Full Moon ECLIPSE in Scorpio

Friday, 10:34am: Full Moon Eclipse at 15 Scorpio.
Avoid social complications and risky situations.
Reality is bending, and we are being transformed.
Pluto has released a surge of life-transforming energy from the primordial depths.
It is also True Beltane today.

The key word is BALANCE. This Full Moon puts the focus on our relationships – business and personal. Clear the air, forge new agreements, speak the truth, and put energy into the neglected areas of your life. If something has been standing in your way, now is the time to deal with it. Get it done.

This one is an invitation — to follow the Messenger’s mythic, magical journey to reclaim the genius of your body mind and retrieve the brilliance of that fire that lights up the web through which the Cosmos enters you — the one we call the nervous system, linking you to the cosmos-neurological web of the Universe itself. This one is a daring, high-stakes mission — to rewild your mind and bring your life fully alive, just as spring does to the world.

In the ancient world, where Mercury was called Hermes, he was the god of finding and meeting, the guide of souls, and the trickster (the mythic figure who crosses time, space, and cultures).

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