Week of July 12th

image: Ken Christison

Sun at 19 Cancer (home, roots, family)
Mercury at 0 Cancer (weak)
Venus at 18 Leo
Mars at 18 Leo (strong)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 1 Pisces
Saturn RETROGRADE at 11 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 23 Pisces
Pluto RETROGRADE at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 10 Gemini

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It’s about personal truths and realities right now. This week the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) as the Sun moves towards the last degrees of Cancer. We had a New Moon in Cancer last Friday, which is the Moon’s natural home, and one of the most personal signs of the zodiac. Cancer symbolizes our deep, emotional, inner worlds – the parts we don’t let everyone see – along with our homes and security. The focus is on our personal circumstances, emotional needs and embracing our true feelings. The sign of Cancer is created from the primordial waters that gestate and nurture new life, and healing the inner child is paramount.

The New Moon last Friday is really powerful BECAUSE it’s so personal. This is our roots, where we come from, our relationships with our mothers, our genes, DNA, psychological traumas, etc. It’s our annual chance to start anew with healing ourselves and refreshing the foundation of our lives BASED on this self healing. When we do this healing, we’re able to let more love and friendship into our lives. More reality. We become happier and deeply fulfilled. It’s a really big deal. Also, look at where you’ve taken on the attitudes and opinions of people around you – sometimes without being aware of where the feelings are coming from.

Mars and Venus are in exact conjunction this week at 20 Leo. Although it’s exact on Tuesday, it’s continuing for the whole month of July. This symbolizes heart-centered harmony between the sexes, since both of these planets are fairly happy in Leo. Here is the sabian symbol for 20° Leo:

The Zuni indians perform a ritual to the Sun ~ Man returning to nature and glorifying in the Sun, after the long crisis of civilized living in artificial cities. The dried up intellectual returns to nature. After having ruthlessly destroyed the native indigenous peoples, we come to them as examples of peaceful and harmonious group living.”
This is a return to the glorification of NATURAL ENERGIES! And we are celebrating. We are consciously linking ourselves to the source of all life here on Earth.

And we still have the “Big One” of 2021 – Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus. It’s major, disruptive, and if you have ANYTHING near 12 Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio, it’s getting a major face lift this year. There are three exact squares between these two in 2021, and each one of them signifies the struggle between the “old guard”, and a new way of doing things. A new world is in the process of being born. This year is a turning point for society’s culture clock. The radical, young, tech oriented, diverse and progressive elements in our society are becoming our new leaders. Anyone holding onto outdated ways of doing things is in for a BIG shake up.

Monday, July 12th: Moon void-of-course in Leo ALL DAY!! Do what you gotta do, but avoid signing anything or taking risks. Follow plans you’ve already agreed to during this incredibly long void period. The good news is there are lovely aspects today – the biggest being Mercury trine Jupiter. Mercury went into Cancer yesterday, and immediately trined Jupiter in Pisces, which greatly expands our imaginations and creativity. It will be in play for the next few days. Writers and creative people can access divine inspiration this week.

Tuesday, July 13th: Virgo Moon brings order, health and discipline; watch out for self criticism or self doubt. The Moon makes a lovely sextile to Mercury in the pre-dawn hours, uniting our minds and emotions. At 6:33am Pacific, Mars and Venus make a powerful conjunction at 18 Leo, uniting hearts, ambitions and lovers! The yin and the yang, masculine and feminine, coming together and uniting.

Wednesday, July 14th: Moon in Virgo trines Uranus, and opposes Neptune. Watch for surprises or sudden events – especially involving health, work or possessions. Be open to trying new approaches to health or work related issues.

Thursday, July 15th: Moon in Libra trines Pluto and squares Mercury later on, but the most powerful energy occurs in the middle of the night when the Sun trines Neptune. This is another window to the divine, giving us an easy connection. Send up some prayers to your Higher Power to help clarify and clear your forward path.

Friday, July 16th: Moon in Libra, and Venus semi-sextile to Neptune in the middle of the night. There will be messages in your dreams. This is the perfect date night, and with Venus in Leo, it’s a great opportunity to see top performances. Art, women, creativity, parties, love – all are enhanced today.

Saturday, July 17th: Moon in Libra, then into Scorpio at 11:38am Pacific. The Moon makes five different aspects before dawn, then a trine with Jupiter at 1:23pm Pacific! It’s a busy day, there will be lots of news and socializing. Then around 3:45pm Pacific, we have the powerful Sun opposing Pluto. This happens once a year, and will be with us for the next few days. Our ambitions will be tested and reevaluated to see if they can stand the stresses of our world.

Sunday, July 18th: Moon in Scorpio! Visit the ocean, or hang out by a pool. The Scorpio Moon brings out the truth, but also makes people sensitive, so avoid social complications. With the Moon in Scorpio it’s a witchy day. Remember, if a boundary needs to be set, today is the day.

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