Full Moon in Libra

April 6th, 2023: Full Moon at 16º Libra, opposing Chiron at 15º Aries
Also, Mercury conjunct North Node at 4º Taurus

The key word is BALANCE. This Full Moon puts the focus on our relationships – business and personal. Clear the air, forge new agreements, speak the truth, and put energy into the neglected areas of your life. If something has been standing in your way, now is the time to deal with it. Get it done.

With Chiron (the Healer) in the mix, our relationship traumas could come up. Face them and heal them – especially issues around codependency, trauma bonding and attachment wounds. Awareness, communication and healing are within reach! If we’ve been isolating, the Libra energy fosters reconnection with people.

Chiron shows us where to find the medicine to heal ourselves, and since it’s conjunct the Sun at 16º Aries (which is exalted), it’s about self-acceptance, motivation, and confidence. Refocus on your personal journey, and what you want to accomplish here on Earth.

On the same day Mercury conjuncts the North Node at 4º Taurus. This is the mind joining with destiny. There is insight into our future path or direction, however Taurus wants us to be grounded and in reality about it. How do we manifest our dreams? How do we make things happen in the real world? Taurus reminds us to connect with the physical world and use our five senses; what we see, feel, hear, smell, taste, and touch in front of us.

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