Full Moon in Leo


David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

Moon is full in Leo at 5:46pm Pacific. Explore your creativity this weekend and let yourself stand out. Have fun and play with some unstructured time. This enhances your imagination which is oh so important.

Retrograde Mercury crossed Pluto in Capricorn yesterday, and we are feeling the influence of this aspect. Sure we want to be playful like Leo the Lion, but we want to create a reality for ourselves thats in line with our DNA.

Our ideas about our lives are becoming serious and grounded.  Pluto is evolution, Mercury is expression and Capricorn climbs a path that angels fear to tread. We will not give up on expressing our deepest nature – and if necessary we will restructure our lives so we can be free. We destroy that which no longer serves us so we can rebirth ourselves. That’s a big part of Pluto’s influence.

Oddly enough this full Moon falls at the same degree as Bowie’s natal Moon at at 3° Leo, and the Sun today sits directly on his Aquarian ascendent at 3° Aquarius! Whoa. The consummate performer, wildly creative and revolutionary.

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