Week of May 3rd

Sun at 13 Taurus
Mercury at 0 Gemini
Venus at 23 Taurus (rulership, LOTS of Venus Magick now)
Mars at 6 Cancer (Mars in detriment, no Mars Magick)
Jupiter at 28 Aquarius
Saturn at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 22 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 11 Gemini

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We are in the dark of the Moon this week, so just take it easy and rest. This is a week of wrapping things up and finishing projects, so we can prepare for the rebirth of the New Moon. The Moon is waning until Tuesday, May 11th, when we have a New Moon in Taurus.

The Sun in Taurus brings our attention to our resources, Mars in Cancer directs our attention to our homes and personal world, and Venus in Taurus delights in Spring. Since it’s a waning Moon this week, your energies are best used for purging old belongings, wrapping up loose ends, paying off debts and clearing the clutter. Update your life and make room for the wonderful energies flowing towards you.

Pluto is still stationary retrograde, asking us to review and release anything that stands in the way of our personal evolution. Saturn will be slowing down this month and going stationary retrograde on May 23rd – asking us to review the structures of our lives. With both of these planets standing still, their energies are greatly concentrated, and will impact the astrology of May. We are going over old ground.

Monday, May 3rd: Moon in Aquarius, and Mercury into Gemini! Today is intense. This is the best communication/negotiation day of the week. However, today is really about tense aspects; four squares and the Moon conjuncting Saturn. The most powerful aspect is the Sun square Saturn. Aknowledge your limits, and discipline your days to focus on your purpose. Battles with authority can happen today.

Tuesday, May 4th: Moon in Aquarius going into Pisces at 7:09pm. Moon square Venus can bring more stand offs today, but everything cheers up in the evening with the Moon conjuncting Jupiter. Your horizons are expanded! Follow your instincts and practice self love.

Wednesday, May 5th: Moon in Pisces. Embrace solitude. Moon trine Mars today can make us industrious. Use your instincts when dealing with people. Take time for yourself and focus on your spiritual practice. Moon sextile Uranus in the afternoon could bring some surprises.

Thursday, May 6th: Moon in Pisces brings out music and creativity. Venus trine Pluto brings endings AND/OR new beginnings to all of our relationships. This is a powerful aspect which brings intensity and deep connection between people, and transformative creativity.

Friday, May 7th: Moon in Aries. The Moon makes three lovely sextiles today – including Venus – which brings a friendly, creative vibe to the day. Today is a true relief after the major shifts this week. Be careful of head strong behavior and selfishness.

Saturday, May 8th: Moon in Aries and Venus into Gemini. Venus square Jupiter is exact in the early morning, enhancing sociability. A square brings challenges though, so look out for over indulgence and over spending. Pursue happiness and creative activities.

Sunday, May 9th: Moon in Aries, into Taurus at 4:36pm Pacific. The Moon, Uranus, the Sun and Venus hang out together in a delightful pile up in Taurus, as we prepare for the New Moon on Tuesday!

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