Week of January 11th: New Moon in Capricorn

Sun at 21 Capricorn
Mercury at 5 Aquarius
Venus at 3 Capricorn
Mars at 2 Taurus
Jupiter at 5 Aquarius
Saturn at 2 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 18 Gemini

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This is not a week to take risks. The Sun is currently in the Capricorn-part of the heavens called “the Covid point”. It’s where the momentous conjunctions happened last year that heralded the pandemic. This will be an intense week with the Sun crossing Pluto, and consequently squaring Mars and Uranus. This means situations and information will arise that underline our evolution, and where to place our focus. A New Moon in Capricorn occurs this Wednesday too!

Uranus is standing still over our heads all week, preparing to go Direct in Taurus on Thursday. On top of that, Uranus will be making several trines and conjunctions with all the planets at the end of Capricorn and beginning of Aquarius. There will be many flashes of insight and messages from the Universe this week, so try to be well rested and observant. Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) is a huge part of the astrological fabric of 2021, and with the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter there, it’s a potent time for signals.

Monday, January 11th: Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the early morning. This gives a great vibe to the beginning of our week. Our minds are expanded with new ideas, and conversations lead to better understanding between people. All things are possible today, so don’t hesitate to take action on anything. Clearing the air and speaking your truth should go very well.

Tuesday, January 12th: Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury squares Uranus in Taurus. We’re in the realm of the New Moon, so watch for flashes of insight. There could be sudden surprises today, so be open to quick changes – especially around work, health and home. Capricorn brings a serious, focused and ambitious mood. Ground yourself through working hard, especially on things you’ve been avoiding. Focus on the goal.

Wednesday, January 13th: New Moon in Capricorn, going into Aquarius at 8:44am. Both of these signs are ruled by Saturn, so a serious mood colors the day. Whatever you begin today will have a VERY solid start. Conversely, new projects could be hard to get off the ground. There’s a flurry of aspects today too – eight total! So pay attention to any revelations you receive from the Universe.

Thursday, January 14th: Moon void-of-course ALL DAY in Aquarius. Good to lay low and pursue plans already set in motion. Uranus direct in Taurus at 12:36am brings electricity and a strong urge for independence to the energy of the New Moon. Avoid big purchases or spontaneous actions. People will be friendly but slightly detached, so it’s a good day for communications of all kinds. Focus on what your mind tells you rather than your heart and let your creative genius out to play.

Friday, January 15th: Moon is sill void-of-course in Aquarius, and enters Pisces at 2:17pm. If you need to have meetings or work through agreements, do it in the afternoon – although defining things could be difficult. The Pisces Moon lets us slow down, and focuses us on nurturing our souls. Music, creativity and solitude are the best practices today.

Saturday, January 16th: Moon in Pisces, with harmonious sextiles to Mars, Uranus and Venus. Yesterday’s mood for solitude and communing with the divine continues. Creative genius is easily accessible.

Sunday, January 17th: Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. Boundaries are hard to define and it’s easy to feel a little lost as the path forward disappears under our feet. Also, Jupiter square Uranus is exact, and Mars conjuncts Uranus tomorrow, Jan 20th. This is an especially powerful pair of squares, with potential for violence. Stay home, and swim around your intuitions, ideas and creativity. If you are near a body of water, today is good for a visit.

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