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Week of September 14th

Lady of the Lake

Sun at 21 Virgo
Mercury at 11 Libra
Venus at 7 Leo
Mars RETROGRADE at 28 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter DIRECT at 17 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 25 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 22 Capricorn
North Node at 24 Gemini

Jupiter (wealth, expansion) went Direct on Saturday, giving this week a fresh, optimistic flavor. Sagittarians are in forward motion again. Jupiter will be retracing territory he’s already covered since March, so we will see more news, and possible expansion, of the pandemic. Moon conjunct Venus in Leo occurred Sunday, which is a lovely aspect bringing joy, healing, beauty, art and inspiration.

The New Moon in Virgo will trine the “Covid” planets – Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter – giving a practical way of dealing with this year’s momentous changes. The Moon will also square the North Node in Gemini this week. This brings fated decisions and choices about the path you want to take… I think this is a good week to use your mind and make balanced, practical decisions from a place of neutrality.

Underneath it all, we remain under the influence of the Mars/Lilith-in-Aries square to Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter-in-Capricorn. Mars, the planet of fire, stood still in the skies last week in the fire sign of Aries, which underlined the igniting of the entire West Coast of the US. I’m so sad that thousands of people are suffering such huge loss from this event. With Mars retrograde, we will all spend the next couple of months regrouping and reassessing how we want to direct our energy. Drive and passion have turned inward, and we each need to check in with ourselves and our ambitions.

Monday, September 14th: Moon in Leo. The place where Leo falls in your chart is where you need to stand out! It’s where you can be wildly creative. Also today Sun trine Pluto at 4:09pm Pacific. The Sun is our Soul, and a trine means it receives lovely energy from Pluto, bringing rebirth, healing and reform. This aspect clears your path for soul evolution.

Tuesday, September 15th: Moon in Virgo. Get organized, and do something good for your health. Venus square Uranus at 8:30am. Expect revelations around relationships and art. New and sudden flashes of the future. Do something different – something aligned with who you are becoming. Squares bring challenges that require action. Be brave and bold.

Wednesday, September 16th: Moon in Virgo. The best day for communication and negotiating. Continue putting things in their place and getting your life in order. Intellectual pursuits and clear communication are strong.

Thursday, September 17th: New Moon in Virgo at 4am Pacific. We plant the seeds of our dreams in fertile soil. Virgo brings manifestation through plans and practicality. Our focus is on health, habits and being of service to others. Spend the day getting organized, exercising or starting a new, healthy habit. Detailed work is easy. Also, Mercury square Jupiter might encourage overindulgence. Use the Mercury side of the equation and keep your discernment.

Friday, September 18th: Moon in Libra. Bring your life back into balance. If you feel that one corner of your life is dominating you, take this weekend to focus on other things. Everything will be a team effort for the next few days. Partnerships are highlighted, and it’s a romantic weekend ❤

Saturday, September 19th: Moon into Scorpio, Day of transformation. When the Moon is in Scorpio we go deep and explore our passions. Avoid socially awkward situations.