Week of September 21st: LIBRA

Sun at 29 Virgo
Mercury at 22 Libra
Venus at 16 Leo
Mars RETROGRADE at 27 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter DIRECT at 17 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 25 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 19 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 22 Capricorn
North Node at 24 Gemini

We are in the season of CHANGE, the week of the Autumnal Equinox. This Tuesday sees the Sun’s entrance into Libra, which heralds the coming of Fall. It will be equal day and equal night – which is a fitting time to say farewell to our hero of equal rights, the brilliant Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It’s about bringing things into balance.

Mercury squares Pluto Sunday, giving a serious and cathartic vibe to communications this week. We release anything blocking us, or anyone arguing with us about our path.

We have another “Yod” this week too. Sometimes called “the finger of God”, a Yod is when a planet forms a slingshot configuration with two other planets. The key to working with this energy, is to focus on the sign and degree opposite the key planet. This week, Venus is the key at 19 Leo, forming a Yod with Neptune on one side, and Jupiter on the other. This Yod is about facing reality, as opposed to our fantasies and greed.

The Yod point is 19 Aquarius, and the sabian symbol for this point says: “a forest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals and sheer muscular energy. Skill and courage are necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness and karmic visitations.” What is your personal forest fire right now?

Monday, September 21st: Moon in Scorpio. Face your life with courage and honesty. The pay off from facing hard facts and unavoidable limitations is huge. What reality do you need to embrace to achieve your goals? Be the snake shedding it’s skin. Scorpio is the sign of letting go of something you’ve outgrown, and welcoming the new you.

Tuesday, September 22nd: EQUINOX. Sun into Libra, Moon into Sagittarius. Day of Truth. Listen to any “messages” you receive from the universe. Flashes of insight can arrive suddenly! Pay attention to developments this week, and what you’re being “called” to do, and put your energies there.

Wednesday, September 23rd: Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury square Saturn today can bring serious communications. Avoid negotiations and airing of grievances today because authority could be stubborn and critical. You can use this energy to strengthen weaknesses, practice and study. Speak to someone older and wiser. Get organized, simplify, and get rid of what you don’t need.

Thursday, September 24th: Moon in Capricorn. Be mystical today, but embrace the Capricorn Moon and get to work too. Put effort into creative ventures.

Friday, September 25th: Moon in Capricorn. If you are a creative person, work on your projects! Time is well spent on disciplines and completing responsibilities. DO it.

Saturday, September 26th: Moon in Aquarius. Feel the optimism in the air today! Aquarius asks us to focus on the future, make plans, and involve our network of friends. Watch out for risky behavior though, since Uranus brings spontaneity, rebellion, and independence. Focus on expressing your unique genius.

Sunday, September 27th: Moon in Aquarius, and Mercury into Scorpio. Obsessive thinking, research, healing, secrets and deep conversations. Dig into the facts. Find ways to transform your life, to lift yourself and others. Obsessiveness and lust can take over our thoughts, so make great art instead. Healing and art can come from exploring dark places within us.

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