Saturn square Neptune

Villa Vizcaya, Miami

Villa Vizcaya, Miami



















We’ve just had an astrological foreshadowing of 2016. The first square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces occurred on Thursday, underlined by Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn.

What does this mean? Our dreams receive a giant-reality-check-makeover.

All of this was further highlighted by Wednesday’s full Moon in Gemini.

Geminis, Virgos and Sagittarians REALLY felt the pressure to find clarity and the path forward. This is just the beginning! If we’re able to integrate this aspect we can find huge rewards down the road.

Saturn is the reality check. It is structure, discipline, maturity, time and timing. We reap what we have sown. Neptune is the planet of Magick and Belief. It’s the most spiritual and visionary of planets. It can awaken our consciousness or plunge us into escapist fantasies. The choice is ours.

When Saturn travels through Sagittarius, it brings a serious tone to our faith and inner truth. We need to follow a structure in order to experience freedom, walk our talk and apply ourselves with disciplined practice. Sagittarians around the world are becoming responsible in a new way.

Neptune is the visionary, and it’s natural home is Pisces. This dissolves our boundaries bringing vision, creativity, spirituality and music. There is no more separateness… we are all ONE. To quote Empowering Astrology: “Neptune does not entirely belong to our solar system. The view of life it teaches us originally belongs to other parts of the Milky Way.”

Neptune also brings the desire to escape reality.. leading us to drugs and distraction to escape the brutal realities of the world.

What happens when these two planets meet in a square? It’s an opportunity to structure our dreams – to make them real! This often happens through hard work which can be difficult for mystical types. As I said above the rewards are huge.

The other side is that illusions are shredded. People fall off their pedestals because their flaws become obvious. Are you playing out old, outworn patterns? Still going after the same people or situations that end up disappointing you? Time to snap out of it! If you’re lost in a fantasy or lying to yourself, the bubble will be burst in the upcoming months..

We’re in an interesting week astrologically. We’ll have a Gemini Full Moon tomorrow at 3 degrees and this one will oppose Saturn and square Neptune. We have some major things to figure out and commit to — things that must be in alignment with our hearts, our souls, and our higher good.

From Mystic Medusa: “This has been building all year, since last Xmas Eve actually, when Saturn first got into Sagittarius. A dream that you thought was sustainable and that was happening turns out to be based on quicksand.

A person you thought was your companion or staunch ally on the journey takes a side path away from you and you find out something dirty about them whilst you’re trudging onward. But there is no point berating them or even whining. They can’t hear you – your paths diverged a while back but you’re only now seeing it with Saturn Neptune.”

© 2016, Elizabeth R. Sheldon. If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. Thank you.

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