Week of February 1st

Sun at 11 Aquarius (detriment – no Sun Magick now)
Mercury at RETROGRADE at 26 Aquarius
Venus at 0 Aquarius (neutral)
Mars at 12 Taurus
Jupiter at 10 Aquarius
Saturn at 5 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 25 Capricorn
North Node at 17 Gemini

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We are in the dark of the Moon starting Thursday, so just take it easy and rest. The Moon is waning until Thursday, February 11th, when we have a New Moon in Aquarius.

The week begins with the Sun entering the middle degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury standing still over our heads. Mercury stationed retrograde last Saturday, and won’t move forward until February 20th. During this time just do what you’ve always done, but avoid big purchases, signing major agreements or beginning new projects. It’s best to rework or reassess what has already begun. I like this time because it’s when the truth comes about things that have been hidden or confusing, so embrace it.

The Sun and Jupiter are still conjunct this week but separating. This is the annual connection between the two luckiest, happiest planetary bodies in our solar system. It’s a good week to attract luck and expand the activities you want to grow.

Mars and Black Moon Lilith are still hanging out together at 11 Taurus, which effectively helps us set boundaries where needed. These two are still in a tight square with Saturn in Aquarius, which gives us sovereignty and focus in our personal lives, and new directions to the collective. We saw this playing out last week with the traders from r/WallStreetBets toying with GameStop (and others) and then having a showdown with Wall Street. These squares between these two planets will also manifest as a push and pull between old world ideas, and the advancements of the technological age.

Remember, in 2021 we begin to lay the foundation for a new way forward, and the key is deciding on personal direction. Neptune in Pisces is also squaring the North Node of the Moon in Gemini all year, asking us to access intuition for finding this new path. You can’t think your way into it, you have to use your gut instincts.

Monday, February 1st: Moon in Libra, Venus into Aquarius and Mars squares the Sun. Venus in Aquarius brings liberation and independence to our relationships. Unorthodox agreements could be considered over the next few weeks. With Venus and Mercury retrograde here, our minds become electrified by possibilities, ideas and expanding consciousness. Avoid battles and anger with Mars being activated.

Tuesday, February 2nd: Moon in Libra brings a need for balance, fairness and justice. If an issue in your life feels out of control or unjust, gently take action today. Libra wants you to use tact, and maneuver towards win-win situations.

Wednesday, February 3rd: Moon in Scorpio squares the outer planets in Aquarius AND opposes Uranus. People could be challenged and moody, so take it easy on others. Watch for power plays… people will be stubborn.

Thursday, February 4th: Moon in Scorpio. If you feel like withdrawing and having some time to yourself that’s fine. Nurture yourself and keep the focus on your life. Moon enters the 4th quarter, and we are in a balsamic Moon until next Thursday. You have permission to rest and watch movies.

Friday, February 5th: Moon in Sagittarius. Some lovely aspects today with the Moon, so enjoy the creativity of the day. Put energy towards your goals, or set some goals if you don’t have any 🙂 Lots of shifts regarding Venus (love) this weekend, so be aware.

Saturday, February 6th: Moon in Sagittarius. Go on outside adventures if possible! Venus conjunct Saturn at 5 Aquarius brings a serious tone to romantic connections. Is this relationship practical? Does it have the solid foundation needed to continue long term? Venus squares Uranus later in the day, so there might be a pull towards independence or the unconventional.

Sunday, February 7th: Moon in Capricorn. No big aspects today – try not to sink into pessimism with the Moon in this hard place. Use the energy to get out into the garden and do some hard work.

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