Week of November 16th

Antique sardonyx cameo featuring Shakespeare’s Ariel riding a bat. ca. 1830’s Italy.

Sun at 25 Scorpio
Mercury DIRECT at 6 Scorpio
Venus at 21 Libra (Rulership)
Mars DIRECT at 15 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter at 23 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn at 27 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 22 Capricorn
North Node at 21 Gemini

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We saw some huge shifts last week, mostly around our inner boundaries, energy levels, and the over-arching 2020 transformations. Mars went Direct last Friday, but is very slow-moving, so it will remain at 15 Aries for the rest of November. If you have any planets near 15 Aries, 15, Cancer, 15 Libra or 15 Capricorn, they are getting super heated and charged up with Mars energy this month. Mars activates our drives, passions, lust and ambition, so look at how and where these aspects are cropping up in your life. Use November to plan which way you want to go, but wait until December to take decisive action.

We also experienced the momentous conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto at 22 Capricorn last Thursday – the same degree as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction last January that heralded the pandemic. It’s terrible to see the cases spiking again. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in this case it’s spreading the virus to epic proportions. Please take care of yourselves. On a personal level, this conjunction brings new ways to manage and grow with the massive transformations in your life this year.

Last Saturday night we reset our emotions with the New Moon at 22 degrees Scorpio. Did you have any visions or clear dreams this weekend? Messages came to each of us about the future through revelations, experiences, dreams, or even the words of friends. We take our first steps on this new path this week. Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, and is symbolized in the tarot by the Death card, which means one door closes and another one opens. Look to where you want to rebirth yourself, and put all of your focus there.

And there’s more! Sunday, today, we had Venus (Love) in a square with Pluto (Reformation), which sets the tone for the week. Venus is in Libra, where her energies are expressed in a delectable way. Libra demands equality, justice and fairness, and these issues could come up in our relationships this week. Pluto makes it imperative that our relationships evolve to match our New Moon path. This is the first of three squares Venus will make this week! We wrap up with a big reality check when Venus squares Saturn on Thursday.

Monday, November 16th: Moon in Sagittarius. Venus square Jupiter. The essence of the New Moon and Venus/Pluto square is still strong. The mood will be lighter today, just ride the waves. Spend some time outside to clear your mind. Excellent day to read philosophy, or spend your energy on being wildly romantic or creative 🙂

Tuesday, November 17th: Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury opposes Uranus. Lots of electricity and wild ideas in the air. Ground yourself through working hard, especially on things you’ve been avoiding. Issues could arise around understanding, truth, and honesty, as well as challenges with business. Focus on the goal.

Wednesday, November 18th: Moon in Capricorn. Moon approaches the “Big three” in Capricorn i.e. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Heaviness can result and you may not feel like doing a lot, which is fine. Do not demand anything from authority figures today because they will be resistant. Capricorn also brings certainty.

Thursday, November 19th: Moon in Aquarius and Venus squares Saturn. Reality check with relationships today. If you can, focus on what your mind tells you rather than your heart. Embrace reality. Also, let your creative genius out to play today. Good for connecting with friends and groups of folks.

Friday, November 20th: Moon in Aquarius, but void-of-course at 4:49pm Pacific for the rest of the day. Plans could change, best to go with the flow. If you need to have meetings or work through agreements, do it in the morning. Remember to focus on balance and win-win resolutions. No risk-taking.

Saturday, November 21st: Moon void ALL DAY in Aquarius until entering Pisces at 8:06pm Pacific!! Venus enters Scorpio and Sun into Sagittarius. No risk-taking or negotiation during a void-of-course Moon. Don’t buy anything either, if you can help it. Best to be creative and work on things already started.

Sunday, November 22nd: Moon in Pisces. Swim around your intuitions, ideas and creativity.

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