Week of December 14th

Unknown artist

Sun at 23 Sagittarius
Mercury at 23 Sagittarius
Venus at 21 Scorpio (debilitated)
Mars at 23 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter at 27 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn at 28 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune DIRECT at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 23 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Gemini

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A powerful New Moon occurred Monday, just after sunrise on the West Coast.
The Sun (Soul), Moon (emotions), Mercury (mind) and the South Node (the past), are all exact at 23 Sagittarius, which gives us a total Solar Eclipse. This is an opportunity for a final release from the major shedding of 2020. This eclipse heralds the closing of a chapter, and the start of something new. Since it’s occurring in Sagittarius, this new path has a lot to do with our beliefs, aspirations, and the Big Picture of our lives.

It’s interesting that we’re wrapping up the year in the sign of Sagittarius, which represents our beliefs and personal truths, and we haven’t known WHAT to believe this year. Until our society reaches stability again, it’s up to us to do the work, research facts, and find the truth. This New Moon solar eclipse tomorrow morning, is occurring with the south node (the past), which represents us releasing and moving past an old story we have about ourselves and the world. Sagittarius is The Archer, so aim, pull your arrow back, and let it fly!

There’s also the momentous conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius on Dec. 21st – the Winter Solstice! Many people are calling it the “Great Conjunction,” because it will form one huge, bright star in the sky. The truth is, it’s already happening and you can see it now, it just becomes exact on Dec. 21st. This is another aspect that puts an end to 2020 and starts us on a new path, and it’s influencing this whole month.

Monday, December 14th: Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 23 Sagittarius at 8:17am Pacific, THEN the moon goes void-of-course ALL DAY until 7:35pm Pacific! Eek! Avoid risk-taking, negotiation or big purchases during a void-of-course Moon. There’s going to be intensity today, but the energy is towards a rebirth. Today is a powerful new beginning for any corner of your life. Whatever is started this week will probably develop over the next six months, but the initiating spark is now. Spend some time outside to clear your mind. Excellent day to read philosophy, or spend your energy on being wildly romantic or creative 🙂

Tuesday, December 15th: Moon in Capricorn, Venus into Sagittarius and Chiron direct. The solar eclipse is still in effect, but Capricorn brings a serious, focused and ambitious mood. You can probably put plans in motion today. Ground yourself through working hard, especially on things you’ve been avoiding. Focus on the goal. Chiron direct brings fresh energy towards healing.

Wednesday, December 16th: Moon in Capricorn, and Saturn into Aquarius in the evening, which brings a new, airy energy into our lives. This ingress into Aquarius will heavily influence 2021 – for the better. Moon approaches the “Big three” in Capricorn i.e. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Heaviness can result and you may not feel like doing a lot, which is fine. Do not demand anything from authority figures today because they will be resistant. Capricorn also brings certainty.

Thursday, December 17th: Moon in Aquarius. There could be some flashes of the future today, so watch for signs. Aquarius is a huge part of the astrological fabric of 2021, and with the Moon, Saturn and soon Jupiter arriving there it’s a potent time for signals. People will be friendly but slightly detached, so it’s a good day for communications of all kinds. Focus on what your mind tells you rather than your heart. Let your creative genius out to play.

Friday, December 18th: Moon in Aquarius. Sun joins the Galactic Center today, so it’s easier to communicate with the universe, and the God of your heart. If you need to have meetings or work through agreements, do it in the morning. Remember to focus on balance and win-win resolutions.

Saturday, December 19th: Moon in Pisces and Jupiter into Aquarius. This is a real, positive change for Jupiter! The planet is moving out of Capricorn and it’s detriment and becomes electrified in the sign of the Water Bearer. Expansion, philosophy, truth, justice and honor are much more available to all of us!

Sunday, December 20th: Moon in Pisces and Mercury into Capricorn. Swim around your intuitions, ideas and creativity. With Mercury in Capricorn for the next month, it’s a great time for artists and writers to get organized, study, and work hard. Enjoy the day.

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