 5 Sagittarius. The Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius sheds light on the inner truths we depend on. It’s a time of reconnecting with your Soul, and updating the story of your life – as well as your inner voice. Sagittarius is optimistic, and wants to explore, expand, philosophize, and tell the truth.

We are currently harvesting what we began last December, when the Sun was in Sagittarius. The energies of this Eclipse will unfold over the week ahead as well as the next six months. We will have peak experiences with our belief systems, ambitions, life perspective and personal story. There’s a strong urge to have a better life. Our relationship with ourself is mirrored in our relationships with other people, so be aware if you’re projecting authority, criticism or appreciation outside of yourself. Remember, finding peace and fullfilment is an inside job. Practice some self validation.

Saturn is standing still in the sky for a couple weeks, going stationary retrograde today. This make things appear less stable then they actually are, and brings worries about our security. Resist those fears, and focus on restructuring your life instead. With Pluto and Saturn basically standing still in the sky, we can experience a big reality check right now. A new path might open up in your life that feels unavoidable… changes that feel forced upon you. If this is the case, do your research, consult with friends, and go with the flow. Everything will turn out fine. Use the energy for healing and restructuring instead.

Saturn has been in the 13th degree of Aquarius since April 18. It will finally leave that degree on June 18th. Meanwhile Pluto, which usually moves about a degree a month, has been stuck at 23 Capricorn since Feb 28, and will be there until June 29. For some there will be a feeling that nothing is moving forward, that progress has become impossible. The sense of time dragging out, or running out, may afflict us. But this is also a rare opportunity for healing, for learning, for meditation, and for building strong foundations for the future.

Monday, May 24th: Moon in Scorpio. Avoid socially awkward situations because the truth will be spoken. Let go of “do or die” mentality. Watch for power struggles and set boundaries where needed. Today is a day of soul searching.

Tuesday, May 25th: Moon void in Scorpio at 2:20pm, then into Sagittarius at 7:39pm Pacific. The mood lightens dramatically, although there is an intensity since we are in the orb of the eclipse tomorrow. Follow previously agreed upon plans during a void moon. It’s also a great time for creative exploration.

Wednesday, May 26th: Full Moon in Sagittarius at 4:14pm Pacific. It’s an adventurous moon! Get outside and try something outside your comfort zone. Revisit your goals and update your plan to achieve them. Past lessons and/or flashes of the future could appear with the Moon conjunct the South Node, so watch for markers and insights.

Thursday, May 27th: Moon void in Sagittarius at 10:35am, then into Capricorn at 7:23pm. This is a very long void period! Venus square Neptune today as well. Brings dreamy, romantic and artistic inspiration, but also the tendency towards overindulgence. Practice moderation in general his week, and try to remain aware of delusion.

Friday, May 28th: Moon into Capricorn at 9:15am Pacific. Mercury conjunct Venus today, which helps us vocalize our desires and feelings. Negotiations and diplomacy are highlighted, along with communication, creative work, and romance. The Moon in Capricorn (Binah) helps bring a new understanding.

Saturday, May 29th: Moon void-of-course in Capricorn at 3:15pm, then into Aquarius at 9:00pm Pacific. Moon in Capricorn and Aquarius on a Saturday is great for saturnian Magick, i.e. discipline, structure and committment. Moon makes a couple of trines today with Uranus and the Sun in Taurus, which can bring pleasant surprises. Mercury also turns retrograde today, which brings the usual delays. Mercury’s station brings a long duration to Mercury square Neptune – now influencing us until June 16th! All of our illusions about the people in our lives, as well as the stories we tell ourselves, are being purged in order to make way for a new path.

Sunday, May 30th: Moon in Aquarius. There’s some lovely aspects today involving Venus, Mercury and Pluto. They will enhance communications and creativity, so enjoy the great vibe. Our minds and feelings will clarify our direction. With Saturn in the mix we can have real heart to heart communications with loved ones. Have a deep conversation. Get to the core of what matters most to you now.

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