Week of March 8th

Sun at 18 Pisces
Mercury at 20 Aquarius
Venus at 13 Pisces (exalted!)
Mars at 2 Gemini
Jupiter at 18 Aquarius
Saturn at 9 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 21 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 15 Gemini

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We are in the dark of the Moon this week, so just take it easy and rest. The Moon is waning until Saturday, March 13th, when we have a New Moon in Pisces.

A slow week to start off, but things get so sweet, romantic and artistic by Friday. The week begins with the Sun moving towards the last degrees of Pisces, and ALL OTHER PLANETS moving forward!! This is a great astrological signature, and we can finally catch our breath and really take a look around at our new world.

The Moon rendezvous with some lovely energies this week in the lead up to our beautfiul, artistic and spiritual New Moon. It’s rare to see such beautiful placements with everything moving forward as well. The only glitch is the continuing battle between the “old” and the “new”, i.e. the square between Saturn and Uranus. It’s still with us, creating battles in our society and leadership. The old guard is struggling to hold onto power and to control the future. As technology advances it will lose it’s grip.

Mercury and Jupiter are still conjunct this week but separating. This is the annual connection between our minds and the planet of optimism. We can attract luck and expand business opportunities, negotiation, commerce, prosperity, creative writing and other mental challenges.

The main ruler of this week though, is Neptune. The God of the Sea offers us the keys to the kingdom of our subconscious, expansive creativity, and spiritual strength. If you aren’t ready for this kind of soul growth, he offers you many other things to help you escape the world – alcohol, shopping, TV, drugs, misplaced passions, comfort food, gambling, and internet scrolling. No one is perfect, and of course we all need breaks from reality from time to time, but if you’re not careful Neptune can have you bubbling away your cares for months and years. We must eventually face our distractions and access our intuition to find the true path forward.

Monday, March 8th: Moon in Capricorn, going void-of-course at 4:52pm Pacific. Make decisions early in the day if possible. Today we get down to brass tacks and put in the hard work. We are disciplined and focused. Don’t absorb other people’s pessimism and negativity, just let it roll on by.

Tuesday, March 9th: Moon in Aquarius means to try a radical new approach. This is the best communication/negotiation day of the week. If an issue in your life feels out of control or unjust, gently take action today. Aquarius is the sign of vision, and the future, so it’s easier to find the path forward today.

Wednesday, March 10th: Moon in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury, and the Sun makes a lovely conjunction with Neptune. We emotionally connect with the growth of the past month. Today is a feel good day. Avoid overindulgence and watch for serendipity.

Thursday, March 11th: Moon in Pisces. You might need some solitude as we approach the New Moon. Take some time for yourself and focus on nurturing and spiritual practice. You have permission to rest and watch movies.

Friday, March 12th: Moon in Pisces and conjuncts Venus 7:29pm Pacific. This is a SERIOUSLY great date night. Some lovely aspects with the Moon, so enjoy the creativity of the day. Pay attention to dreams, insights, and intuition. Put lavender under your pillow and keep a pad of paper and pen next to your bed.

Saturday, March 13th: New Moon in Pisces at 2:21am, void at 8:30am then into Aries at 3:44pm. Great conditions for creative people, and for starting something new. Dive into the cosmic waters and join with the great chaos. Venus also conjuncts Neptune today which is FANTASTIC! Be open to inspiration, beauty and vision! Artists, musicians, painters, writers and filmakers today is your day!

Sunday, March 14th: Moon in Aries. No big aspects today. Do some self-care and healing since the Moon joins up with Chiron, the great healer.

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