500 People sing “Space Oddity”


Fantastic. I can’t even watch the whole thing ’cause it’s too painful, but it helps that so many other people share my sense of loss….

Published on Jan 17, 2016

A collective shock was felt when David Bowie passed this past Sunday, a couple days after his 69th birthday. We immediately teamed up with the Art Gallery of Ontario to pay tribute by singing our original arrangement of Space Oddity with 500+ singers. It all went down last night in Walker Court and here’s how it sounded, looked, and felt. RIP Starman: to say we’ll miss you doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Recorded in Toronto January 16th by Choir! Choir! Choir!. We usually meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are no auditions and everyone is welcome to join. Find us at choirchoirchoir.com + @choirchoirchoir (Tw/Insta). Hear even more at soundcloud.com/choir-choir-choir.com

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