Week of January 17th: Full Moon in Cancer

Sun at 26 Capricorn
Mercury RETROGRADE at 9 Aquarius
Venus RETROGRADE at 14 Capricorn
Mars at 24 Sagittarius
Jupiter at 3 Pisces
Saturn at 13 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 21 Pisces (rulership)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 0 Gemini

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The Full Moon in Cancer is usually a sweet, gentle event, but today’s Full Moon is opposite Pluto and the Sun. This could be a tough week. Pluto is the planet of catharsis, evolution, death, and regeneration. Look for emotional resolutions this week. When the Sun and Pluto are conjunct, it’s the end of a major phase of growth and the start of another. This Full Moon will also square the Nodes of Fate. This asks each of us to come to terms with the past and make profound choices about how to move forward. It isn’t easy this week. Each of us is going through a hard test. Feed what you want to grow in your life, focus on that.

Mercury is now retrograde at 10° Aquarius – and conjunct Saturn at the same time. Communications are serious. Expect secrets to be revealed, and the truth to be spoken. Mercury in Aquarius is revolutionary and lightning fast, so things can arise out of nowhere. The only way to walk through Mercury here, is to think strategically, and negotiate when you’re in a good position. Also, this week the North Node moves into Taurus for the first time since 2003, and Uranus goes Direct! Expect changes ahead!

Monday, January 17th: Full Moon in Cancer at 3:48pm Pacific. Moon opposite Pluto is a major catharsis. Avoid difficult conversations today because sensitivities are high, but comfort yourself and make room for all of your feelings. Be gentle… Easy Does It. Creativity, nostalgia, food, and emotional release are good uses of this energy.

Tuesday, January 18th: Moon in Leo, and Uranus stations Direct in the early morning. This is a big lightning bolt of energy! Expect to be jolted. There could be a complete reversal of your path today. Expect the unexpected, and let your eccentricities guide you. With a Leo Moon, engage in pleasure and express yourself through art. A good week for creativity so paint, write, film and play.

Wednesday, January 19th: Moon in Leo and the Sun enters Aquarius at 6:38pm Pacific. The mood changes and becomes more upbeat. This is the day when the Sun squares the South Node (the past) and the North Node (the future). A new story is revealed in the houses that contain Taurus and Scorpio. There’s choices to make today, so focus on what you’d like to create in your life. With the Leo Moon it’s a great evening to see first rate performances.

Thursday, January 20th: Moon void-of-course in Leo ALL DAY, entering Virgo at 6:00pm Pacific. Lay low, don’t make any spontaneous moves. Follow the tried-and-true path. Great day to explore imagination, creativity, or to spend time with animals.

Friday, January 21st: Moon in Virgo moves into an opposition with Jupiter and Neptune, and trines Venus. There could be some positive relationship developments today that could release blocks. With Jupiter and Neptune in the mix, try not to overindulge in escapist activities. With the Virgo Moon you’ll want to clean and organize your surroundings, which always helps to clear the mind.

Saturday, January 22nd: Moon in Virgo goes void at 11:45am, then into Libra around 2:00pm. No big decisions or proclamations when the Moon is void, just go with the flow. Each of us regains our balance after the extreme events of this week. Spend time with people that inspire you.

Sunday, January 23rd: Moon in Libra squares Venus and could cause some relationship issues. There’s a couple of lovely trines with Mercury and Saturn however, that will help us talk and process through it.

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