Week of April 26th: Full Moon in Scorpio

“Untitled”by Víctor Delhez

Sun at 6 Taurus
Mercury at 14 Taurus
Venus at 14 Taurus (rulership, LOTS of Venus Magick now)
Mars at 2 Cancer (Mars in detriment, no Mars Magick)
Jupiter at 27 Aquarius
Saturn at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 22 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 11 Gemini

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It’s a week of getting real. We start the week with the intensity of the Full Moon in Scorpio, AND one of Scorpio’s rulers, Pluto, stationing retrograde. The full Moon in Scorpio can reveal secrets, clear the air, bring a dose of truth, and reawaken passions. It’s a time of reconnecting with your Soul and why you’ve incarnated on the planet at this time. Scorpio reveals mysteries and tells the truth.

We are currently harvesting what we began last November, when the Sun was in Scorpio. The energies of this Full Moon will unfold over the week ahead, and the next six months. We will have peak experiences with passion, personal evolution, sexuality, and occult philosophies. Our relationship with ourself is mirrored in our relationships with other people, so be aware if you’re projecting authority, criticism or appreciation outside of yourself. Remember, finding peace and fullfilment is an inside job, you can’t find it outside of yourself. Practice some self validation.

On the other side of the sky, the Sun moves through Taurus, soon to catch up with Uranus. With Taurus, we build our passions into something tangible and real. Taurus asks us to show up, consolidate our resources, and create sustainable structures in our lives. With Uranus there, we can try different approaches. Taurus is physical beauty – the loveliness of Spring and unfolding of flowers. What’s the state of your health and your body right now?

All the planets have been moving Direct for several weeks, but Pluto is changing direction on Tuesday. It’s a good week for caution, because Pluto is a higher vibration of Mars and can bring volatility. If a part of your life has been neglected for awhile, Pluto stationing can create a crisis or breakdown. Use the energy for healing and restructuring instead.

Both Taurus and Pluto contain treasures and gold, but these are riches that can only be found by going within. What is your gold? What makes you valuable? We can go within and find it this week.

Monday, April 26th: Full Moon in Scorpio 8:32pm Pacific. Definitely stay out of trouble today. People can be quick to anger, especially with Pluto standing still overhead. NOT a good day for risk taking. Don’t go to protests or be in situations that can get out of hand. Watch for power struggles.

Tuesday, April 27th: Full Moon in Scorpio in strong effect, so avoid social complications. Conversely, it’s also a good time to set boundaries (calmly). Pluto stations retrograde around 1pm Pacific, adding to the intensity and “do or die” attitude. We take stock of our lives, identify what needs attention and reform, and begin a plan.

Wednesday, April 28th: Moon moves into Sagittarius at 8:42am Pacific. Today is for rebirthing and transformation. Pluto stationing overhead is very present and could feel heavy, despite the adventurous moon.

Thursday, April 29th: Moon in Sagittarius, plus some wonderful sextiles. The mood finally lightens from the intensity and soul searching of the full Moon. Revisit your goals and update your plan to achieve them. Past lessons and flashes of the future could appear with the Moon conjunct the South Node, so watch for markers and insights.

Friday, April 30th: Moon into Capricorn at 9:15am Pacific. Sun conjunct Uranus brings breakthroughs, revolution and the desire for freedom. Be open to revelations about your life and sudden surprises. Try a different approach to places where you’re blocked and accept invitations for adventures.

Saturday, May 1st: Moon in Capricorn on a Saturday is great for saturnian Magick, i.e. discipline, structure and committment. Moon makes a couple of trines today with Uranus and the Sun in Taurus, which can bring a pleasant activation to the ordeals of last Monday and Tuesday.

Sunday, May 2nd: Moon void-of-course, then into Aquarius at 12:30pm Pacific. There’s some truly lovely aspects today involving Venus, Mercury and Pluto. They will enhance communications and creativity, so enjoy the great vibe. Our minds and feelings will clarify our direction. With Pluto in the mix we can have real heart to heart communications with loved ones. Have a deep conversation. Get to the core of what matters most to you now.

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