The Goddess Isis




 Isis is a goddess who is a totally timeless expression of the Divine Feminine; she is as relevant today as she was in ancient times. Devoted to empowering others, Isis supports the awakening of humanity as we head into a new World Age. She brings value and respect to the roles of wife and mother, is the patron of magic, nature, and healing, and is considered a protector of the dead. As a matter of fact, the singer Rihanna recently had a very large tattoo done below her breasts of Isis with her wings outstretched as a tribute to her late grandmother. It is said that Isis stretches her wings over the foot of the casket to protect the dead…

Deborah King – read more here.

“There are a million words one could write about all this but my point tonight is that i saw this and was once again perplexed/furious at the appropriation of this word/term by a group that would be better known by the increasingly used Daesh.   Click that link to get why it’s important.

Meanwhile, Isis as well as being a powerful witch and shaman, one of the original Goddesses and associated with possibly the most powerful soul-mating saga ever, is an asteroid – number 42, if you care to look yours up on Astrodienst.

She is currently at 15 Libra, lined up nicely (see Horoscopes for more on this) for the Venus/Mars bingle with Uranus/Pluto over the next month and opposite Uranus right now.

If you look at enough images of her you can see how she was transmuted into the Hebrew Lilith and/or the Celtic Morrigan – winged women, the both of them. And sundry demons of course – don’t forget that even the name for Venus as Morning Star (Venus Lucifer – Lucifer means light-bearer) got massively warped.”

From Mystic Medusa

2 thoughts on “The Goddess Isis

  1. emma fogelholm

    Hello there!
    you have a beautiful Egyptian-style image of the goddess Isis dressed in blue on your page –
    is this something I can purchase a print of from you?

    Kind regards,
    Emma F., Finland, Europe


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