Week of December 28th: Full Moon in Cancer

Sun at 8 Capricorn
Mercury at 14 Capricorn
Venus at 17 Sagittarius
Mars at 26 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter at 2 Aquarius
Saturn at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Neptune at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 24 Capricorn
North Node at 19 Gemini

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We’ve made it to the last week of 2020. Sadly, many hundreds of thousands of people did not survive the horrific pandemic we faced this year. I still can’t fully comprehend the huge losses we’ve suffered, and the deep grief felt by so many families. It’s really been a year like no other in our living history.

Thank goodness we have a quiet week with a gentle Full Moon in Cancer. This Full Moon will deliver the final information we need to integrate the changes of 2020. Look for emotional resolutions to the year. We are leaving behind 2020 with an understanding of the changes we’ve been through, and a long view of all we have learned about ourselves. We have a new, inner resolve that we will express in the coming month.

Monday, December 28th: Moon in Gemini. Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) gets bogged down in Capricorn and can’t think or move quickly with the Seagoat’s pessimism and caution. The only way to walk through Mercury here, is to think strategically, and negotiate when you’re in a good position. Last night, we had the Sun trining Uranus, which brings the desire for freedom. Look for ways you can liberate yourself today.

Tuesday, December 29th: Full Moon in Cancer at 7:28pm Pacific. Avoid difficult conversations today because sensitivities are high. Be gentle… Easy Does It. Creativity, nostalgia, food, and emotional release are good uses of this energy.

Wednesday, December 30th: Moon in Cancer. It’s an emotional week, and sensitivity and dreaminess remain at the forefront of our experience. We are integrating the big changes this year, and preparing for 2021. Still not a great day for serious discussions or social complications. Venus squares Neptune in the early morning, bringing some desire for escapism. Engage in pleasure and express yourself through art. A good week for creativity; so paint, write, film and play.

Thursday, December 31st: Moon into Leo at 11:00am Pacific. The mood changes and becomes more upbeat. We are feisty and ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Great evening to see first rate performances on television. With Saturn and Jupiter opposite the Moon, the pandemic is still in full force, so celebrate from home. Venus conjunct the South Node helps us let go of an old story.

Friday, January 1st: Moon in Leo. New Year’s Day! Moon opposite Pluto in the morning, then Saturn and Jupiter in the afternoon. This could bring some heaviness and fears that there won’t be real change, but the Moon in Leo encourages us to have heart. Try to be around authentic people.

Saturday, January 2nd: Moon in Leo, and goes void at 2:28pm. A day to spend with animals and/or making music. No big decisions or proclamations when the Moon is void, just go with the flow.

Sunday, January 3rd: Moon in Virgo. Now we clean up after the New Year’s/Leo Moon party and get organized. We turned a spiritual corner last week, now we want to put things in motion, in alignment with our integrity.

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