Week of March 1st

The mandarin fish, one of the most beautiful fish of the reef.

Sun at 10 Pisces
Mercury at 13 Aquarius
Venus at 3 Pisces (exalted!)
Mars at 28 Taurus
Jupiter at 16 Aquarius
Saturn at 8 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 26 Capricorn
North Node at 15 Gemini

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We had a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo over the weekend, but it is now behind us. We are currently harvesting what we began last September when the Sun was in Virgo. The week ahead is quiet, but we will continue to see the unfolding of the full moon’s energies. This Full Moon concerns analysis, patterns, transmutation and assimilation. It’s an alchemical moon, helping us to let go of things, so we can become one with the universal divine chaos (Pisces). This week we sacrifice our old selves on the alchemical altar and become a new being.

Most of the planets are moving towards Pisces now, and each of them is fully Direct until the end of April! Everything in the sky is moving forward (Direct) right now! This happens once a year or so, and it’s a great time to gather forward momentum on anything that’s important to you! You can set the energy of the year ahead. With the Sun, Venus – and soon Mercury and Jupiter – in Pisces, we are feeling some wonderful, healing vibrations. The next few weeks are just great, all around. Pisces brings peace, healing, and solitude to the trauma we’ve been through in the last year.

Neptune is Pisces’ ruler, and just moved to 20 degrees of Pisces, or the third decan. This is the last degrees of Pisces, which means we will be integrating the growth we’ve achieved in the last 8 years. Let go of what was, and send out love and positive force to others – especially to people with whom you have a resentment or issue. The collective mind is alive right now. How we respond to things is exactly what we will receive back. Loving yourself is important, because if you can do that, you will attract people that will love you in return.

Remember, in 2021 we lay the foundation for a new way forward, and the key is deciding on personal direction. This week the Sun and Neptune in Pisces are squaring the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, asking us to access intuition for finding this new path. You can’t think your way into it, you have to use your gut instincts.

Monday, March 1st: Moon in Libra brings emotiional sensitivity to our relationships. We are tuned in to what feels right, and what doesn’t feel right, with the people around us. Libra is the scales, so we are weighing how we feel in each situation. The Moon makes some lovely sextiles and trines today, so the undercurrent is positive.

Tuesday, March 2nd: Moon VOC in Libra, then into Scorpio at 12:38pm Pacific. Practice being neutral and sending out love and well wishes. However if a boundary needs to be set, today is the day. Scorpio moon is where we start drawing boudaries to emotionally protect ourselves. Moon in Scorpio squares the outer planets in Aquarius AND opposes Uranus today.

Wednesday, March 3rd: Moon in Scorpio continues; AND Scorpio’s ruler, Mars, moves into Gemini at 7:30pm Pacific! Watch for issues with irritating people or personalities. Staying neutral is the way to detach from emotionally explosive situations. Don’t let anyone steal your peace. Mars likes the earthiness of Taurus, but he’s leaving the garden to soar the heights like the Scorpio eagle! Mars in Gemini is excellent for public speakers, writers, scientists and mathematicians, but can also increase online spats. Think things through before speaking, and be gentle in your communications. Careful what you say or text, because our minds are also changeable.

Thursday, March 4th: Moon VOC in Scorpio, entering Sagittarius at 2:43pm Pacific. Revisit your goals and update your plan to achieve them. The mood is light and communications are enhanced – especially with Mercury catching up and conjuncting Jupiter at 16 Aquarius. This aspect further enhances the bounciness of Mars in the first degree of Gemini. Talk, write and socialize.

Friday, March 5th: Moon in Sagittarius and we enter the 4th quarter Moon. We are taking what we’ve learned this week, and finding a new understanding of where we belong (or don’t belong). Our paths get updated with this new clarity. Flashes of the future could appear with the Sun squaring the Moon’s Nodes, so watch for markers and insights.

Saturday, March 6th: Moon VOC in Sagittarius all day, entering Capricorn at 6:20pm Pacific. It’s a heavy weekend, full of responsibility. No major aspects. With the Moon void all day follow the established path.

Sunday, March 7th: Moon in Capricorn. No big aspects today – try not to sink into pessimism with the Moon in this hard place. Use the energy to get out into the garden and do some hard work. Climb a mountain or a small hill if you can get out to nature.

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